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Technologies Review | March 29, 2017

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How To Value A Domain Name- Domain Valuation

January 11, 2014 |

If you are considering buying or selling a domain name, it is important that you know its value. Whatever the value of the domain name that is what the buyer will pay for it. A seller may quote a very high price for a domain name but that may not necessarily be its worth.

Most people wanting to sell a domain name immediately go to an appraisal site so as to determine the value of the domain. Some may prefer getting the appraisal from several sites so as to compare or get an average value. Some free appraisal sites are such as Instica for instance, will give you an instant appraisal for your domain name using the latest technology.

Most appraisals are usually estimates of the value of the domain name and you are not guaranteed that the domain name will sell at that value. One can be tempted to sell their domain name at … Read More

International Business: 6 Tips For Building A World-Friendly Website

January 3, 2014 |

Geography is not a problem for businesses nowadays. A wide range of online consumers are found locally and globally. To attract these customers from various locations, it’s important that you design a global-friendly website. Here are 6 ways that you can improve the worldwide appeal of your site.

Include a Webpage Translator

As the owner of an international website, you must cater to the needs of many people. First, visitors must understand the website. Reading is the main way that they understand what the site is about. If a customer can’t read your site, they are much more likely to simply bounce back to the search engine. Make sure that your webpages can be translated into languages other than English. An easy way to do this is to incorporate Google Translator into your site. This will help your international users comprehend the info you are providing.

Include Different Currencies in the … Read More

Getting A Perfect Domain Name Can Save You Money

December 4, 2013 |

One of the keys to having a successful web page is getting the right domain name. Anyone can have a slick looking site, but without the right name you will be difficult to find and even harder for clients to remember. Choosing a domain isn’t quite as simple as it seems, and the choice you make can save you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars.

General Tips

Before we get any further into this, here are some general guidelines that everyone should follow when choosing their domain name. The average domain name is around 11 characters, so shoot for something in that ballpark and always remember, shorter is usually better. Spell things normally, if you play around with the language too much people will have a hard time remembering how to find your page. Make sure your domain choice is unique enough to be differentiated from anything similar that is already … Read More

Take Protective Measures Against Website Hacking

November 26, 2013 |

While it may not be possible to absolutely eliminate the threat of hacking on your website, it certainly is possible to minimise the risk and thwart the attempts of all but the most intrepid perpetrators. For your own peace of mind as well as the protection of your customers and associates, you should take every possible precaution.

In much the same way that you take steps to safeguard your physical property, there are ways to make it more difficult for hackers to intrude on your web domain.

Dreaded Words: “I’ve Been Hacked”

In the digital marketplace, those words are spoken far too often: Statistics point to a hacking episode every five seconds worldwide. The severity of the episodes vary. The question is not if, but when and how bad it will be. It is imperative that you do everything possible to protect your online presence from tampering, and to protect the integrity of … Read More

More than Just Mobile: The Value of Using a Responsive Web Design for Your Website

November 19, 2013 |

Over half of US small businesses in 2009 did not have a company website based on statistics confirmed by the US Census Bureau. With the increase popularity of mobile devices, social media platform and online marketing tools overall, it is not surprising that this figure has drastically decreased since that study was first conducted. However, having a standard website that is designed specifically for computers will force you to leave a lot of profitable opportunities and prospective sales on the tables of your competition. Investing in a responsive web design that is compatible with mobile devices, on the other hand, will prevent those opportunities from slipping through your fingers.

The Flexibility of Responsive Web Design

A major selling point of responsive web design is its overall flexible nature. Even if you decide to learn how to create mobile website online, taking the steps to find flexible web page layouts that can easily be modified … Read More

Design Your Website To Sell Your Business

November 14, 2013 |

Many website owners believe that a better website means a revisal of the entire website. Although in some cases this may be true, in our experience, there are a few tricks that you can apply to make a difference on your website, and sell your business. There are hundreds of things that you can do to improve the look of your website, but we will concentrate only on the ones we think are the most important.

1. Narrow the Menu

Do you have a dozen of products on the same column on your navigation bar? If so, you might want to make some room there. The cleanest the navigation the easier it is to find things on your website. You want your visitors to be able to find what they are looking for on your website as easy as possible so that they will come back for information.

Read More

Tips For Creating Winning Content For Landing Pages

November 9, 2013 |

Website landing page is known as the first web page of that site which is aimed to alter clicks, exchanges or other actions. When a visitor wants to inspect for any information by clicking via website then he sees the website landing page.

The vital part of a landing page is its article contents. Landing page content writing must deliver message, provide information, and show the opportunities to deal with your company. These landing page contents can break or make your financial condition. Design and actual wording is most important to create a landing page contents. These contents need to be shortened and to the point and easier to understand.

