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Technologies Review | August 25, 2019

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Must-Have Tech For Small Business In 2018

January 16, 2018 |

A company needs many things to be successful. Proper financing, an excellent product, the best people, and an efficient, streamlined, and high-performing business process are among the many attributes that make a company great.

The latter of these is of particular importance. It is no good finding business financing you can secure if you cannot grow the company with the capital. Furthermore, it’s useless to have good talent if they cannot communicate with one another.

The quality and relevance of business technology is an important component in the management and organization of a company. Every entrepreneur understands the necessity of having an online presence. No serious person in any field of business would possibly try to do without a website and an online marketing campaign. But the integration of technology does not stop at these points. To stay ahead of your rivals you must ensure that your people have … Read More

Can My Smartphone Get Hacked?

April 3, 2017 |

Computer hackers have done very well for themselves in the past by stealing online users’ personal information.  And, with almost half of the global population now using smartphones, it is understandable that hackers’ collective focus is quickly shifting to mobile devices.

After all, the 44% of the world’s people using smartphones are essentially carrying around miniature computers.

So, with hackers now aggressively targeting smartphones, how do mobile device users make sure they are protected?  Here are a few ways in which you can make your smartphone harder to hack:

How to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

  1. Install an Anti-Virus AppAs we mentioned in the first part of this look at mobile security, some phones tend to respond better to anti-virus apps than others.  Apple feels that these apps undermine the inherent security of iOS phones, while Google Play offers a plethora of anti-virus apps … Read More

5 Apps That Can Save You Big Bucks

September 23, 2016 |

Shopping is a necessity but can be an addiction for someone. Particularly during the time of holidays, shopping can drain all of your money. E-commerce in India has emerged as the disruptive force that is completely changing the ways people shop.With rising popularity of E-commerce in India, technology is your best guide through amazing apps which can help you save big bucks while shopping online or offline, both.

Here is the list of apps which can help you save money while shopping: –

GrouponIt has broadened its horizons with accessibility in Android as well as Blackberry phones. Groupon offers extra discounts on holidays and festivals. It alerts you for the best deals and offers so that you don’t need to go to the site and check it. The “Best of Groupon” offers aspecial discount of 50% or even more. One can sell … Read More

Ways To iPhone App Promotion Strategy

September 22, 2016 |

/*** The following guest post is contributed by Nicola Reynor ***/

If smartphones are the hammers that will build the basis of the future, the apps can undoubtedly be looked upon as nails at the very seams of the wooden plateau of technology. Still young in terms of our time reference, yet quite seasoned when it comes to experience, mobile phone applications have provided billions with relief, ease and progress intensity all around the globe. However, with a plethora of these neat little inventions around, businessmen need to learn how to properly promote their apps.

Standing Out

With a myriad of available apps in every virtual store out there, the first thing you need to be aware of is the fact that your creation should tend towards uniqueness. You do not want to simply create a stopwatch, for example – there already are hundreds (if not … Read More

Best Slot Apps In The Google Play Store

September 13, 2016 |

It’s pretty difficult trying to find the best apps in the Google Play Store. That’s because literally thousands of additional apps are uploaded to that store every single day. You don’t even have time to look through all the options that are available, let alone being able to test them out. Even though it’s next to impossible to predict what the very best apps are, it’s easy to pick out some of the top options. That’s because people start talking about them and you hear about them all over the place. Both the MyVegas Slots app and the MyKonami Slots app are some of those games that are being talked about nearly non-stop today.

They Offer Addictive Fun

Both of the apps are known for offering addictive fun that is worth trying out. They come with a bunch of different games that you can play after you download … Read More

Apps Suitable For Homeowners

May 2, 2016 |

Technology advancements help us improve our lives in many different ways. With the fairly recent rise of smartphone use, app developers have created a variety of handy applications that make some routine tasks much easier. Whether we are talking about home security, finance and budgeting, maintenance, or simple grocery needs – there is an app to assist you with it. These are some the best and most useful apps for homeowners, designed to help you with your everyday home duties.


This is a grocery list app that you can share with your family members, partner, or roommates. The way it works is simple: just download the app and access one joint account by entering the same email address on the setup screen. Confirm the email and create shared lists. Those who share a joint account can update the lists by adding or removing items, and every change will … Read More

Is Investing In Mobile App Development Still A Good Move?

March 9, 2016 |

Yes, investing in mobile app development is still a good move. The marketplace has become very competitive. Business owners are making use of mobile devices by integrating them into their products and services. Companies can improve their search ranking using mobile apps. They can also increase sales with a mobile app.

