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Technologies Review | May 24, 2019

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Social Media

SEO Tips for 2013

May 7, 2013 |

Today, everyone from a farmer to an experienced scientist wants to create his website for gaining success in his business. As Internet Marketing is gaining

popularity now a days and most of the people browse internet for finding or searching the information about products or services

they want to get. Therefore, it has become essential to promote your business on internet.

At the same time, it is important to create such a website which is attractive as well as optimized properly. It is important that your website must be optimized i.e. search engine friendly. It can be possible if your website is designed following the Google algorithms. Here are some of the tips which will help you to create an optimized website:

  • Unique content: Content plays an important role in SEO and it must be unique and fresh as this type of content is liked … Read More

4 Things You Can Do Immediately to Increase Social Shares

April 30, 2013 |

Social shares are an important part of content marketing because they introduce your content or brand to new readers. There are several things you can do to increase the amount of social shares your content receives. Here are four things you can implement immediately to increase your social shares.

Strategically Place Sharing Buttons

Social share buttons are those little icons that appear for each of the social networks alongside your content. They can be placed at the top, bottom, middle, or side of your content. Additionally, you can prompt readers to share your content with a popup. Social share buttons are important because they make it easier for readers to share your content. Marketers argue about the best placement, so you should experiment to see what works best for your brand. MediaWhiz can help you decide. In general, placing the sharing buttons in multiple locations increases your shares.

It’s really easy to add social … Read More

Facebook vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn: Who’s Paying Attention to Your Social Media Marketing?

April 14, 2013 |

There are countless social media sites on the Internet, but three stand out as the biggest — Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They each provide opportunities for marketing your business, but that doesn’t mean they all get the same attention or give you equal amounts of new customers. Take a look at the individual marketing capabilities of these three social media platforms to see which one you should use in your strategy.

Facebook: Used to Share Interesting and Exciting Content

Facebook is a good social media platform for marketing because it has the most users. As of 2013, Facebook is still the largest social media network with 7012.9 million monthly users. Twitter has 182 million and LinkedIn has 85.7 million. However, this doesn’t mean that more people will see your marketing posts on Facebook than the other social media sites. This is because the number of views you get is determined by the amount of … Read More

Make Your Business Succeed Online With The Help Of A Social Media Marketing Agency!

April 10, 2013 |

Do you want to have a successful business or company? Well, of course you do, everyone does! Making a business succeed is far from easy especially these days. Anyone who wants to build and run a successful business must have an online presence. Having a website is certainly a good start, but it is the social media where the real potential is. Whether you try to succeed with social media yourself or use the help of a social media marketing agency, success in social media, means success in business as well.

There are over 800 millions Facebook users, over 5 billion mobile subscribers. Ignoring social media is a crime really because the potential is huge. It is not easy for an „average joe“ to take advantage of the full potential of social media. Which is why social media marketing (SMM) agencies have become so popular and why astute business owners use … Read More

How A Social Calendar Can Help You Keep Up With Social Media Trends

February 20, 2013 |

Do you groan each morning when you see the number of messages and posts from social media “friends” that have accumulated while you slept? Does it sometimes seem you could spend all day on social media and never get around to your real job? Join the club. For most of us, the explosion of social media applications has been both a blessing and a curse. The free exposure that sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google + offer is extraordinary; however, such sites can demand all of your time and energy if you’re not careful. Fortunately, there’s a way to get ahead of social media demands so you’re acting and not just reacting.

Social media trends for 2013

Social media marketing is a great and low-cost way to get your product, service or message in front of thousands of readers. However, it’s sometimes difficult to keep abreast of this constantly changing marketplace. As we start a … Read More

Estimated Internet Developments in 2013

December 22, 2012 |

If you are running a site, you want to remain updated of current developments in S.E.O industry. For those that don’t walk with the trends, are left in the dust in the SERPs. This is more crucial for the S.E.O service suppliers to be conscious of each change in the S.E.O mechanisms. People who have suffered a rank loss latterly due to Penguin and Panda updates can visualize the price of taking it all gently. These are some latest updates that may make everything easier in 2013 by aiding you in keeping your internet site up in the search list:

1. Process Updates – Google is steadily improving its routine which might have an effect on PR of your site as well, if you don’t improve it.While it isn’t likely to have an effect on the central idea of original and quality contents, it is going to work out Authorship part as well. The spotlight … Read More

Your Business Has a Reputation Offline and Online

October 26, 2012 |

Many companies that exist today were built on their reputation. The bigger firms call it their “brand” and smaller businesses often refer to it as their reputation. But no matter what way you look at it, its there. It is the public, and private, perception of your company. It can sometimes be sublte, laying in the subconscious of people. Maybe it’s the way the receptionist treated them when they first arrived at your office. Or maybe it’s the way the high school girl that rings people up at your local deli always seems irritated. Then there are less subtle things. Things like a consumer who received a dysfunctional product and writes an angry review about your product.

