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Technologies Review | October 15, 2018

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Power Save Option or Sleep Mode

October 4, 2012 |

Power save mode is an option which can be easily activated with the operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Activating this mode will ensure that your monitor is off when there is no activity in your PC.

Turning the monitor off doesn’t mean that processes going on in the computer will be stopped or hard drive will stop working. It depends upon the user to fix duration for which he wants his monitor to be at an inactive state, it may be 10 minutes, 20 minutes or an hour.

As nothing is done during this state of monitor, it is also referred to as ‘Sleep’ mode of the computer.

Power saving option varies slightly in different O.S.

Windows XP:Users can change settings by going to ‘Control Panel’, there you can find ‘Power Options’ which include System Standby, System Hibernate and more. There you can select the option according to your … Read More

How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

February 6, 2012 |

Nothing is more frustrating than working away on your computer only to realize you are quickly running out of battery power. If you are starting to notice that your battery life isn’t serving you well, you might try some of these tips to try and conserve your battery power and hopefully extend its life.

1.Turn down the lights – One simple thing you can do is to turn down the brightness of your screen.

2.Keep it Cool – You’ll want to store your laptop in room temperature environments. Extended exposure to heat (like being kept in your car on warm days) or bright sunlight can drain your battery.

3.Defrag – Defragmenting your computer helps your computer run more efficiently and will help extend the life of your battery – plus, your computer will run faster too.

4.Let it Hibernate – Selecting hibernate instead of sleep mode is the best way to conserve battery power.

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AMD introduces new systems and technology track for embedded customers

March 1, 2011 |

AMD has announced a new line of products and tools for embedded customers. These offerings extends over products, software, design and sales support. These also include the immediate availability of three new low- power processors for the AMD Embedded G-series platform, as well as the new Systems and Technology track for the AMD Fusion Partner Program that is aimed at embedded solutions providers.The new addition for the AMD Embedded G-series platform allows deeply embedded or “headless” systems. These don’t require a graphics solution , to take advantage of the new “Bobcat” CPU core. These new processors are available in 5W and 18W power bands and provide a set of advanced computational features not available in the X86 solutions.

As for the new systems and technology track for the AMD Fusion Partner Program, it offers embedded solutions providers personalized incentives and tools, training and technical enablement resources that align with their individual business objectives. This program … Read More

Nvidia Announces Quad-Core “Kal-El” Chipset

February 15, 2011 |

Nvidia today announced the first quad-core processor for tablets and mobiles, the Kal-El chipset. Nvidia has also unveiled an ambitious array of chip sets following the Kal-El. They include Wayne,Logan and Stark- all with more than cent percent processing power than the current Tegra-2 based chip sets.All the future chip sets will have their release by 2014.

The new Kal-El chipset delivers better performance and runs on all mobile platforms. With over five times the graphic performance of Tegra 2, it has the ability to drive 2560 by 1600 monitors. The Kal-El can enable a 10 inch tablet to function as a retina tablet with its high resolution capacity. Even with all this, the power used up by the chipset is lower than that by the Tegra-2.

The Quad-core chipset will increase browsing speed as was proved at the demo. Together, the chip played a 1440p video and the game demos had almost double … Read More

iBuyPower brings forth Chimera XLC Gaming desktop

February 12, 2011 |

iBuyPower has unleashed the latest gaming desktop PC in its chimera line, the Chimera XLC, which comes with packed with an Extreme Liquid Cooling(XLC) system to cool down the fiery nature of its mythical namesake.

The chimera which is a mind blowing mix of a lion, a snake, and a goat, is painted onto the front and side panels of the Chimera Inferno 3 case that encapsulates the Chimera XLC. As for the inside story, the cooling system aims to keep the temperatures down during long and very intense gaming sessions making use of a 240mm radiator, a 200mm fan, and five 120mm fans to chill the insides at all the times.

In addition to these is its Level 3 Power Drive service for factory overclocking which according to claims can increase speed up to 30 percent. The Chimera XLC also offers a choice of Intel Core i7 CPUs and AMD or Nvidia video … Read More