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Technologies Review | February 17, 2018

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There Has Never Been A Better Time To Start A New Tech Company!

October 5, 2015 |

We are living in the age of the startup. The Great Western Narrative has always been to live and die with a company, working for the same firm for decades to build something over your entire lifetime. Recently though, in an uncertain economy with real wages stagnant, the temptation to quit your day job and become an entrepreneur has never seemed more present.

And nowhere is this more true than in the world of hardware startups. Unlike software, which can technically be created by one person in a bedroom somewhere, the barriers to entry for hardware startups have always been daunting.

Happily, recent technological developments are making hardware startups easier than ever.

Following the Crowd

The first innovation that is making hardware startups more possible is the advent of crowdfunding. In the past, the ability to invest in … Read More

Why Is RTB The Best Choice For Small Businesses?

October 5, 2015 |

Size doesn’t matter in business. But RTB does. There has not been enough truth in this fact until now. In recent times, (actually since 2009) real time bidding has revolutionised the way businesses can grow. It has opened the doors of marketing for advertisers of all sizes. ‘Programmatic’ is the new buzzword in the world of digital media buying and RTB advertising is fast being adopted because of the numerous benefits of this auction-style platform. Being liked by advertisers and publishers alike, Real Time Bidding is being assimilated into even smaller budget businesses. Some of the reasons that make RTB so valuable for small businesses are:

1. Immense Control As An Advertiser

As an advertiser, one can practise control over impressions being paid for. As an automated impression by impression method, RTB lets you liquidate the data which you have collected from your carefully selected clients. This data … Read More

Top Technological Advancements Of Televised Sports Entertainment

September 30, 2015 |

Not long ago televised football paled in comparison to actually attending the event. Coverage wasn’t the best, nor were the on-field cameras. A few decades ago televisions were just starting to make real progress with the display.

But now the opposite can be argued. In many ways watching the game on television is now better than being there in person. So much so, stadiums have their own giant displays to provide televised coverage as the action happens on the field. Tailgaters bring televisions and watch games in the parking lot instead of going in the stadium.

Technology is bounding forward and bringing us our favorite games in entirely new ways. While 3D hasn’t really panned out in sports entertainment, plenty of other entertainment system features have seriously improved the viewing experience.

TVs That Go Anywhere

The improved technological components allow for slimmer and slimmer … Read More

Choosing A Kiosk Manufacturer To Provide High Quality Components

September 29, 2015 |

While many companies are opting to go the kiosk way to increase their sales volume and revenue, there is a big challenge in choosing the best kiosk manufacturer for their business. Due to lack of enough knowledge, companies have regretted on the choice of manufacturers that they make. A reputable kiosk manufacturer will offer tailor-made kiosks that best meet the needs of the company’s customers. It is very important, as a company, to work with a kiosk manufacturer that will ensure quality and reliability by providing the best-in-class components.

A top-of-range manufacturer provides a value added kiosk designs. Not only do they concentrate on the hardware and software components, but they have the know-how on tailor-making turnkey solutions. This is inclusive of back-end integration with the service providers. The components should be personalized to specific transaction applications. Great manufacturers such as Olea kiosk manufacturers, have a development team that work together on business analysis, return on investment calculations, field services, implementation, … Read More

Compare Point Of Sale Software and Select The Right System For Your Retail Store

August 27, 2015 |

Point of Sale software, or POS software as it is often called, is critical to any retail business is still too often the selection process closely enough to bring out the best software solutions for businesses.

Compare point of sale software packages can be difficult for those who have never done this before. Follow this checklist to compare the main features of the software and the key ability of the company to help make the right decision:

Compare systems on your list, ranking them in their own opinion, in the following areas:

Easy to use: Use the system yourself. Too often, people selling software glides over the keyboard quickly and does not allow you to use software on their own. Make sure that you use the software on their own. Make your own judgment about how easy the software for use. Put a few … Read More

An Introduction To Virtual Data Rooms

August 22, 2015 |

Once upon a time virtual data rooms could be found almost exclusively in the world of corporate finance; set up to accommodate mergers and acquisitions and the vast amounts of data exchanged between stakeholders in the run up to a deal. Today, however, their uses are far reaching and organisations across the world are making use of these versatile and secure central repositories.

But what are virtual data rooms? And why are so many firms beginning to utilise them?

Think of a virtual data room as a corporate sized Dropbox account, with added security and collaboration features. They are business scaled file sharing accounts that allow firms to upload, manage and version vast quantities of data. The best, like Projectfusion, offer countless features and security layers including auditing tools, fully integrated safety and security measures and round-the-clock support for their users.

The early adopters … Read More

Have Space Start A Paying Guest and Start Counting The Money

February 23, 2015 |

Are you having a spare room and you desire to do something out of that…the smart way is to do a DIY makeover and put it up for paying guest accommodation…if you are wondering how to go about it then there is a step by step process which being followed can get you good leads for tenants, thus not only making the idle space used up and also minting money from that… So to start off to prepare the room and for instance if you have your property in Secunderabad and targeting for paying guest accommodation Secunderabad then go ahead with….


