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Technologies Review | December 9, 2018

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Here’s Why You Should Switch To A PAYG Mobile Tariff

February 26, 2014 |

Billions of people around the world have mobile phone contracts, often referred to as post-pay contracts. Such contracts enable one to have the convenience of paying for any mobile phone charges on a monthly basis.

The trouble is, they aren’t always good value for money. Here are some reasons why you should ditch your mobile phone contract and opt for a pre-pay tariff, either with your existing network provider or with someone else.

You Don’t Have To Pay Over-The-Odds For A Handset

It’s a well-known fact that on monthly post-pay contracts, mobile phones are subsidised by network operators; in other words, they buy your handset from the manufacturer and pay for it out of their own money, and then get the money back off you through your monthly instalments.

The trouble is, network operators charge you more for doing this instead of just charging you the actual phone price. For example, in the UK it … Read More

10 Cool Apps For Foodies

February 6, 2014 |

There are certain things without which, life would not be worth living like your family and your health. Other things, which make life comfortable such as your house, car or job. But no matter how full your life is, there is always space for some decent food…..

Evernote Food

Do you recall that fabulous meal served up at ‘that’ restaurant last year? You may struggle to remember each delicious meal, but our first recommended app will jog your memory. From exploring recipes, documenting your meals, sharing them on social media or booking a table at a restaurant, Evernote Food is right there for you.

BBC Goodfood

Homecooking is no doubt the best, you get the benefits of the wonderful smells before the delight of the meal itself. The BBC Goodfood website has long been a favourite in our house, with never a failed recipe yet. The … Read More

How To Protect Your Kids In A Cyber World

January 4, 2014 |

Children are getting more internet savvy as they derive several benefits from the use of the internet technology for education and for their own personal use. The cyber world has a lot of dangers however especially among children who are more susceptible to become a victim of cyber crimes. There is a growing concern among parents on how to protect their children against all forms of cyber crimes without curtailing their ability to use the internet for intellectual growth and knowledge development. Parents need to exercise an effective parental control and monitoring of their child’s engagement with the cyber world to ensure their safety and protection.

Monitoring your Child’s Social Media Network and Internet Usage

Parents used to be helpless in having the ability to monitor their child’s internet usage. But with the growing development in mobile technology, parents are now armed with a better parenting ability of … Read More

Why You Need A Mobile Strategy

January 1, 2014 |

If you’re trying to market a product or service online, chances are you’ll need a mobile strategy in order to be effective. Here’s why:

The Stats

Time to face facts; mobile devices and have a drastic impact on the way we connect online, so much so that in 2010 over half of all internet browsing was done using handhelds. Around 45 per cent of people with mobile phones use them to download and use social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter. In actual fact, 35 per cent of Android and iPhone users in the US open their Facebook app before even getting out of bed in the morning, according to a study recently taken out by telecommunications company Ericsson.

Mobile Websites

Many companies now have sub-domains set up specifically for those browsing on a mobile phone. This is done intelligently, so that when a user types … Read More

Assuring Your Telephone Safety

December 27, 2013 |

Have you ever been afraid to answer the telephone in your own home? The telephone is a useful tool in our lives, but it can also be the path that criminals use to victimise you when you least expect it. You may feel secure in your home, but when an unsolicited phone call arrives and you feel threatened, your security and safety are at risk.

Take Control

Whether you’re experiencing fraud, scams, prank calls, or marketing schemes, it’s time to take control and use some common-sense tips to make telephone use in your home a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Because your children may answer the telephone from time to time, you should cover proper telephone rules with them before they’re allowed to accept incoming calls.

What Can You Do?

  1. Never give credit card numbers over the phone unless you are placing an order which you … Read More

5 Great Apps For Boating Enthusiasts

December 5, 2013 |

Although the early sailors needed little more than the stars to guide their way, technology has always come in handy in the world of boating. These days, most types of water vessels utilize technological gadgets in one form or another. It’s not uncommon for boats of all stripes, from skiffs to oil tankers, to be outfitted with global communications devices, while radios and radar are a given for any boat that spends time in deep waters. But in today’s mobile world there’s no need for avid boatmen to relegate their onboard technology to being solely on board. Yup, by utilizing useful mobile apps, captains of most vessels can have another nautical tool at their disposal.

Of course these implements can be highly advanced and cost a pretty penny. But those more expensive options on this list are well worth the price due to their comprehensive features.

Nav Apps iNavX – ($49.99)Read More

More than Just Mobile: The Value of Using a Responsive Web Design for Your Website

November 19, 2013 |

Over half of US small businesses in 2009 did not have a company website based on statistics confirmed by the US Census Bureau. With the increase popularity of mobile devices, social media platform and online marketing tools overall, it is not surprising that this figure has drastically decreased since that study was first conducted. However, having a standard website that is designed specifically for computers will force you to leave a lot of profitable opportunities and prospective sales on the tables of your competition. Investing in a responsive web design that is compatible with mobile devices, on the other hand, will prevent those opportunities from slipping through your fingers.