Lading page has some complications which are related to content writing and make your site weightless to the information seeker. At first you need to define the main problem. These are some of those problems & solutions:

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How Hard Is It To Manage A VPS?

November 5, 2013 |

If you’re considering adding a virtual private server (VPS) to your company’s IT infrastructure, its price is comparable to shared hosting and it provides many of the benefits of dedicated hosting, including the freedom to install any operating system and upgrade security. Although its ability to customize is advantageous for businesses, a VPS requires some management that’s standard with shared hosting. For companies without an IT staff, this management might be a challenge, and even with an IT team, opting for a managed hosting service can often be a wise decision.

What Skills do I need to Manage a VPS?

Anyone who knows how to manage an on-site server has the necessary skills to remotely handle a VPS. Generally, that means someone with a background in IT. All the typical server tasks must still be taken care of, from initial installations of the operating system and applications to … Read More

4 Things You MUST Know Before Choosing A Webhost

November 5, 2013 |

If you’re in the process of building a website, there are several things you have to keep in mind, the most important of which is choosing a webhost.  This one choice, above all others, is going to set the pace, and determine several vital factors going into your company’s launch and first few months of operation. Here are a few key points you should keep in mind.


A host that stores all the data in a single location isn’t the best of ideas.  If the provider has to shut down the facility, your business is going to suffer.  Choose web hosting that offers cloud technology, in different packages.  Not only do you get access to the cloud, but you’re also able to take advantage of instant scalability, flexible infrastructure and customization features regardless of the package you choose.  This is your best way to go when it comes … Read More

Web Developing on an iPad – is it a Serious Option?

November 5, 2013 |

The iPad is still the ruler of the tablet market and as a content consumption device, it’s top of the league. With more than 100 million iPads sold, many developers are drawn to using their iPad for development. But is it a serious option?

The good news is that doing development on an iPad is definitely possible, but how well the Apple tablet works for you will depend a lot on your workflow and what you’re trying to achieve.

First off, it’s a good idea to download a file management system such as Dropbox to your iPad, so you can easily create versions and rescue your files, and a good outliner such as MindNode will help keep your work organised and under control.

Text editing on the move is relatively straightforward. An app like Textastic has a lot of nice features and is widely recommended. Koder is another editing tool that has great functionality for the … Read More

ITV Unveils A Whole New Website Which Surprises All

October 24, 2013 |

ITV has managed another feather in its cap. With its new website coming out, things are certainly looking up for the broadcasting network. They are committed to making changes in order to give the BBC a run for their money.  The website is offering lime streaming, archive videos, UGC content, broadband games and lots of exclusive stuff.

The web meets TV is how one can describe the website. The service is quite extraordinary and never before seen. The ability to stream, catch-up and enjoy videos is something that few people have tried and done successfully. makes that exception. They are doing a very fine job when to come to making changes and adapting well to it. Their stance of providing compelling service to their viewers creates lovely opportunity for others to make the most as well. Advertisers to will benefit from the coming of the ITV website.

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A Quick Primer On The Google Hummingbird Update

October 14, 2013 |

A few months ago, Google quietly rolled out the largest change to its algorithm since at least 2010, but it was not until a few weeks ago that the search engine started releasing details. Unlike the seismic Panda and Penguin updates, Hummingbird affects a far larger portion of queries but does not target SEO practices specifically. This means that its effect on search results are not easy to quantify, but its implications for the future of SEO are well worth looking into.

What is New in Hummingbird?

The Hummingbird update is part of an ongoing restructuring of the way Google processes queries and presents information. Instead of relying on short, exact-match keyword strings, the search engine is now adapting to the increasing prevalence of vocal and mobile search, which tend to favor natural speech patterns and answers to specific questions. By recognizing objects, or “entities,” and their relationships with … Read More

Premium WordPress Themes – Create Your Professional Looking Website and Blog

October 2, 2013 |

Are you planning to create a professional looking blog and website for yourself or someone near and dear to you? If yes, then you will have to check out the premium wordpress themes. These premium themes for wordpress will help you create a professional looking, out-of-the-box blog or website. You will also be able to save time, money as well as various other hassles if you opt for these themes. You can buy these themes online. Once you buy any of these themes, you will be able to get professional code, awesome design, unlimited support, etc. along with it. Thus, things will become easier for you.

Premium WordPress Themes

Here are some of the premium wordpress themes which can be of great help to you. Let’s take a look:

Landing Page Theme:

This is a popular wordpress theme. This is known to be a responsive … Read More