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Technologies Review | May 26, 2018

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Apple to release a fresh line of MacBook Pro

February 21, 2011 |

Reports claim that Apple is ready to release a new line of MacBook Pro notebooks very soon. Recently Best Buy had released five stock keeping units (SKU) tagged to be “Coming soon”. The notebooks are assumed to be priced as $1,199, $1,499, $1,799, $2,199 and $2,499. Together, further strengthening the speculation, most of Apple’s European dealers have not had supply of MacBook Pro notebooks for over two weeks and were not able to place orders as well.

Apple has issued strict orders to retailers not to open sealed containers that may reach the store before any details are published. There are also chances that Apple will be introducing Intel’s Light Peak technology in the new notebooks. With the ability to run multiple protocols and having a bandwidth starting at 10G bps,the technology helps to connect multiple devices over a single cable.

Most of the retailers have ran out of MacBook Pro stock and is … Read More

Epic 4G gets Froyo update

February 21, 2011 |

The Samsung Epic 4G will be the latest in the list of smart phones to get the Froyo update. One of Sprint’s most advanced smart phones, the Epic 4G was till date running on Android 2.1. The Android 2.2 update will give the phone the much-needed Flash support together with the mobile hot spot feature.

Samsung has lagged behind all other companies in giving the Android update to its smart phones. While they attributed the delay to multiple cross-checking for better performance of smart phones, the fact that most others had their phones working well on the updated Android was indeed distressing for many Samsung customers.

Even now, Samsung Captivate and Fascinate are devoid of the update. The Epic 4G itself will have its upload complete only by the end of the week. Whatsoever, the improved features list including bluetooth voice dialing, external storage application and GPS enhancements are expected to make Epic 4G … Read More

Samsung’s Nexus S GT-19020T Desktop Dock with Multimedia Sync Feature

February 20, 2011 |

Google Nexus S owners who find it difficult to part with their handset even while it is being charged are in for a good news. A new accessory has been released, Samsung’s GT-I9020T desktop dock. It has been made available for the Google Nexus S owners.

The desktop dock helps users to seamlessly charge their Nexus S smartphones using integrated microUSB port. It carefully holds the handset in landscape orientation for making the experience of viewing photos, videos or other content on the screen a far more enriching one. The phone will remain fully functional even when it is docked for charging while simultaneously permitting sharing and synchronization of multimedia. Moreover, not only does the device looks good sitting in the dock, it also works as an alarm clock or as a scheduler.

The GT-I9020T desktop dock has been made available through the Samsung marketplace with a price tag of $39.99.

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Lenovo to launch LePad Tablet in June

February 18, 2011 |

Chinese PC makers Lenovo is planning to release its LePad tablet worldwide in June. But they will be launching the device in China at the end of March, as said by the company spokesman.

The LePad which is the company’s first tablet computer was unveiled in January during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The device packs together a 10.1- inch screen and runs the Android 2.2 OS on a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Lenovo said that the device would be priced between $399 and $499. The company is planning now to sell it overseas but it is still not certain which markets will be targeted. Levono is the world’s fourth largest PC maker and dominates the Chinese market. Recently it has been showing keen interest in developing products in the emerging areas of tablets and smartphones. Last month, the company established a new business unit focused solely on developing such gadgets.

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Toshiba unveiled Satellite R800 series notebooks

February 17, 2011 |

Toshiba Computer Systems today announced the Satellite R800 series, an all new range of stylish and high-spec notebooks. The series include three models- the 13.3 inch Satellite R830, 14.0 inch Satellite R840 and the 15.6 inch Satellite R850. All three models have the latest Intel processors and sophisticated heat management systems.

These high-performance oriented notebooks come with a high-speed USB 3.0 port to allow data rates of up to 5GB. The fast wireless interfaces together with the HDMI port provides premium connectivity options. The notebooks are slim and of high quality and features the perfect blend of style and technical specs.

All models come with an optical disc drive as standard and up to 8GB RAM and 640GB of hard disk storage. Coming in a  magnesium alloy casing of high durability, the models are expected to be released in April. Toshiba promises the  Satellite R800 series to be affordable; we will have to wait for the price details to know … Read More

RIM to launch two new PlayBook tablets by year-end

February 15, 2011 |

Research In Motion has announced two new versions of its PlayBook tablet. To be out on sale by end of the year, the new versions include PlayBooks for Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and 3G HSPA+ networks. RIM has also announced that the WiFi and WiFi+WiMAX models of PlayBook will start sales by next month.

Both the devices feature Bluetooth tethering and the mobile hotspots capability.The BlackBerry Bridge software that allows use of Messenger and E-mail from a BlackBerry device on PlayBooks is also present in the new versions.The RIM PlayBooks come with a dual-core 1GHz microprocessor,1GB RAM and runs on the new BlackBerry Tablet OS.The 5MP back camera and 3MP front camera offers high quality video conferencing and images. The 7 inch WSVGA touchscreen display with a 1080p HD video playback capability is impressive as well.

The support for Flash Player 10.1, Adobe Mobile AIR and the HTML5 support are all credible. But, the current … Read More

Galaxy S 4G to be available from February 23

February 14, 2011 |

Galaxy S 4G will be available on T-Mobile from February 23.Priced at $149.99, the smart phone comes with an unlimited web plan on a two-year service agreement. Users can enjoy mail-in-rebates for a limited period; however, taxes and fees come as an additional pay.

With a theoretical peak download speed of 21 Mbps, Galaxy S 4G has the potential to become the fastest smart phone on the network. T-Mobile customers get a preloaded copy of the movie Inception  and can enjoy cinema-quality entertainment with the Samsung Media Hub any time, any where.The Qik powered T-Mobile Video chat allows easy connectivity and high performance.