Ranking on Search Engines

Google has updated its search directory to include searches made via smartphones, announcing last year that more searches are made on mobile than on desktop. Every successful business owner wants his or her website to have enough traffic to generate income. This applies to companies that specialize in e-Commerce. Most people, especially young adults, use their smartphones to search the web. When companies implement their websites for a mobile-friendly atmosphere, their site can get a better ranking during searches. Excess traffic translates into more sales for the firm.

Indexing your App

Read More

Best Platforms For iOS App Development

February 15, 2016 |

There are several mobile operating systems out there in the market. The three major ones include iOS or Apple’s mobile operating system, Android and Windows. These operating systems are compatible on different mobile phones and have the applications as per the needs of the mobile phone user. Now, in this age of internet, there are different mobile applications which could be used for most of our daily practices.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is a process used for development of application software for handheld devices which include, among other things, enterprise digital assistants, personal digital assistants, or mobile phones. As the demand for mobile applications is increasing in the world of technology, one could find several platforms which are capable of developing these mobile applications. These may either be dedicated to one single operating system or could be used for different such systems.

iOS Application Development

Read More

How To Hackproof Your Smartphone

December 23, 2015 |

Number of mobile internet users is constantly growing. Most people don’t understand that smartphones are subjected to attacks in the same way as desktop computers. Some experts say that mobile phones are even more threatened, due to high number of unreliable Wi Fi networks they connect to.

When it comes to malware, they can be caught on: Android, IOS, Windows and BlackBerry OS, with Android being the most vulnerable platform because of much bigger market share and user’s ability to download untested apps. iOS being the second biggest mobile operating system also becomes more vulnerable to spyware.

How do Hackers Attack Your Phone?

Most cyber criminals that attack smart phones use man-in-the-middle attack technique. This results in a break–in of the operating system that redirects data to hacker’s device. With this technique attackers can access:

  • Internet browser activity and history;
  • Phone’s physical … Read More

How Easy Is It To Install Mobile Phone Spy Software

November 19, 2015 |

There are instances where a situation comes in where you need to install the mobile phone software for spying to find if any of employees or your kids doing something wrong. But there is a question that is it too technical to manage it. But it is not true; it is not at all technical, very simple task. As there are many apps so installing them would be a slight different but the basic part remains the same.

Lets understand the steps of installing the spy phone apps.

1. Ready the Device for Downloading

You will need to have real access to the device that you wish to frame. Any application which calls that you can install it from outside will not work as this is just not possible. This is a good time to point out that you must select an application that is supportable … Read More

How To Protect Your Smartphone’s Gallery With LEO Privacy?

November 11, 2015 |

Nowadays, people use smartphones for almost all the digital purposes, be it surfing the internet, browsing social media accounts, making payments online, uploading photos, videos and chatting with anyone sitting in any part of the world. Apart from this, they also store their photos, videos, important documents, personal notes and favorite music in their smartphones so that they can use any of them while on the go.

This shift in the lifestyle and the way smartphone were used has given birth to many virtual and manual threats that can devastate anyone in a moment.

Should you use your bank account app on your phone for making online payments and checking the balance every now and then, and your phone is stolen while you’re on your way to work. Can you imagine what possible threat can you get exposed to in such a situation? The thief can not only access … Read More

The Necessity Of Easy-to-use Mobile Phone Features For Senior Citizens

November 2, 2015 |

There are very few people who do not have a mobile phone these days. They seem to be everywhere you look and people are either searching for information, talking to friends or using their smartphones to take pictures. However, for many people, especially senior citizens, a mobile phone can be an important tool to keep in touch with family and calling for medical assistance when necessary.

Mobile Phone Features for Seniors

Many older people just want to have a mobile phone for safety and security. Many of them don’t necessarily want a smartphone because they may never use (or understand) the apps and camera features. However, there are some features that are important to have on mobile phones for seniors in Australia.

Large Buttons

As people age, their eyesight tends to get worse and, even with corrective lenses, it may be difficult to see small … Read More

From Candles To Plants – Innovative Ways To Charge Your Smartphone

September 22, 2015 |

Seeing that 10% mark on your phone battery status might easily be the most annoying thing when you know you will not be able to charge it any time soon. Standard lithium-ion batteries are put to pressure with every app you install and a program left running in the background – not to mention Skype video chats, long calls or texting sessions.

These are the things that drain your battery and put you in a desperate need of a charger more often than usual and, consequently, a sustainable solution. Here are a few innovative, interesting and, above all, working ways to charge your smartphone.

All Natural Solution

As you know, energy is everywhere around us, not just in the electric circuits, power lines and sockets running through our walls. If you could only channel that energy in the right direction and point it … Read More