Do the Basic Cleaning and Dusting

Cleaning and dusting gives an instant shine and the room starts sparkling. The basic cleaning includes removing the stains and cobwebs from the nook and corner of the house…in the process bring down any wall hanging and move out the furniture, … Read More

Samsung Galaxy Tab S: The King Of Tablets

February 20, 2015 |

Samsung have the king of phablets the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, king of smartphones the Samsung Galaxy S6 and here comes the overview of the king of the tablets the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. It appeared in the market in 2014 and now Samsung planned to launch the next generation of these devices. And the surprising thing is the first generation Samsung Galaxy Tab S is enough powerful to beat the performance of iPad Air or iPad Mini series.

Inside the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, there is the combination of powerful Exynos 5 Octa processor including Quad-Core pair @ 1.9 GHz, 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage (expandable via microSD) ensure sufficient hardware for any use. As in other models, reserves the power of quad-core when (games or demanding multitasking scenario) is necessary and sufficient for normal use with one core to run smoothly and, incidentally, save … Read More

Get The Best Technology News On Indian News Portal

January 4, 2015 |

It is hard to imagine a world without technology. Whether it is to do with a mobile phone or internet or gaming devices or computing software, everything you touch and use today is involved with technology in one way or the other. There is a lot happening in technology around you and the best way to stay connected with what’s happening in the technology world is through Indian News Portal.

This is the perfect news portal that has all the technology news that you need at your fingertips. Get the latest and happening news in the world of internet, gaming as well as information and guide on choosing Smartphones, reviews of latest phones, gadgets and many more on technology sites. You will get loads and loads of reviews of all the latest gadgets that show up every day in the market.

The internet is the best place to search … Read More

Check Your New House & Your Eligibility For House Loan @ Housing.Com

December 18, 2014 |

From the time you lay your eyes on the property, you know you have to have it. You know this is the exact house you can call your dream house. All the properties on are such that you cannot take your eyes off them. You are sure to find yourself a dream home here. But while buying this house you may fall short of some amount, at this time you opt for a home loan. The housing loan comes with an eligibility score. This score is counted by the home loan eligibility calculator. You can find your dream house and eligibility for house loan at The home loan eligibility calculator has made home loan easier. Sometimes you come across a situation where the total amount one is eligible for is less than the amount needed. With certain measures come can easily increases their home loan eligibility. Here are some ways how:

Read More

Make Way For An Immersive Tablet Experience By Using A Fine Tip iPad Stylus

November 27, 2014 |

Apple has dominated the tablet market for since what, time immemorial!! The popularity of iPad among tablet users hasn’t decreased even one bit, and why it should? Apple offers iPad with revolutionary cutting edge technology that is enough to give all its competitors a run for their money. Although, despite of the amazing functionalities, Apple tablets are known to provide, they still fail to create a desktop like user experience. The virtual keyboard is fine for short term users, but what about the folks whose bread and butter rely on the use of Apple tablets.

There is no denying the fact that, it becomes virtually impossible to tap in your fingers consistently on the iPad screen for long hours. Styluses have proved to be the only natural solution to this issue. It has practically emerged as a boon for people who work tirelessly on iPads. Styluses, however, go way back … Read More

Google Nexus 6 Release Date Soon , New Features Expected

August 30, 2014 |

Google Nexus 6 Launch Date

It’s the year of great flagships & Nexus 6 is one of them. The price of Google Nexus 5 have already slashed and next Nexus will launch soon in the market. Recently released premium Smart phones and others which are all set to get launch in few days like Galaxy Note 4, Sony Xperia Z3 and iPhone 6 have forced Google to rethink about early release of its next flagship Nexus 6.

Google Nexus To Have All New OS

Google is planning to launch Android L with Nexus 6 with simply stunning new features and rooting the phone is another option. Smartphone world is quite dense now with great flagships releasing one after the other and new OS will certainly add unique value to Google’s next in line up, Nexus 6. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will also have a new OS android 5.0 version.

Nexus 6 … Read More

4 New, Game-Changing Security Technologies

June 19, 2014 |

In today’s world, there is always the risk of running into problems with burglars, hackers, and other criminals whose goal is to steal from or otherwise harm others. While traditional security methods like locks and alarms come to mind, the technological innovations of recent years make digital security necessary as well. Several excellent security systems have been recently created—and improved upon— to ensure the safety of families, businesses, and information:

Remote Home Security Systems

With a completely wireless system, a remote home security system eliminates the vulnerabilities presented by hard lines. This minimizes the risk of the system being physically disabled. These systems communicate with multiple sensors from a central security console to maximize security strength. Remote control from a smartphone is typically available, once the proper app is installed onto the device. These security systems can also be customized to take into account the unique vulnerabilities of each home.