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Technologies Review | October 18, 2019

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Is Informed Consent Still Central to Medical Ethics?

July 14, 2018 |

The debate surrounding informed consent, whether or not it is relevant, revolves around difficulties of implementation. Is it possible for patients to truly make an informed decision regarding medical decisions? In addition, what role should the medical professional play in the decision-making process?

Robert M. Arnold, MD and Professor Charles W. Lidz argue that informed consent is still very much relevant in today’s clinical settings. They believe informed consent helps foster open communication between medical professionals and patients, in addition to contributing to patient autonomy. However, they acknowledge difficulties in implementation. Robert M. Veatch, on the other hand, argues against the necessity of informed consent continuing to play a pivotal role in medical ethics. He believes a more effective system can be developed to address issues currently being addressed by informed consent. In his view, informed consent is no longer adequate in a world in which medical procedures are becoming ever … Read More

Pharmaceutical Marketing: The Cause of the High Cost Prescriptions?

June 30, 2018 |

The profits being made in the pharmaceutical industry are out of control and it’s causing many to go without their medications due to the inability to afford them. The pharmaceutical industry in the United States have extremely high marketing expenses. The companies claim that it costs more than $800 million in research and development to put one new drug on the market. Research has shown that only 22 percent of pharmaceutical employees are employed in research and development, whereas, 39 percent are employed in marketing.

Pharmaceutical companies are using tactics like giving free lunches to physicians and they’re staff and giving gifts for promoting their drugs. In some cases, it has been reported that drug companies have tried to persuade physicians with large sums of money for prescribing their drugs or take part in clinical trials that we’re actually disguised marketing tactics. If you work in the medical field, you know … Read More

Why Medical Robots Could Change The Healthcare Industry Forever

April 22, 2016 |

Robotics continues to make great waves in the world of technology, as scientists strive to make them faster, stronger, more responsive and more human like than ever before. Robots are used right across the globe in virtually every business sector, but one area in which they are literally saving the lives of their human counterparts is the healthcare industry.

Robots have been widely used in the industrial production of medicines and medical equipment to perform menial, repetitive tasks that are time consuming. However, as robots become increasingly more complex, more dextrous and ultimately more intelligent, they are being used to replace humans in far more complicated activities, including the diagnosis and treatment of patients in a medical establishment.

So could we soon see robots making up the shortfall in our NHS staff shortage? Shockingly, this is far more possible than you may think. The very latest … Read More

How New Technology Is Helping To Monitor Your Health

September 15, 2015 |

By now you’ve heard about the different digital wristbands and other devices you can wear to help monitor your heart rate, steps, and other fitness related things that you do on a daily basis. These devices are great for people looking to lose weight and to get healthier, but they aren’t the only things out there that can help.

You will also find apps for fitness, and even wellness. You can find technology that helps you with specific illnesses you’ve already been diagnosed with. If it weren’t for technology, people would spend more time visiting the doctor!

Fitness And Diet Technology

Whether you are a FitBit person or you have the Fuel Band by Nike, these wristbands track your daily activity. They can read your heart rate, calculate your steps, and let you know how many calories you’ve burned.

The idea is that these … Read More

17 Reasons You Should Use Biomedical Services

April 21, 2015 |

Biomedical Services from companies like Med Surg Equip play an essential part in maintaining, designing and managing of medical devices or equipment proposed or used for different healthcare settings from the field, home and hospitals. This is a business process that includes an oversight and interaction on medical equipment that is involved in monitoring, diagnosing and treatment of the patients. The related procedures and policies controls the activities like planning, acquisition and selection of medical devices. This is through inspecting, accepting, maintaining, and disposing of medical equipment.  But what is the importance of this services?

  1. Asset Management and Equipment Control – All medical facilities for treatment should have processes and policies on asset management and equipment control. This involves the medical devices management in the facility and supported by an automated information systems.
  2. Management of Work Orders – This involves a measurable, traceable and systematic method in accepting inspections, calibrations or … Read More

A Few Tips For Woman’s Health

October 23, 2014 |

Every woman, regardless of where she is in the world loves to feel good about herself. This is only possible when she is physically fit and healthy. Thus a woman’s health is of vital importance in her life. In Europe, citizens of respective countries have been urged to fill in the e111 forms. This is basically used to cover any necessary medical treatment due to an illness or maybe an accident as long as the holder is within the European Economic Area. The e111 form allows the holder to access state provided medical treatment within the country they are visiting. While it’s great to be able to access medical attention when a problem arises, a healthy lifestyle is an effective way to keep illnesses at bay. Discussed below are health issues that every woman has to deal with in her lifetime.

1. Nutrition

Nutrition has huge impact on a woman’s health. … Read More

How To Ensure Transparency In The Pharmaceutical Packaging Process

June 7, 2013 |

According to Vice Chairman Terry Hisey (U.S. Life Sciences Group at Deloitte LLP, “Good Pill Hunting, Business Life,” May 2011), counterfeit drugs represent an expanding grey market estimated at about USD 200 bn. Counterfeit drugs impact manufacturers, distributors and consumers in the Americas, Japan, Europe and emerging markets of Africa and Asia.