People form opinions of you, good or bad. And these subtle opinions can lead to big swings in a good or bad perception. But wait, its goes even further. There are two worlds in business these days, the … Read More

Your Online Reputation Is a Precious Commodity

October 12, 2012 |

Managing online reputation is becoming an increasingly more difficult task.   As internet anonymity continues to erode, people are relying on a plethora of online resources to background check both professionals and businesses.  As the number of impressions left on the internet burgeons, the possibility of negative interpretation also increases.  Unfavorable publicity regarding an employee or brand can significantly damage the public relations image of a company and ultimately, negatively impact the bottom line.

Maintaining a pristine online reputation is becoming virtually impossible since as the internet community expands, more negative interactions take place.  Simple mistakes like misidentifying a person with the same name can cause irreparable damage. There are also character assassins who will intentionally try to hurt and individual or a company out of malice.

The good news is that in certain cases, it is possible to restore an online reputation.  If the negative publicity is an isolated instance without significant cross referencing, then … Read More

How Is Blogging Beneficial?

October 12, 2012 |

Gone are those days when you had to wait for 18 or 20 years, to obtain an expertise degree to hold a professional tag. Now you post something of 110 words on Facebook, people follow you through their comments and posts, and you are a “Blogger”. Tweet on your Twitter profile, often it happens that a thread of comments follow your post and you are a Blogger again.



Blogging started with an idea of expressing views and feelings on an online forum, similar to a hand-written diary. But, today blogging helps one to extend a social circle around, which enables one to fetch business through traffic and ads. It helps you to generate leads for your business. You do not actually need to hire a marketing guy for your business if you can’t afford one, you can sell your products and services by making use of blogging platforms. There are many advantages of … Read More

Know the Right Ways to Use the Video Twitter

October 11, 2012 |

We live in an era of various social media like Tweeter, Face book My Space and so on. Each of these social networks has different kinds of uses, strengths and benefits to the users and the creators. In today’s term the reputed Tweeter can be named as a ‘real time social networking ‘website where a real time connectivity is clearly established between two users or even groups. The new term video twitter is catching the social video markets and poised to grow to new heights in near future.

One should thank this digital world for the great opportunity provided in making several video communication tools to serve the needs of the individuals as well as the corporate houses. For a beginner it looks little daunting while using these social video networks. But a perfect practice makes things better. With a little patience and sincere effort one is sure to have a real fun and good profit. … Read More

Convenient technologies for the Modern Home

September 11, 2012 |

You use technology–everything from smart phones to net books to MP3 players–every day, but is this technology incorporated into your home? For most people, the answer is no, but it might be time for that to change. Remember, your house isn’t just a place where you eat and sleep; it’s a crucial part of your daily experience. As such, it should be equipped with all the technology you need to simplify and modernize your life.

Kick back in a home theater

Whether you want to screen foreign films or watch kids’ movies with your family, a technology-loaded home theater will transform your viewing experience. Convert a recreation room or basement into a private theater with individual seating, a projector, a large screen and surround sound. You’ll never have to squish onto a small sofa or argue over the good seat again. Thanks to today’s technology, everyone will hear all of the dialogue and see every second of … Read More

How to Keep Consumers Engaged During the Retail Sales Slump

August 20, 2012 |

With retail sales on the downslide in recent months, businesses are getting scrappier about connecting with consumers and seizing a larger slice of the online sales pie. To do that, savvy and varied mobile marketing strategies are a must. By targeting mobile customers through multiple strategies, businesses have the best chance of developing their brand visibility and converting sales to grow their revenue.

As smartphones, tablets and other technology become more relied-upon platforms for browsing the Internet and doing business, companies are finding it all the more essential to have marketing strategies that reach consumers through these new outlets. Here are a few essential components of mobile marketing that businesses need to implement — and fast.

Mobile website and email optimization

Smartphones have triggered an explosion of mobile online activity, and perhaps no single activity is more rampant than email. Even feature phones now have the technology to view emails with all their trimmings, not … Read More

Technology in Cleaning Pollutants

June 4, 2012 |

Pollutants exist everywhere. Indoor and outdoor air quality are affected by the release of dangerous chemicals and heavy metals into the air, which are also present in the food and water you consume. Rather than risking your health, learn about pollutants and employ techniques that limit their damaging effects on everyday life.

  •  Indoor pollutants include dust, cleaning supply fumes, pet dander, mold spores and secondhand smoke. Filtering the air by using furnace and air conditioning filters can drastically improve indoor air and prevent allergic reactions or asthma attacks. HEPA filters trap dust and dirt and prevent these pollutants from being released into the air during vacuuming.
  •  Control indoor air quality by limiting chemical use. Cleaning supplies contain dangerous chemicals and fumes that aggravate sinuses and asthma symptoms. Natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, cornstarch and lemon juice are excellent for cleaning the home without damaging your physical health. Properly dispose of containers … Read More