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Technologies Review | December 9, 2018

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Top 4 Ways For Businesses To Combat Identity Theft

June 13, 2016 |

Identity theft is often the result when a thief is able to get to personal information on your business or employees, particularly tax ID or social security numbers, and use them to commit fraud. These activities can ruin credit and leave you deep in debt. But there are a few things you can do to protect yourself and your staff.

1. Educate Employees on Unsolicited Emails

Beware of “phishing” emails from crooks pretending to be a bank other financial institution asking you to verify account information. In reality, that information is recorded and used to plunder accounts. Lottery or “prize” notices are a related scam. Remind staff to never provide such information through email. Others scams might include links to download some wonderful free software, which will actually install malware to hijack your computer or steal information. Filters should be set up on email servers to identify and … Read More

Must-Have Security Solutions For Your Small Business

March 16, 2016 |

Failing to make security a priority is a common mistake made by many small business owners. While smaller operations may lack the larger campuses and greater volume of high-dollar assets as more established companies, poor or ineffective security can create just as many problems. Ensuring that staff and associates are provided with a safe working environment, and investing in security systems, mobility management software, and even uniformed security services can all be important concerns. The relatively modest cost needed to ensure a more secure workplace can provide small business owners with both peace of mind as well as a healthy return of investment.

Security Systems

Digital cameras and internet-based security systems have create a range of full-featured systems and sophisticated equipment options that are available at lower costs than ever before. Round the clock surveillance of both interior and exterior environments can ensure that any issues that may pose a potential … Read More

How To Hackproof Your Smartphone

December 23, 2015 |

Number of mobile internet users is constantly growing. Most people don’t understand that smartphones are subjected to attacks in the same way as desktop computers. Some experts say that mobile phones are even more threatened, due to high number of unreliable Wi Fi networks they connect to.

When it comes to malware, they can be caught on: Android, IOS, Windows and BlackBerry OS, with Android being the most vulnerable platform because of much bigger market share and user’s ability to download untested apps. iOS being the second biggest mobile operating system also becomes more vulnerable to spyware.

How do Hackers Attack Your Phone?

Most cyber criminals that attack smart phones use man-in-the-middle attack technique. This results in a break–in of the operating system that redirects data to hacker’s device. With this technique attackers can access:

  • Internet browser activity and history;
  • Phone’s physical … Read More

Sky Biz: 5 Ways Cloud Computing Revolutionized Business

January 28, 2014 |

With the advent of cloud computing, businesses can worry less about computing power or storage and focus on the issues that matter to customers or clients. Advantages of switching to cloud computing solutions to run your business include lower costs, increased scalability, improved security, and decreases in deployment time. There’s little wonder why many businesses are switching to cloud computing in order to increase their profit margins. In this article, you’ll learn more about the many benefits of cloud computing.

1. Lower Deployment Costs

Creating in-house solutions to store, access, and serve data can be laborious and time-consuming. With cloud computing, server space is always available for use and projects can be up and running in the time it takes to upload data. Not only do you save on the costs of hardware, you don’t need to lose money waiting for your computer systems to be up and running. With services … Read More

Using Virtual Private Networks In Windows 7

January 26, 2014 |

Information transmitted over the web can be protected by the use of VPNs. This allows the VPN users to create  a virtual tunnel which enables them to access the internet safely, hence engage in safe communication, exchange data and other information, irregardless of internet insecurity. This paper details very easy steps of creating a VPN connection on Windows 7.

The first step is to determine the VPN type and client compatible with Windows 7.

On the start menu right click Computer  and go to properties

Select the system Type from either the 32-bit OS or the 64-bit OS. You will be required to remember this when looking for the correct VPN type and client.

Visit VPNLUX service provider to sign up for a free trial or one of the packages that suits you most, for example Double VPN provides … Read More

5 Amazing Ways Your Phone Can Be Used For Everyday Tasks

January 6, 2014 |

Today, using a cell phone is no longer limited to making phone calls alone. With the advent of smartphones, you can now use your phone to do just about anything, including everyday tasks. Knowing a few amazing ways your phone can be used to complete tasks throughout your day is a way to make more out of your time while also doing so from anywhere you are located.

