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Technologies Review | February 18, 2019

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Facebook Launches Requests 2.0 for Developers

February 19, 2011 |

Facebook launched Requests 2.0 for developers. The update classifies requests into two types : user-generated and app-generated.The new update to Requests will simplify the bookmark management process and alert users on outstanding requests.

The user-generated requests update the bookmark count and are to be confirmed explicitly by a user.However, the app-generated requests can be initiated and sent to users who have authorized the particular app. While the user-generated requests are send by the developer using the Request Dialog, the later can have requests using Graph API.

Together, Facebook has stopped manually managing the bookmark count; which would mean that a developer needs to worry only about sending requests to update users on the outstanding items in their app.Automatic sync of the count is done to make the process handy. However, developers will still have to process the requests. To prevent accumulation of bookmark counts, requests will auto-expire after two weeks.To add-on, all new Facebook … Read More

InboxQ released to pick up Q&A on Twitter

February 18, 2011 |

Start up company Answerly has released a browser extension named InboxQ that delivers a stream of questions from Twitter to the user. The fact that Twitter is presently a platform for a lot of Q&A activity  and that this can be used inventively for connecting businesses and brands to customers has lead to the development of this platform.

Once the plug in is downloaded, users can set up campaigns, share questions, answer and even track these answers.The use of natural language processing software helps to detect real questions and yields answers of relatively high quality. Together,InboxQ’s sharing features lets users to refer a question to any of the Twitter followers via a direct message.

Being the first in class, InboxQ is sure to get more of Twitter as a Q&A service. There are examples of brands which have picked up Twitter usage exponentially following the use of InboxQ. Maybe, InboxQ has a role to … Read More