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Technologies Review | September 18, 2019

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4 Ways Your Website Design Influences Your Marketing Efforts

April 5, 2016 |

Your company’s website is a key component to a successful online marketing strategy. Without a properly designed website, your ability to attract and interest online customers is pretty much dead in the water. Since website design has become such an exacting science, it is an aspect of modern business which you should never take lightly.

If you get this part of your online marketing strategy wrong, the lost revenue you generate will speak for itself. This means it is important to know what it takes to get your website to properly work for your business. The following are four ways which outlines how your website design influences your marketing efforts.

Catching a Potential Customer’s Eye

When you put up a website for your business, it is critical to understand that you have seconds to grab your customer’s attention. If your website does not grab them in … Read More

The Markings Of A Better Spa POS

October 31, 2015 |

Point of sale or business point of sale system refers to the place and time when a transaction is done. It can beat this stage that customers make payments for goods and services. The merchant or service provider calculates just how much owed, has an invoice and finally issues an invoice. As technology keeps changing companies are embracing advanced point of sale that incorporates both software and hardware. Previously, retailers trusted electronic cash registers which in fact had limited functional and communication abilities. Today there are many points of sale to pick from including custom SpaPOS system.

A fitness sauna business promises great returns but that’s only business POS systems using the best treatments for operations. This could sound easy but experienced managers know too well that it could be tough to manage and satisfy all clients manually. As a result a health sauna business POS system the only solution but … Read More

Get Rid Of WGA Warnings In Windows

September 30, 2015 |

Regardless of as of now has immaculate and dependable Windows 7 actuation split in light of the sovereignty OEM instrument, programmers have figured out how to turn out with another initiation break technique as a different option for BIOS loader and OEM BIOS mod, which successfully sidestep the enactment necessity of the introduced Windows 7 framework, by uprooting and debilitating Windows Actuation Advances (WAT).

The hack attempts to “initiate” Windows 7 by bypassing enactment by and large, and in this way not require any item key. In Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, programmers endeavor to piece access of Windows Initiation Advances, including SPP (Programming Security Stage) and SLC (Programming Permitting Customer), which oversees and handles authorizing and enactment matters on the working framework to the center segments or records which are needed for its operation. By blocking, forestalling, uprooting and crippling access to or stacking of the actuation and … Read More

Benefits Of Computer Monitoring In The Workplace

September 22, 2015 |

Keystroke logging is a common practice in big companies when it comes to monitoring their employees’ computer activities, especially when the employees use gadgets or devices that the company provides. At first glance, this seems like the invasion of the employees’ privacy. Upon further look, though, most employers and employees tend to agree that there are several benefits to this practice.

Below are some benefits that computer and employee monitoring provide:

  1. Computer monitoring can keep track of an employee’s productivity. By using keystroke logger software (by example this:, the employer can check how productive each hired hand is on a daily basis. For example, Employee A can finish encoding ten resumes in thirty minutes, Employee B can finish twenty in the same amount of time, and Employee C can finish only five. By monitoring all three employees’ keystroke activities, the employer is made aware … Read More

Responsive Versus Adaptive Web Design and Why It’s Important

June 24, 2015 |

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a website is just a website and that all sites are pretty much the same. While that might once have been true, the Internet changes fast and in recent years the requirements for websites have changed with it.

More and more of us are accessing the web via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Indeed many people skip the desktop altogether and their only experience of the Internet is on mobile. The smaller screens of these devices mean that traditional websites don’t always display to their best advantage. If your site is to work in the era of mobile Internet it needs to be able to be able to display properly on any device.

Adapt or Respond?

To be effective in the mobile age a website needs to change to suit the device it’s being viewed … Read More

Increase Website Profits With Heat Mapping & Optimisation

November 24, 2014 |

Conversion rate optimisation experts specialise in optimising website components like landing pages, web design, and web programming. Seeking help from optimisation experts can boost overall website conversions by up to 100% or more.  While it can be quite profitable when done properly, a poorly executed conversion rate optimisation project can waste a lot of time and money.

In fact, many website owners have already tried their hands at conversion rate optimisation even if they don’t realise it.  Any time you test price points, use split testing, or rewrite any conversion-oriented content on a website, you are optimising for higher conversions.  Unfortunately, most DIY optimization projects end badly and the reason is very simple:

Because the Website Owner Never Knew What Specifically Wasn’t Working.

Take any sales page, for example, and just look at how many different sales tools it contains:

Getting Your Website Up: 5 Tips For Finding The Right Web Host

April 24, 2014 |

If you’ve recently made the decision to set up a website, there are a lot of important things to consider. Paid web hosting is something that business owners need, but you want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Knowing what the most important considerations are will ensure that you select the host that is right for your needs. And generally understanding the key components of a website and what really makes them stand out and offer value will help you prioritize your future site.