Managing Your Tasks and Schedule

Phones are capable of managing your tasks and schedules, regardless of how hectic they are each day. You can use various apps and tools to schedule meetings, set up appointments and even turn on timers to ensure you are never late again. Using your phone as your personal assistant for remembering important dates and times for meetings is really easy and most every phone has this capability.

Checking Your Home Security System

Some home … Read More

Backup Software for Hedge Funds

December 6, 2012 |

All businesses in this technology driven world are subject to the potential disaster of data loss. Organizations that work with other people’s money, like hedge funds and banks, have to be particularly guarded against cyber attacks.

Remember how easy it was for Bane to rip off the Gotham stock exchange in The Dark Knight Rises? That scenario isn’t too far removed from real life, minus the psychopathic masked assassin. Due to the nature of the money that hedge funds manage (pensions, university endowments etc.), they must be particularly mindful of potential attacks and data loss; in the hedge fund game one mistake could mean the loss of millions of dollars. As a result, hedge funds have had to move toward many diffuse and layered forms of digital security. Backup software is always a good idea for people who hold sensitive information, and an essential safeguard for organizations that work in the digital transfer of money.

The Role of … Read More

7 Benefits of 4G Wireless Internet

October 2, 2012 |

4G is better known as the fourth generation of wireless internet communications. While it is still relatively new, you have the opportunity to experience the benefits of the technology through an affordable package. Competitors might tell customers that 4G isn’t much better than 3G—it is important to know that these same businesses only say this because they don’t have 4G capabilities just yet. Before you make the smart switch to 4G internet, understand just seven of the benefits of this great technology first.

Fast Downloading

The primary benefit of 4G is the speed. It can run at 100 megabits per second. Plus, 4G is up to ten times faster than the typical 3G connection. Overall, this gives you the ability to download whatever you want from the Internet, all at a fast rate. As a 4G user, you can anticipate no more pauses of freezes during connectivity.

Large File Shares

Not only do you … Read More

Is The Cloud Right For Your Business

September 15, 2012 |

With more and more applications that offer cloud computing services, many small businesses have made the move to adapt their operations to this trend. Cloud computing offers a wide range of benefits, such as increased collaboration, communication, and flexibility. While cloud computing has revolutionized the way we do business, it also brings its own fair share of complications and challenges. Before integrating the cloud into your everyday operations, you may want to consider the following to determine whether it’s right for your business:

1.      Compatibility When choosing a cloud computing service, you’ll want to make sure whether your current system is able to meet its system requirements. It can be a waste of time and money to install a program, realizing too late that you’re unable to access the service. In addition, you want to make sure whether you and your team are able to utilize the tools. For example, if your employees are … Read More

The Divine Mystery of Employee Portals

June 12, 2012 |

Employee portals are nothing new. In fact, well over 10 years ago, they were being touted as the next big thing in enterprise tech. Since then many companies have adopted portal development strategies that often have included online timesheets, internal wiki systems for keeping company tech documents up to date and rich analytics solutions that can be accessed by multiple employees throughout a large corporation.

Whatever the use of employee portals, the big idea has always been to use enterprise information portals (EIPs) to distribute massive sets of business-specific information to as many employees possible. But by the end of the 2000s, the idea of employee portals seemed archaic on the surface. Then cloud computing and social media arrived on the scene, which some are saying might have breathed some life back into enterprise-level portal systems or “portlets.”

Cloud Security and Employee Portals

As cloud computing becomes overhyped, the cloud security debate gets even more … Read More

Sophos Mobile Launches Control for iOs and Android devices

February 8, 2011 |

Leading security firm Sophos has launched Sophos Mobile Control, targeting security for mobile devices and smartphones. The new product is an add on the company’s existing line-up of end point security and data protection systems that include Sophos Anti- Virus, Sophos Client Firewall and Sophos Disk Encryption.

The company has been offering protection for a large array of businesses for smartphones and other hand held devices.Sophos is a major player in security systems for only the enterprise level and not for the home users. The new product will help businesses in mobile device management, giving corporate networks comprehensive administrative control of securing, monitoring and configuring attached devices in the domain.

Taking into account the mobility of the portable devices, the new Mobile control allows companies to enforce policies over air like in the case of theft of handset the producer can remotely lock the device or wipe off its contents. Another attracting feature … Read More