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Technologies Review | December 9, 2018

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Cloud Computing In 2014 & Beyond

December 17, 2013 |

With cloud computing being adopted by more and more industries as a way to store and access information, 2014 is being predicted as the year of the cloud. The consequences of this new innovation have the potential to change the gentle acceptance of cloud computing taking place now into a shockwave that will affect the IT landscape as well as business computing for years to come.

Personal Cloud Computing

Google — with its Chromebook, Android OS and Google Play store (where thousands of apps are free) — has already committed to personal cloud computing. All its hardware entries are cloud-centric and none use the typical hard drive configuration. Microsoft and Apple are also gearing up for the cloud revolution, with Windows 8 and Apple OS X (Mountain Lion) having woven the cloud into the next generation of desktop and laptop computers.

The only factor throttling back the cloud revolution is … Read More

Advantages In The Public Cloud For Businesses

September 5, 2013 |

It’s undeniable that cloud computing is becoming the IT way of the future for various industries. The easy accessibility of data makes a cloud strategy advantageous to many companies, and since cloud services are kept up-to-date by the provider, switching from location-based operations to cloud-based applications gives businesses the benefit of always working from the newest software.

Cloud technology has its share of growing pains, though, and when these pains occur, they generally pass from the host to the customers relying on the cloud services. For many small business owners, concerns about cloud hosting don’t supersede the benefits of doing business in the cloud. For every concern, there’s an advantage that makes it worth relying on cloud services. Here we’ll address some of the main concerns surrounding public cloud strategies and clarify the advantages they provide.

Concern 1: The Public Cloud Limits My Control Over My Business.

When business … Read More

Must Have Camping Technology

August 2, 2013 |

I love going camping but I enjoy my home comforts as well. This used to be a problem, as switching from a comfortable home with lots of gadgets to a rather sparse tent never seemed like a particularly smart move.

I often thought about exploring more of the countryside with my tent but in the end I ended up staying at home more often than not. This always seemed like a real shame to me, so I am now delighted to see that there are lots of gadgets to make my holidays in France easier and more pleasant experience.

Cool iPod Speakers

Who doesn’t like to pump up the volume a little when they are in their tent? I take my music with me everywhere but using earphones all the time is a bit of a nuisance. There are a lot of different types of speaker around and I particularly like the look of the … Read More

Cloud Practices Initiating Change

March 12, 2013 |

It’s no revelation that the cloud has changed the way businesses operate. Odds are you’ve heard the term “cloud computing” thrown around in blog posts, advertisements and even TV shows. Yet, when you sit around your office selling your small staff on this new technological advancement, definitions start to get a little cloudy. As more companies deliver their services over the Internet, it makes sense for small businesses to ditch their traditional business processes for more Web-oriented services.

Navigating the world of cloud services

Cloud services fall into one of three categories: infrastructure as a service, platform as a service or software as a service. The big idea, and real draw of cloud services is access. In the cloud you’re not paying for ownership, but rather the ability to access and use powerful computing services on a subscription basis. Here just a few of the most common types of cloud services that are changing the way … Read More

Ten Technologies That Pave New Routes for the Travel Industry

February 1, 2013 |

A lot of the time we are happy to take our well-earned holiday without paying any attention to the technology which is behind it. After all, if the sun is shining and the water is inviting who cares about the gadgets and systems which helped get us there and enjoy ourselves?

However, it is worth spending a few minutes considering some of the advances which now allow us to take part in more enjoyable and relaxing breaks.

Near Field Communication

NFC is a new technology which could be with us very soon and will let us check in and pay bills directly from our phone. The list of potential uses is enormous and it is definitely one new technology to look out for before your next holidays.

A GPS Tour Guide

Do you remember when you had to book yourself on an actual tour with and actual physical guide? This meant that we all went to … Read More

You Too Can Easily Get the Best Video Games for Your Children !

December 26, 2012 |

Like so many things in our modern technological driven era, there are a lot of new developments in the world of videogames. In many ways, this industry has mirrored the rapid advances in mobile phones and computers, providing new and exciting opportunities for both learning and entertainment. Many adults can easily convince themselves that they need one of the very latest smart phones or tablet computers. Their children are equally adept at convincing them that they should be playing with the latest game consoles, as well as the latest video games themselves.

This might provide a challenge for parents. What do they do with their old computers or mobile phones that they don’t want to use anymore? What can be done with older game consoles and their associated games that their children insist just won’t do anymore?

