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Technologies Review | April 26, 2019

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iPhone App to Fight Skin Cancer Launched

November 26, 2010 |

SunSmart, the new iPhone app will now alert you on how long you can bask under the sun without risking your body to potential cancer causing ultraviolet rays. This will be a boon for Australians as deaths due to skin cancer surpasses those killed in road accidents in Australia. Shockingly two in three Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they reach 70 years of age.

SunSmart App

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HTC Desire HD vs. T-Mobile G2

November 9, 2010 |

So far, this has been the year of Smartphones in the consumer electronics market. We have seen the likes of Apple and Google introducing their variants of Smartphones. Google’s Android Powered phones have also flooded the market having high-end and high price tag phones and also the low budget phones offering multitude of features. The cellphone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Motorola, and HTC all have something new to offer to consumers.

So if you are searching for Smartphones that are not heavy on pocket and offer amazing features then you should truly go for HTCs Desire HD and T-Mobile G2. If you really want to opt one, you should read reviews of both these devices. HTC Desire HD review comprehensively describes the handset features. T-Mobile G2 review would give you deep insight into the software and hardware features of the phone. For your convenience, I am going to give a brief comparison of both these Smartphones, so that you can decide which one suits to your requirements. Read More

Windows Phone 7: First Impressions

October 18, 2010 |

Image Credit: Gizmodo

Ease of use is the strength of the new Windows Mobile OS. With a screen filled with six square icons, you can go to the next block of six icons with a simple swipe. The initial screen has a black background with green and orange icons used to make a call, and an application area that integrates well with the Xbox, Zune media player, and Office.

The obvious weakness of touchscreen smartphones is, as usual, short battery life. Microsoft claims that it can run for two days with normal use. Although, it is not clarified yet, what is considered as “normal use”?

If with Android, you need to have a Gmail account to activate the phone, in Windows Phone 7 you can do the same with Hotmail. Compared with Symbian, Android or iPhone, the application management is very different. The integration is complete, but you won’t have the feeling of being … Read More

Blackberry Tablet May Be Out By Next Week

September 22, 2010 |

BlackBerry maker Research In motion Ltd. is all set to unveil its new tablet computer by next week. The tablet named BlackPad scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of this year will be powered by a QNX operating system replacing its recently revamped BlackBerry 6 OS.

The Blackberry tablet ‘BlackPad’ will feature a 7-inch touch screen and one or two built-in cameras. It would feature bluetooth and broadband connection facilities, but will only be able to connect to cellular networks through a BlackBerry smartphone. The RIM tablet manufactured by Quanta Computer, Taiwan, will run on chips from Santa Clara, Calif.-based Marvell Technology Group Inc.

The introduction of a tablet and new operating system come at a critical time for Research In Motion as it faces tough competition from Apple iPhone and Android based smartphones. BlackBerry’s share of worldwide smartphone sales fell to 18% in the second quarter of this year compared … Read More

Ten Most Exciting Games You Can Play on the iPad

May 27, 2010 |

Among gamers, the release of the Apple iPad was perhaps met with confused expectations. Here was a portable device which many people consider, just an oversized and turbocharged version of the iPod Touch. And the iPhone OS over the years has been inundated by a plethora of games at varying levels of quality, they all cater to a compact touchscreen device. Could the additional horsepower of the iPad’s A4 1GHz processor and larger screen size give rise to a new breed of video games. While we could never be sure, game developers seemed highly enthusiastic about the gadget and within merely a month of its release we’ve seen a number of very impressive games for iPad surfacing. Here is the top ten list of the most exciting games you can play on the iPad.

Real Racing HD It was released originally on the iPhone OS by Firemint Studios, a stunning racing game that … Read More

Eight Important New Features of iPhone OS 4.0

May 23, 2010 |

iPhone OS 4.0 will be released starting June this year and it can be safely expected that many apps and features will be added. These are eight features that make iPhone OS 4.0 a significant release, that’s worth an upgrade:

1. Multitasking Those smart heads in 1 Infinite Loop have finally figured out that iPhone OS 3.X lacks an important feature available in other smartphone OSs and they have answered our prayers with the next major upgrade of the iPhone OS. Just press the Home button twice to show a list of applications that are active in the background. When you are using a music player, you can let the music flows while reading an e-book. If you’re playing a game, it’ll pause when you want to reply a text message.

2. Folders It is now possible to sort the applications into folder. This may not be a ground-breaking stuff; however it is a … Read More

Palm Pre Plus to be released on Verizon

December 20, 2009 |

A lot of rumor mongering is going on that Palm might be releasing its latest version of Pre, the Pre Plus on Verizon as a new year bonanza. As of now the speculations are rife about the kind of specs the gizmo might come loaded with. The screen is tad bigger than the existing one, with a lot of other exalted specs to make their way, thanks to its now new OS the webOS.

Rumors galore that most the OS might come loaded with many of Google’s apps with cross-platform integration with many other premium software.

What’s more is that they might announce yet another smartphone that runs on its new webOS, the Palm Pixi. Palm Pixi ‘d be the first smartphone to include Wi-Fi technology for Palm.

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Motorola Motus

December 11, 2009 |

So, after a disastrous and catastrophic years of finding itself in mirth, guess Motorola is up to some good with the (possible) announcement of its Android powered device named Motus. Slated to release some time around Apr/May next year, Motus might well lay claim to revive the mobile giants fading product line.

And then comes the real screamer from them, that they are releasing the device on AT&T’s, a network that was recently ranked least on the customer satisfaction survey even as its own CEO admitted for the pathetic services it provides. We have a thing to say to Moto: God Save You!

Things aside its the specs that we need to look at though not mind boggling as its peers from Samsung the Motus comes with 5MP camera, with a backflip keyboard.

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