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Technologies Review | October 18, 2019

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What is Dark Energy and Dark Matter?

June 14, 2018 |

When astronomers discovered that galaxies are moving apart from each other, this led to the “Big Bang” theory on the origin of the universe. However, when they were better able to precisely measure the rate of expansion, they were shocked to realize that the expansion is actually accelerating. This defied logic because over time gravity should be slowing the expansion. The only explanation for this was that there must be an as yet undiscovered, unmeasured force, far stronger than gravity, which was repelling galaxies. Scientists dubbed this strange force “dark energy.”

Dark energy is called “dark” because nobody really understands what it is. However, there is definitely something happening to accelerate the rate of expansion. In fact, to account for the expansion, scientists estimate that 74% of the universe is dark energy. Although it would not happen until billions of years in the future scientists fear that dark energy will cause the universe to expand … Read More

How To Choose The Right Doors For Your Green Home

April 2, 2017 |

Having doors opening out to your garden can be a lovely addition to any home, especially when the sun is shining and the weather is fine. In the summer months, having your flush sash windows open and your garden doors open can let a great amount of warmth and fresh air into your home. There are so many different types of doors, all with different functionality and style. But which type would suit your home? We have broken down 4 of the most popular styles of doors to help you make an informed decision.

Generally it will all come down to a choice of what you want your doors to look like and what you want them to bring to your home functionality wise. Are you looking for small, easily maintained doors or are you looking for large sliding doors that give a great open space to your … Read More

Solar Panels vs Thermodynamic Panels

March 18, 2017 |

With the ever growing focus on global warming and the growing efforts to reduce our carbon foot print, more and more people are looking to “green” heating options for their homes. This is where solar panels and thermodynamic panels come into play.  Solar Panels have been a popular choice for home owners and businesses alike, creating green energy that can be used to help power their homes and places of work. In more recent times, Thermodynamic Panels have started to become more popular for the green minded property owners. We are looking at both, to decide which is the best option for your clean energy.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels have been available for a number of years and can be seen all over the world. On a smaller scale, you can see solar panels on the roofs of homes and businesses, using the sun to create additional energy. On a more … Read More

5 Brilliant Innovations In Hydropower

December 17, 2015 |

All gardeners understand the power of water — the essential molecule for all life to grow. The combination of water, sunlight and vital minerals has generated enough energy to allow trillions of organisms to evolve. It seems fitting, then, that the future of energy production on the earth may depend on water power.

Thanks to the global demand for “clean” energy, engineers are working hard to find efficient ways to generate power from moving water. In the United States, 6 percent of renewable energy comes from hydropower; that’s 70 percent of the country’s renewable energy.

Many states are following the example set by the country’s northern neighbor, Canada, by deregulating the energy market. Consumers are benefitting from lower prices as the result of competition, and some companies are attracting customers by relying on renewable sources of energy rather than fossil fuels.

If you are looking for an … Read More

From Candles To Plants – Innovative Ways To Charge Your Smartphone

September 22, 2015 |

Seeing that 10% mark on your phone battery status might easily be the most annoying thing when you know you will not be able to charge it any time soon. Standard lithium-ion batteries are put to pressure with every app you install and a program left running in the background – not to mention Skype video chats, long calls or texting sessions.

These are the things that drain your battery and put you in a desperate need of a charger more often than usual and, consequently, a sustainable solution. Here are a few innovative, interesting and, above all, working ways to charge your smartphone.

All Natural Solution

As you know, energy is everywhere around us, not just in the electric circuits, power lines and sockets running through our walls. If you could only channel that energy in the right direction and point it … Read More

Green Energy Solutions: Wind and Solar Energy Storage Redox-Flow-Battery

August 20, 2013 |

Solar and wind power are the most emerging green energy or renewable means all around the world. They are being welcomed whole-heartedly in the scientific industry to establish a low-carbon society. In the coming times, a rapid increase in the power utilization is expected. The upcoming power systems of the world will require these renewable energy sources. However, the use of powerful energy storage devices and technologies is crucial for this.

Intermittency issue in Natural Energy Generation

There has been a huge deployment of solar and wind renewable energy sources, but intermittency issue has always been a hurdle. When the sun shines or when the wind blows, power is plentiful. However, weather changes are natural and cannot be controlled. For example, there will be insufficient power on a hot, calm summer night. These sources pose to fluctuation in output and are unpredictable and intermittent. High voltage, frequency fluctuations, and excess of … Read More

Renewable Energy Sources- All You Need to Know

June 11, 2013 |

Hydroelectric Power:

Rain is a renewable energy source, which gets its energy indirectly from the sun. Rain that falls on high areas, such as mountains, possesses a large amount of gravitational potential energy. As rain water falls, it gains speed and its kinetic energy increases. The kinetic energy of falling water is harnessed to turn turbines fixed at the base of dams. The turning turbines will then drive generators to produce electricity, which is known as hydroelectric power or electricity. It is the cheapest and non polluting source of energy, which man must exploit more for its benefit and for keeping the environment safe.