The 4-inch Super AMOLED touch screen display and mobile HD TV through T-Mobile TV, all give unparalleled entertainment. This Android smart phone will be available nation wide through the online and retail stores of T-Mobile starting from February 23. One can also get it from Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Costco, RadioShack … Read More

VTech debuts InnoPad,tablet for kids

February 13, 2011 |

VTech, a leader in technology-toys has announced the debut of InnoPad,educational tablet for kids. With promise for abundant educational development and fun, InnoPad provides interactive reading, creative activities and gaming for kids aged 4-9. The animated events are provided via a cartridge library featuring kids’ favorite characters.

The InnoPad comes with a 5 inch touch panel, microphone and USB interface, an SD card,headphone jack and a  tilt-sensor for gaming control.It supports digital downloads and features an integrated MP3 player. Other applications include a calculator,friends address book, a calendar and more. It has a large title of softwares to choose from and is tagged  at $79.99, with each title priced at $24.99.

A recent survey revealed that 25% of kids aged six and below have read e-books. Together, VTech’s own hits like V.Smile, V.Reader and MobiGo are proof that technology is no longer away from kids. So,combining the versatility of tablets with the functionality of … Read More

Motorola Xoom for pre-order on Best Buy from Thursday

February 13, 2011 |

The much awaited Motorola Xoom will be available for pre-order from February 17 on Best Buy. The tablet is priced at $1,199. The Honeycomb device comes with two financing options- an 18 month and a 6 month long term. Together with the price tag comes the reality that a one month prior data subscription is needed to activate WiFi on the device.

Featuring the NVIDIA Tegra dual-core processor T20, 1GB DDR2 memory and 32GB hard drive, Motorola Xoom has the power for performance. The Google Mobile Services, high-speed USB 2.0 port and Adobe Flash Player support are some of the few impressive specs of the Xoom. To add-on, the 10.1 inch wide screen HD display, the 5.0MP and 2.0MP cameras add credit to the Xoom capabilities.

Whatsoever, the absurd pricing and data activation requirements might decrease the demand. The Best Buy package includes the Motorola Xoom Tablet,Lithium-ion battery, an 8′ wall charger, USB … Read More

iBuyPower brings forth Chimera XLC Gaming desktop

February 12, 2011 |

iBuyPower has unleashed the latest gaming desktop PC in its chimera line, the Chimera XLC, which comes with packed with an Extreme Liquid Cooling(XLC) system to cool down the fiery nature of its mythical namesake.

The chimera which is a mind blowing mix of a lion, a snake, and a goat, is painted onto the front and side panels of the Chimera Inferno 3 case that encapsulates the Chimera XLC. As for the inside story, the cooling system aims to keep the temperatures down during long and very intense gaming sessions making use of a 240mm radiator, a 200mm fan, and five 120mm fans to chill the insides at all the times.

In addition to these is its Level 3 Power Drive service for factory overclocking which according to claims can increase speed up to 30 percent. The Chimera XLC also offers a choice of Intel Core i7 CPUs and AMD or Nvidia video … Read More

Blackberry Playbook tablet PC coming in April

February 10, 2011 |

Research in motion has taken a much appreciable effort in pricing its forthcoming tablet. It comes as a much more advantageous move when compared to the pricing that Motorola has placed for its Xoom tablet which stands at a mammoth $800. The 16GB version will be available in April as per the available reports.

According to the report from Office Depot the Playbook will be priced at $499.99 for its 16GB model. This would make it come on par with Apple iPad in cost. The document also reveals an on-sale date of late March/early April, which will make it appear a few months before the roll out of HP TouchPad.

Though RIM’s pricing is a huge relief than the Motorola pricing, there is still some reluctance in undercutting the price of iPad. It’s a scenario where there are many dirt-cheap tablets running on Android cruising the markets from no-name vendors, and there are still … Read More

Verizon iPhone is in for Sale

February 10, 2011 |

And the wait for Verizon Wireless iPhone is finally over! Starting today, the Verizon’s version of iPhone 4 will be available in retail stores.

Apple and Verizon Wireless stores, along with Best Buy and other selected Wal-Mart stores, will start selling the Verizon iPhones at 7 a.m. local time. Apple and Verizon had quickly sold out the initial batch of iPhones that had been made available through presale to Verizon customers last week. Also Verizon had claimed that demand for iPhone 4 had surpassed any other previous smartphone launch on its network, including the much anticipated Motorola Droid and Droid X, as well as the HTC Incredible.

In an attempt to move the sales process more quickly, Apple has been taking online reservations for customers buying the phone in its retail stores. Customers who have reserved their iPhones can drop in to pick up their smartphones at the Apple stores. It comes with the … Read More

Acer unveils 23.6- inch GN245HQ monitor with HDMI 3D

February 10, 2011 |

Acer is in again with the world’s first 3D monitor. This 23.6- inch GN245HQ can support the HDMI 3D solution from NVIDIA. Users have two options to get 3D content. They can either get it through NVIDIA’s HDMI 3D connectivity or through DVI-DL. The specific feature of this GN245HQ is that it comes with active shutter 3D glasses in the box that work with the display’s built-in IR emitter.

As for the information about the specs this sleek monitor of full HD(1,920 x 1,080) packs together a 2ms response time, 16:9 aspect ratio, 120Hz refresh rate and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. It also has LED- backlighting that contributes to saving power up to 68% approximately.

There has been no word about the launch in the U.S but this Acer product will appear in the U.K market in mid-March. It is expected to carry a price tag of £419.99($675).

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