1. Reliability and Total Up time

The most important consideration is reliability. Nobody wants to have a website that is unavailable when potential customers visit. Of course, things will happen that cause sites to go down occasionally, but a web hosting company should have a consistent up time of 99.9% and adequate technical staff to ensure that outages are as short in … Read More

International Business: 6 Tips For Building A World-Friendly Website

January 3, 2014 |

Geography is not a problem for businesses nowadays. A wide range of online consumers are found locally and globally. To attract these customers from various locations, it’s important that you design a global-friendly website. Here are 6 ways that you can improve the worldwide appeal of your site.

Include a Webpage Translator

As the owner of an international website, you must cater to the needs of many people. First, visitors must understand the website. Reading is the main way that they understand what the site is about. If a customer can’t read your site, they are much more likely to simply bounce back to the search engine. Make sure that your webpages can be translated into languages other than English. An easy way to do this is to incorporate Google Translator into your site. This will help your international users comprehend the info you are providing.

Include Different Currencies in the … Read More

Hosting Video With Joomla

September 12, 2013 |

With millions of downloads, Joomla is one of the top three CMS platforms, owning 75% of the CMS market. Joomla is open-source, so there are thousands of extensions webmasters can use to add media-rich content without incurring additional charges. Videos are a leading marketing tool, for example, but word to the wise before installing Joomla. If you want your apps to operate smoothly and seamlessly, quality Joomla hosting is needed to support quality services and streaming.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

Whether you’re hosting several small videos or a few large videos, the amount of bandwidth needed to support streaming is probably more than a standard host has to offer. Moving video to a CDN is one way to guarantee performance and bandwidth even during high traffic times.

CDNs have what a typical server does not: geo-caching. Instead of relying on one physical machine’s resources, CDNs pull … Read More

What Is The HTML? 4 Tips For Building Your New Website

July 9, 2013 |

So your company’s social media accounts just aren’t cutting it anymore? As easy as it might be to maintain an online presence through free mediums such as LinkedIn and Facebook, customers today expect you to go beyond these basic platforms. But starting a website from scratch is intimidating, so it’s no surprise that small businesses put these plans off as long as possible. Here are some tips for getting started.

Choose a Domain and Web Host First

You don’t want to create the full design for your website only to find your domain isn’t available and your web host doesn’t support the amount of space you’ll need. Before you decide on a domain name, you’ll want to take search engine optimization (SEO) into account so that you can take advantage of commonly searched terms and connect with the largest amount of users. For example, if your business sells environmentally-friendly products out of Houston, your domain should … Read More

How to Improve Your Website: Easy Steps

March 28, 2013 |

The sole purpose of your website is to move your business forward. So it makes sense that your website design should  match your marketing message. Follow these steps to make sure that your site is benefitting your business.

Audit Your Website

Take inventory of your website to assess where your site needs improvements. Evaluate both the content and technical aspects of your website.

Create an audit checklist that will help you assess the quality of your marketing content, search engine optimization, usability, lead generations and conversions, optimized URLs, public and XML site maps – to name a few technical components that often  require updates. There are many tools such as Google’s Webmaster Tools or Xenu’s Link Sleuth to assist you.

Convey your Marketing Message

Your website must reflect your marketing message. Make sure users can reach your objective on your home page or at most, within one click on your navigation menu.

You may be selling a product, soliciting a donation, … Read More

Things To Consider When Designing Your Website

March 27, 2013 |

The focus of a startup is the idea that sparked the company’s creation. It is the reason the company exists and it drives everything done in the business. Unfortunately, many companies fail to reflect that spark in their web design, even though it’s one of the best mediums to use to share that idea.

You had the imagination to believe your idea was worth something to others. Now’s your chance to help consumers and web users feel that same excitement. If your website is cluttered, loads slowly or doesn’t represent the ideas your company is based on, then visitors to your website will move along to the next one.

Below are a few reminders for designing your startup’s website to ensure you present that excitement to others.

Your website should load properly on any device.

As people become acclimated to and proficient on mobile devices and tablets, they access the Internet with these at an … Read More

Kicking the Wires: What Makes a Cloud Web Host Reliable?

March 13, 2013 |

By Jennifer Marsh

Jennifer Marsh is a software developer, programmer and technology writer and occasionally blogs for Rackspace Hosting.

Gone are the days of searching backups and digging up old tape drives. With the cloud’s reliability, webmasters and IT managers can back up, restore and serve thousands of customers without any worry. On top of that, it can save the company thousands of dollars in revenue if implemented correctly.

Here are some options to consider when choosing a cloud web host.

Bandwidth Allowance

First ask: How much bandwidth does my business need? Is bandwidth only used by customers or will internal employees use also consume bandwidth? These are all important requirements to consider.

Bandwidth is measured in gigabytes in most host contracts. 500 gigabytes of bandwidth usage is standard. Cloud hosts will offer a standard monthly allowance, and then additional bandwidth comes at a premium price, so be sure to check your contract for the allotment.

Cost and Storage … Read More