Tidal Power:

Tides are mainly caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and to a lesser extent by the gravitational pull of the sun on the water in the seas and oceans. The changing tides drive water towards or away from the … Read More

The Sustainable Home of the Future.

January 5, 2013 |

As we all know energy is getting more expensive and less abundant. One of the places where that can be seen most easily is in the home, where a large percentage of the energy that a person uses in the course of their day lies.  The electricity to heat the home, heat water, and electrify every single appliance consumes a large amount of energy but a large portion of it is wasted, lost due to improper insulation or a host of other problems that many homes have.

Today’s hoes however are being built with a plethora of modern technological advances that allow the consumption of less energy and also use the energy consumed in a less wasteful manner. In this blog article we’ll look at a few of the better ones that are now in use in many homes across the country; such as timber framed houses from Oakworth Homes or air source heat pumps, … Read More

Save Energy: Use Solar

December 22, 2012 |

Solar energy is basically energy that is harnessed from the sun. Whenever the sun comes out during the day it releases a certain type of energy that can actually do a lot of good for the environment. In order for this energy to be used for things like heat and electricity, it has to be converted. This is why solar panels have been made and are being installed on homes as well as businesses. Once the panels are installed they will be able to convert the energy from the sun into energy that can be used to power your home, heat your home and even cool your home. Why Should Solar Energy be Used? The biggest benefit of using solar energy is that it is renewable, which regular power isn’t. In addition to this, it’s also clean and good for the environment. Power plants run on fossil fuels and well as nuclear fuels, which release … Read More

How To Insulate Your Attic Using Today’s Technology

August 15, 2012 |

These days technology has progressed rapidly in all areas of all industries, and one industry that has benefited is the energy saving industry which also is a money saving industry for you!

One company has taken that to another level and helped to provide its customers with the best they can offers, Happy Attics, based in Houston (Just type into Google – Attic Insulation Houston Texas and you will see the local result) are the company in question.

Using infrared technology they can help identify which areas of your attic are at most risk to condensation and escaping heat/cold air. Then implementing Attic Breeze fans, and blown insulation to get the job done.

At the moment they are charging .99 cents per square feet, blown to R-50 which is the ideal thickness in their opinion. The standard code in the Texas area is R-38 at the moment, … Read More

Blogwell Conferences: Building your Internet Presence

August 13, 2012 |

With more and more people turning readily to the Internet for everything from searching for the perfect dog food brand to reading the daily news, having a strong Web presence is increasingly instrumental to a company’s success. At the Blogwell sponsored conferences held throughout the year in Chicago, those seeking to harness the power of the Internet can learn from the successes of others. At each conference, several case studies are explored, each outlining how the featured business has taken advantage of social media as a way to boost their brands. If you are a business owner trying to figure out what to do in Chicago, look no further than this potentially beneficial conference network.

Ready to Apply Solutions

The case studies presented at Blogwell events aren’t intended to provide a broad and hypothetical picture. Instead they’re highly detailed and provide actionable solutions business owners can apply immediately. The ready applicability of the ideas presented … Read More

Technology in Cleaning Pollutants

June 4, 2012 |

Pollutants exist everywhere. Indoor and outdoor air quality are affected by the release of dangerous chemicals and heavy metals into the air, which are also present in the food and water you consume. Rather than risking your health, learn about pollutants and employ techniques that limit their damaging effects on everyday life.

  •  Indoor pollutants include dust, cleaning supply fumes, pet dander, mold spores and secondhand smoke. Filtering the air by using furnace and air conditioning filters can drastically improve indoor air and prevent allergic reactions or asthma attacks. HEPA filters trap dust and dirt and prevent these pollutants from being released into the air during vacuuming.
  •  Control indoor air quality by limiting chemical use. Cleaning supplies contain dangerous chemicals and fumes that aggravate sinuses and asthma symptoms. Natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, cornstarch and lemon juice are excellent for cleaning the home without damaging your physical health. Properly dispose of containers … Read More

The Democratization of Mobile Application Development

March 12, 2012 |

Since the dawn of the smart phone, consumers have been inundated with applications that started as a way to increase the functionality of the new devices and quickly grew into a cultural phenomenon. Now these applications float around in the ether, packed into phones by the dozen – used or unused. They’re quick diversions, productivity boosters and marketing tools, but soon they may become much more.

Complaints over what iPhone can’t do that Android can bring on a bit of competition between the iOS and Android platforms (sorry, but WebOS is a non-issue at this point). Each mobile applications platform has its pros and cons, and the development cycle for each platform has is draws and setbacks for the developer. But, God save us, we gotta have our apps by any means necessary.

Well, it looks like the means is cross platform development.

The explosion in development across platforms has been powered by the democratization and … Read More