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Technologies Review | April 26, 2019

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What Questions To Ask When Moving To The Cloud

December 16, 2013 |

While many small businesses are rushing to the cloud to realize cost savings and improved infrastructure, some are doing so without thinking through the hard questions that should accompany a major change such as this. If you’re contemplating a move to the cloud, slow down and ask any potential cloud vendor how they handle security, customer service, and cost associated with the cloud.


Particularly if you are considering moving to a public cloud, where your enterprise data co-locates with that of other businesses, you will need to ask any potential cloud provider several questions about their security. These include:

  • Who can access the data center and what internal access controls they use?
  • What sort of active threat monitoring do they perform?
  • What level of security does the organization need from a data center?
  • What type of encryption, if any, does the cloud provider use with the organization’s … Read More

The Benefits Of The Public Cloud In Enterprise

December 9, 2013 |

Organizations using the public cloud to store data include Netflix, which uses Amazon cloud services to stream media from data centers near the users. This helps users access streaming media during peak times with fewer delays in service. If you’ve been considering a move to the cloud, learn more about the benefits that public cloud hosting services can offer enterprises.

4 Great uses for the Public Cloud · One-time Major Projects:

When you’ve got a huge project that needs major server space, the public cloud can deliver cost-effective, scalable and flexible resources. The New York Times utilized the public cloud to convert all of its newspaper archives into PDF format. Using 100 cloud servers, the Times completed the job in just 24 hours. It clearly would not make sense for the Times (or another business) to purchase so much server space for such a short-time need or to purchase some capacity and draw the … Read More

Handling Internet Traffic Easily

December 7, 2013 |

Some companies offer things like telephone and internet services, but the problem is that they are not equipped to actually deliver everything that they promise. When people are with these companies, and a lot of people are on their network, suddenly people start experiencing problems with their ability to make phone calls, and their connection to the web starts to get so slow that people are actually calling in technical support because they think that something is wrong. If companies want to be able to handle traffic, and still make sure everything is working, then they need to look into an IPX, which stands for Internetwork Packet Exchange.

IPX For Use With Voice and Data

People are not using regular telephone companies anymore because an ordinary phone service does not meet their needs anymore. Now, people are going with companies that can offer them high speed internet plus the ability to … Read More

Verifying Every Person With Server Access

December 4, 2013 |

Some business owners do not have a regular schedule, and sometimes they have to go out of the office in order to things or something comes up and they have to work from home. With the help of an access gateway, that owner can work from anywhere, but he or she might not be the only one with remote access. Only the right people should have access to certain information whether they are in the office or not, and a diameter signaling controller can make sure that the right people have access to vital company information.

Making Sure Only Authorized People Have Access Implementing Diameter Signaling Controller

Back in the olden days, before computers came around, people used to lock their files up in a cabinet with a key. Only the bosses and managers had the key, and if anyone wanted to get into the file cabinet, then they had to … Read More

5 Ways To Speed Up Your Slow Motion Computer

November 6, 2013 |

Let’s face it, in the age of digital we expect our electronic devices to work at breakneck speeds, and if they aren’t cooperating at the necessary capacity to maintain our attention we’ll consider a hardware upgrade (if funds permit!). Nevertheless, few moments in life can be more frustrating than waiting for your archaic computer to load 3 reports when you’re pressed for time. Maybe you can go make a cup of jo while your computer loads those spreadsheets? Regardless of your situation, here are some key tips to help you improve your machine’s efficiency.

1. Remove the Junk

Your computer isn’t your house, you don’t need to hoard every last program and file like they are all sentimental relics passed down as family heirlooms. Instead, take some time to figure out what programs you use (or might use), then delete the rest. The same goes for your files … Read More

Excellent Cloud Storage Services To Store Data Online

November 4, 2013 |

Online file storage has become a need of fast tech world. Everyone wants to save, access and share important and interesting content online with his colleagues or friends. That is the reason behind the popularity of cloud storage tools and services. Below we are going to share best cloud storage services to make you choose the best for your needs. Moreover you can find a brief comparison of these services at in order to have a look at all options available in this case.


The professional cloud storage services from JustCloud are fast, unlimited and simple at the same time. Just Cloud will help your everyday activities by making your life easier. If you want to know how – here is the answer! It will automatically backup the photos, music, videos, documents, etc on your computer to the cloud so you will … Read More

Do You Need To Transform Your Parcel Shipping Logistics?

October 22, 2013 |

Today, there are fundamental forces that are making supply chain management and logistics more challenging and dynamic than ever before. However, while these pressures are affecting the supply chain across the board, it seems that shipping of parcels as well as broader transportation logistics are becoming a particular pain point for many companies. One of the major reasons for this is the continuing explosion of e-commerce, a trend that has continued unabated and even accelerated since the 1990s. The dramatic growth in web based purchasing has also created the expectation that nearly every company needs to provide a direct sales channel, even if their core competency is in manufacturing or distribution.