The Flexibility of Responsive Web Design

A major selling point of responsive web design is its overall flexible nature. Even if you decide to learn how to create mobile website online, taking the steps to find flexible web page layouts that can easily be modified … Read More

Top 5 Finance Apps For iPhone/iPad Users

November 17, 2013 |

Considering that the iPhone/iPad is what you’re most likely to keep close to you at all times, it is perhaps the best place to compute and keep track of your savings and expenditure data. This is especially useful when you’re faced with an unexpected expenditure or want to buy something in the spur of the moment, and are not sure what impact it will have on the finances. Since few of us carry our bank statements and other documents, and logging into the bank account can be a pain, a good finance app provides the right solution for anyone who wants to access the state of his/her finances anytime, anywhere. Below, we’ve chosen the top 5 finance apps for iPhone/iPad users.

1) iReconcile [$2.99]

Coming with a simple interface, iReconcile provides one with useful functions like weekly, monthly and yearly savings and expenditure breakups, so you can track … Read More

Filing A Cell Phone Insurance Claim – What All It Takes

October 30, 2013 |

It’s true that your life has become more and more busy with every passing day and why not given the increasing demands on your lifestyle. This has led to the usage of quite a few gadgets that have not only become necessary, but rather indispensable to us. Yes, it might seem that you couldn’t do a day without them, but then it’s actually true. On top of this absolute necessary list is none other than your mobile or cellular phone. Imagine if you’d had to pass a single day without it. How exactly would you get through? Would it actually be possible or would you completed be befuddled with that one single day of your life? Well, you know it for a fact that the latter is most likely to come true and this is why protecting your cell phone has become not just important, but rather mandatory. Visit to find out more about … Read More

3 Different Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Mobile Device

October 23, 2013 |

A smartphone is a major purchase. New smartphones can cost hundreds of dollars, and they’re typically something that you expect to last a long time. While it seems that new smartphones are coming out almost every day, if you’re an average person you likely are going to do whatever it takes to make sure your mobile device lasts a long time.

There are plenty of ways to protect mobile devices and smartphones. There are even ways to live an active and adventurous lifestyle and protect them, too. If you’re looking for ways to extend the life of your mobile devices so you don’t have to buy a new smartphone every few months, check out these tips.

Protect it with a Sturdy Case

Easily one of the best ways to make sure your smartphone lasts as long as you want it to is to protect it with a sturdy case. … Read More

Cool Gadgets For Your Smartphone

October 22, 2013 |

Smartphones have become the phone of choice these days. They offer so much more than just being able to call or text people, they are like having a mini computer and extra all in a device that can fit into your pocket – incredible. As well as the numerous apps you can download there are also a number of devices which you can attach to your phone, here are a few cool ones you might want to try:

Wind meter

If you are a bit of a weather geek and love to know what is going on outdoors, a wind meter for your phone from Digital Meters is a really great gadget. You stick the meter into your headphone socket and download the free app where you will be able to measure wind speed, direction and be able to put information into graphs and more.

Mini arcade

If you love old school games … Read More

6 Handy Road Trip Apps

October 17, 2013 |

Road trips are a summer tradition. American as apple pie, it gives us a chance to travel and explore. But before you head out on the open highway, take a moment to download these helpful apps. They’ll find you a more delicious burger, a cheaper hotel room, and plenty of memorable roadside distractions.

Eat Your Way Around the Country

Find your next meal on the road with Food Tripping, a handy app for the hungry traveler. It points you towards new and interesting local restaurants, micro-breweries, coffee houses, roadside diners, and healthier alternatives to fast food joints.

This app lets you experience the local culture wherever you travel instead of just pointing out the same chain restaurants in your neighborhood. Take your trip to the next level and find a great hamburger in any city on your route.

Find a Commode on the Road

Why stand in … Read More

A Smart Tool to Recover Lost Photos/Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy

October 16, 2013 |

Photographs capture beautiful moments of your life that are gone forever and never can be reproduced. When you take these photographs with the high definition Smartphone camera, and photos are deleted by mistake or due to some system error; this could be a loss.

There are several things you can do to keep yourself from losing data. First, you should set a daily routine to take a backup of your Smartphone photos and other important stuff. Taking a backup to your computer is probably the easiest option and by doing so you can also free up some space on your Smartphone. Another option is to automatically backup your data to iCloud. Once, you enable iCloud on your Smartphone, all photos taking with the camera are automatically transferred to iCloud.

But all these tips are useful only for the existing photos and messages, not to those you had deleted accidentally. There is great data recovery software … Read More