The World Health Organization (WHO) believes the problem of counterfeit pharmaceuticals is worsening. WHO estimates that approximately 50 percent of pharmaceutical drugs sold online are counterfeit. These counterfeit drugs cause the deaths of 2,000 or more persons around the globe. Counterfeit drugs diminish pharmaceutical manufacturers’ brand and end-user confidence in their use.

First, do no Harm

Therapeutic products, including pharmaceutical drugs, must be safe to use. According to author Dennis Jenke (“Compatibility of Pharmaceutical Solutions and Contact Materials,” 2013) transparency in pharmaceutical packaging is key to consumer protection.

Negative interactions between drugs and packaging products can cause … Read More

Why Therapist Phone Answering Is Growing Popular

June 3, 2013 |

Ah, the stress and rigours of modern life. Most of us dream of having it easier, of living a life free of worry and anxiety, but it is just too hard; it is everywhere. From the moment we wake up, stressed that we won’t get to work on time or get the kids off to school, to the day itself. Even post-work we have the children to worry about, or places we have to be.  Therapists hear it all, yet one thing they’re growing tired of hearing while they’re concentrating on patients is their phone ringing.

With newly available therapist phone answering services available from VA’s and automated sources, offices can finally remain calm and peaceful.  Here’s why else these services are growing popular today.

Downgraded Spending

Many psychotherapists have self-purported practices, meaning they’re working out of homes, cheap offices or sharing quarters with other unrelated entities.  Downgrades in … Read More

Guide to Snoring Solutions and Snoring Mouthpieces

May 30, 2013 |

Disturbing others or your partner while you sleep? Not only can snoring affect your and other’s sleeping habits, but it also has several health risks, including risk to your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. While snoring is usually a very comical subject, it can have some very serious consequences.

Some suggest things like getting rid of extra weight, finding medicine for allergies, getting rid of congestion, or changing what position you sleep in. First talk with your doctor about what is causing your snoring before you decide what can fix it. Sometimes solutions can be very simple while other times solutions for snoring must be more than just buying a product. Often solutions for snoring include making a lifestyle change.

One solution is medicine that is supposed to stop snoring. It’s usually a medicine that you spray into your mouth and supposedly has no side effects and … Read More

The Medical Aspects of Life Insurance

January 14, 2013 |

Life insurance is designed to provide benefit s to the estate or dependants of an insured person after their demise. It can also be loaded to trigger benefit after the occurrence of critical illnesses during the term of the policy. A policy holder enters into a contract with an insurance company where they pay a premium either periodically or as a lump sum. Benefits may sometimes include things like funeral expenses.

The policy holder acquires peace of mind with the assurance that upon their death the respective dependants will not undergo financial hardships especially where the insured is only breadwinner is a household or in cases where young children who cannot be able to fend for themselves are left behind. Most life contracts have exclusion clauses that disqualify payment of benefits as a result of death through suicide.

Many insurance companies that offer life contracts usually separate applicants on the basis of their health where … Read More

In Vitro Fertilization

January 14, 2013 |

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization has brought a revolution in the world of fertility treatment. It is used by the medical practitioners as a last resort to expel infertility when all other methods. The basic technique followed in IVF is that the male sperm is allowed to fertilize the ovum outside the body of a female.

How is IVF carried out? The natural cycle of ovulation of a woman patient is observed by the attending doctors. In due course of time, the matured ovum or egg cell is removed from her ovaries or fallopian tubes and placed in a fluid filled external laboratory apparatus. The sperm is then introduced into the same apparatus and allowed to fertilize. When the process of fertilization gets completed, the fetus is inserted back into the uterus of the woman and allowed to grow and mature naturally.

When is IVF recommended? In Vitro Fertilization is usually recommended for women who … Read More

Benefits of Ultrasound Technology in the Medical Field

January 4, 2013 |

There are different kinds of medical technologies to assist in keeping human health at optimum levels. Medical technology is evolving quite fast and there are various methods that specialists in this field use today that were not obtainable in the past. Ultrasound is an example of this, and it is largely used in the medical field today. Ultrasound refers a sound that cannot be detected by the human ear and this technology uses equipment that is known as a transducer to look at the target organ or a life form like a human fetus. The use of ultrasound technology in the medical field has a number of benefits.

Ultrasound technology makes it possible for doctors to see the inside of a patient’s body without opening it up. With this type of technology, your tendons, muscles and many other internal organs can be seen easily. Besides, the doctor can be able to see other things in … Read More

Recent Advances in E-Cigarette Technology

October 12, 2012 |

If you’ve been keeping a finger on the pulse of the technology world, then you may be aware of the advances made in one particular field: that of electronic cigarettes. Things are changing, and some of the changes mean extreme improvements in the e-cigarette experience.

2-Piece E-Cigarettes

The biggest movement in the electronic cigarette world is toward 2-piece electronic cigarette apparatuses. The most widespread apparatus consists of 3 pieces—battery, cartridge, and atomizer—and some older models even have 4 pieces. 2-piece e-cigs will offer users a cheaper and easier experience, make the cigarette lighter, and hopefully lead to further improvements in the field.

New Patents

The newest patent for electronic cigarettes is for a soft padded electronic cartridge, a new step in making electronic cigarettes feel even more like their traditional counterparts. The soft padded cartridges will offer users a feeling similar to that of holding a genuine cigarette, which the patent creators hope will … Read More