At the same time, companies are experiencing increasing globalization, as they reach to new markets – and suppliers – to fuel the engines of commerce. When you couple this with competitive pressures that are increasingly forcing companies to move to lean inventory models and just-in-time … Read More

How To Build Your Network Security Knowledge

October 22, 2013 |

Businesses and organizations of all types rely to a large extent on internal computer networks. These link up different computers within an organization so that data can be shared from one computer to another. They may be internally wired networks, or networks that are structured in the cloud to take advantage of the possibility of remote web storage. For the many organizations that rely on these networks, the thought of a malicious attack or hack is terrifying. With the potential for network disruption and data loss, these are risks that simply cannot be taken by those responsible for maintaining these systems.

Network security degree programs are among the best points of entry into this subject. Not everyone has the benefit of a network security degree, or even a more basic formal education in this area. So for those without the relevant contextual knowledge, how possible is it to build a working, usable insight into network … Read More

6 Solutions For Every Business’s Data Storage Needs

October 21, 2013 |

Opting for a cloud based data storage solution can be tricky especially when a business’s life blood depends on making an excellent choice. Some of the critical components of a quality data storage company are offering extremely secure data storage containers along with clearly defined methodologies for protecting data in all of its forms from any possible security intrusion. This fact dictates that in addition to having a dedicated server and storage farm with online back up as well as a secondary and often a third space for redundant security options. In addition to back up locations quality companies must offer their clients a clear cut online back up and retrieval system.

When looking at the cloud storage options available in today’s market here are some of the top players that provide a quality data storage solution.


This company takes security so seriously that its … Read More

4 Ways To Improve The ROI On Cloud Projects

October 16, 2013 |

The cloud computing marketplace is becoming more competitive each day as SMEs and large scale corporations look to cut down IT operational costs while maintaining/improving the quality of their services. This is where virtualization is playing a key role, allowing businesses to cut down costs with better utilization of servers.

But virtualization comes with its own set of challenges. Several factors have to be considered, such as how to integrate future expansion, how to show improvements in capacity when the infrastructure is updated and how to ensure the security of all the servers in operation… It’s not easy.

Taking the challenges into account, there are ways to improve the ROI on cloud projects, overcome virtualization defies and cut down costs. They include:

1.  Utilize a Single System for All Collaboration needs

Cloud Connect conducted a survey last year titled ‘Enterprise Cloud Adoption Survey’,  … Read More

Lenovo Launches Ideapad Flex-Series Touchscreen Laptops

September 23, 2013 |

Chinese laptop manufacturer Lenovo has been looking to innovate in the portable-computing space and increase the stature of its brand outside of the enterprise market, so the arrival of the Flex series at this month’s IFA conference in Berlin could put it on the right track for mainstream success.

The IdeaPad range, into which these two new models slot, is already well equipped with worthy devices at different price points, but few offer the same functions as the Flex units.

Technical Specs

Available with either a 14.1 inch or a 15.6 inch touch screen display on board, each panel has the ability to flip a full 300 degrees around its hinge into a secondary ‘Stand Mode’.

The idea is that rather than the display being quite a distance from the user with the keyboard in the way, in stand … Read More

Why So Many Business Offices Are Now Using Ultrabooks

September 22, 2013 |

Today, businesses are branching out and looking for the most innovative ways to stay connected and complete work. Ultrabooks are one of the most beneficial tools for any business office, offering many different advantages and letting you grow your business outside of the office. Wondering why so many business offices are using Ultrabooks? Consider the following benefits…

With a battery that lasts up to seven hours, you won’t ever have to worry about your Ultrabook shutting off. The incredible RAM makes it easy to work all day without charging and is especially great for on the go. Having an Ultrabook with a great battery will mean less energy used in your office building!

The Ultrabook also runs faster than any other computer or laptop. The velocity on an Ultrabook ranges from 1.6GHz to 2.9GHz, making it the most responsive computer available. Whether … Read More

A Guide To Online Security

September 6, 2013 |

In the modern world, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without the internet.  We talk on it, we watch films on it, we work on it, we share jokes on it… A life without the web would be a pretty strange one, overall!  However, the more and more that the internet is used, the more conscious we must be of potential security issues.  If you carry out any form of financial transaction on the net – whether it be selling things on eBay or just paying bills – it’s your responsibility to do everything you can to make sure that your details stay secure. That’s why we got together with the guys from to bring you these tips on how to stay safe on the web.

Beware renewed contacts

One of the most common forms of attack is the hacking of social media and then the sending of e-mails from the hacked accounts to … Read More