There is a quick and efficient method for disposing of all these old electronic items. In just a … Read More

5 Technical Functionalities in Project Management Software

December 24, 2012 |

It is no secret that it takes a lot of hard work and guts to match when it comes to running a business. You have to have excellent product knowledge, communication skills, and you need to have employees who have all of the respect in the world for you, so they stay motivated to work as diligently as possible. Then, when it comes to actually working on completing a project for a customer, who you obviously want to satisfy, you need to have a way to organize the project, so it gets done in the time frame you promised. Fortunately, there are several project management programs, and we have compiled a list of five technical functionalists you should look for before deciding which one is right for you.

Time Tracking

Since you likely promised to have the project completed by a certain date for you customer, you should look for a project management software … Read More

How the Cloud Can Help Digital Artists

December 11, 2012 |

Image courtesy of Adam Glasgow

Cloud computing was once a tool used predominantly by businesses. It is now evolving into something that can be used by many interests including artists and graphic designers. Hardware and software follow a consistent growth model: As capabilities increase the costs decrease. We are at the point where individuals, entrepreneurs and creative types can make use of the cloud to save time and improve their own businesses.

We can look at the cloud overall as a tool to help manage information. But it also consists of the applications that are used, some of which are evolving to match the cloud’s capabilities. Again, following a similar hardware/software growth curve, applications were initially modified to work from within the cloud. The next generation of applications will be built native to the cloud technology.

A place to keep things

Keeping files on a DVD/CD or flash drive is convenient. But you have … Read More

Why You Need to Find the Best Free Conference Call Service?

December 6, 2012 |

With the rising demand for free conference calls in the world today, several companies have positioned themselves to provide this service; to tap on to the profits that this lucrative business commander gets. This mushrooming of free conference call software providers in the online market has left those seeking their services confused about the best choice to make.

The truth is most of these providers are inept in this service. Most are just individuals without substantial technological qualifications and experience in this service who will make you end up more disappointed than when you did not use the service of free conference call. Most are people masquerading as experienced companies and that is why it is critical to understand exactly what is needed for you to get the best free conference call provider.

The gist of adopting the service of conference calling for your business and more so free conference call is to:

How to Get Cash for Nintendo

November 7, 2012 |

Remember Nintendo?  Do you remember getting your first Nintendo DS?  It was an exciting and proud moment.  We wanted to show all of our friends our new toy.  We have had hours of enjoyment playing with it.  With that new game we have many memories of times with family and friends that we will never forget.

But as time marched on, new things came along and now your game sits in the back of a drawer or in a box collecting dust while you play with something new.  If that has happened, it is now time to look at the option of selling your old game and getting cash for your Nintendo DS.

Selling old things can be a hassle however, especially if the items you want to sell are not in use anymore.  Our homes are all filled with old gadgets that we have either replaced, or have been placed on a back burner … Read More

How Parents Influence Their Children’s Use of Technology

November 5, 2012 |

There is no doubt about the impact technology has on our lives. With the birth of the internet and the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and pocket sized computers this technology is now inescapable. What is new and awe-inspiring to us as adults is just as new to a child or toddler as a banana or jigsaw. The question then is; as parents, how can we influence the use of technology for our children and what, if any, limitations should this include? Many parents are immersed in technology and forever playing on their smartphone or laptop, won’t even consider the ramifications that this technology will have on their children’s development. Not to mention that children have a tendency to imitate the behaviour of their parents; monkey see monkey do. Could this all be leading to teen-tech-addicts? What can we do as parents to prevent this?

As parents we can’t raise our children in caves or keep … Read More

Television: An Evolution

October 18, 2012 |

Television has come a long way in the last 90 years, and at each stage of its evolution, people have wondered whether it could get any better. Today’s TVs are bigger and lighter, have better images, and use less energy than predecessors. At the same time, manufacturers are able to offer all that at a price that has for the most part stayed the same when adjusted for inflation. Let’s take a look back at some of the major steps up the TV has taken since it’s introduction.

The Tube: The original television debuted in 1922, reshaping the way the world lived. With news, music and entertainment at their fingertips, families changed the ways they spent time together at home. The first televisions used cathode ray tubes, which is how they got their nickname as the tube. These TVs projected electron beams onto a curved glass screen, where they were visible as images.

Color Televisions: These were introduced … Read More

How Is Blogging Beneficial?

October 12, 2012 |

Gone are those days when you had to wait for 18 or 20 years, to obtain an expertise degree to hold a professional tag. Now you post something of 110 words on Facebook, people follow you through their comments and posts, and you are a “Blogger”. Tweet on your Twitter profile, often it happens that a thread of comments follow your post and you are a Blogger again.



Blogging started with an idea of expressing views and feelings on an online forum, similar to a hand-written diary. But, today blogging helps one to extend a social circle around, which enables one to fetch business through traffic and ads. It helps you to generate leads for your business. You do not actually need to hire a marketing guy for your business if you can’t afford one, you can sell your products and services by making use of blogging platforms. There are many advantages of … Read More