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Technologies Review | September 15, 2019

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Ten Technologies That Pave New Routes for the Travel Industry

February 1, 2013 |

A lot of the time we are happy to take our well-earned holiday without paying any attention to the technology which is behind it. After all, if the sun is shining and the water is inviting who cares about the gadgets and systems which helped get us there and enjoy ourselves?

However, it is worth spending a few minutes considering some of the advances which now allow us to take part in more enjoyable and relaxing breaks.

Near Field Communication

NFC is a new technology which could be with us very soon and will let us check in and pay bills directly from our phone. The list of potential uses is enormous and it is definitely one new technology to look out for before your next holidays.

A GPS Tour Guide

Do you remember when you had to book yourself on an actual tour with and actual physical guide? This meant that we all went to … Read More

7 Ways to Make Your Website More User and Printer-Friendly

January 17, 2013 |

Designing a website is always difficult. It can be tempting to over-consider the impact of search engines, since often it can be difficult for anyone to find your site without search engine traffic. However, making your site look good, work well for an actual human user and be easily printable without using up the entire printer cartridge is at least as important; make sure you keep both people and machines in mind while you work on your website.

Keep Load Times Down

In an age of high-speed Internet, it can be easy to think that everyone will be able to load your web page quickly regardless of how many images, videos, and other flashy doodads you decide to add. The reality is that a surprisingly large number of users – your customers, no matter how tech-savvy you think your audience is – are still stuck on dial-up connections and will quickly become frustrated if a … Read More

Estimated Internet Developments in 2013

December 22, 2012 |

If you are running a site, you want to remain updated of current developments in S.E.O industry. For those that don’t walk with the trends, are left in the dust in the SERPs. This is more crucial for the S.E.O service suppliers to be conscious of each change in the S.E.O mechanisms. People who have suffered a rank loss latterly due to Penguin and Panda updates can visualize the price of taking it all gently. These are some latest updates that may make everything easier in 2013 by aiding you in keeping your internet site up in the search list:

1. Process Updates – Google is steadily improving its routine which might have an effect on PR of your site as well, if you don’t improve it.While it isn’t likely to have an effect on the central idea of original and quality contents, it is going to work out Authorship part as well. The spotlight … Read More

T1 Internet: Why You Need To Jump On The Bandwagon

November 13, 2012 |

Internet has come a long way in the last decade or so. Remember it wasn’t too long ago when you couldn’t surf the web without tying up your phone? And those “50 free internet hours” AOL CDs you used to get in magazines, who could forget those? Internet has made some serious strides, and it’s almost a given that your company does a lot of business online. That’s why it’s time you should seriously consider getting a T1 internet connection. A T1 line for increased bandwidth will up your business growth and has a high number of benefits. It’s just about time to upgrade.

There are two different types of T1 internet connections: a full T1 connection and bonded T1 connection. A full T1 connection is more affordable, but a bonded T1 connection offers a lot higher speeds. Full T1 will get you speeds of about up to 1.5 mbps. Bonded, on the other hand, … Read More

10 Tips For Producing a Successful Viral Campaigns

October 24, 2012 |

The viral campaigns are the strategies that have worked best in recent times. With entertaining videos and other alleged lack of cleanliness in the edition, have the clear objective of generating feedback through social networks and society general.Evidentemente, Internet entry had much to do with it.With its mass opened new possibilities in the fields of advertising and marketing.

In addition, by having such key factors as the immediacy and connectivity, brand campaigns through this medium generate results in the offline world that could not be achieved.

But, despite having an immense field of implementation, not all businesses are successful. A competition which daily becomes more complex, add a host of technical elements necessary for working videos on the web that not everybody drives perfectly.

Knowing this, Forrester Research published a series of tips through their site to help those who still do not know how to prepare a marketing video online that can succeed on the Internet.

Read More

A Guide for the Perplexed: How to research & shop for insurance online

October 15, 2012 |

The internet is evolving very and fast and many businesses are taking advantage of its great malleability to provide people with an online counterpart to what was originally a “brick and mortar” service. The insurance industry has embraced the internet completely and has used it as a tool to provide consumers with an avenue to provide goo insurance-related services.

But there are still some consumers who may not be totally convinced that using the internet for their insurance needs is really the way to go. If you’re one of these people and you still need some convincing, here are some of the reasons why you should shop online for your home insurance:

It’s more time efficient

The “traditional” way of getting home insurance quotes from insurance companies would entail taking out the phonebook, calling different companies over the phone and then asking for quotes. The quotes are not given to you over the phone, it … Read More

Your Online Reputation Is a Precious Commodity

October 12, 2012 |

Managing online reputation is becoming an increasingly more difficult task.   As internet anonymity continues to erode, people are relying on a plethora of online resources to background check both professionals and businesses.  As the number of impressions left on the internet burgeons, the possibility of negative interpretation also increases.  Unfavorable publicity regarding an employee or brand can significantly damage the public relations image of a company and ultimately, negatively impact the bottom line.

Maintaining a pristine online reputation is becoming virtually impossible since as the internet community expands, more negative interactions take place.  Simple mistakes like misidentifying a person with the same name can cause irreparable damage. There are also character assassins who will intentionally try to hurt and individual or a company out of malice.

The good news is that in certain cases, it is possible to restore an online reputation.  If the negative publicity is an isolated instance without significant cross referencing, then … Read More

Keeping Meetings Painless with Conference Calls

October 10, 2012 |

Let’s face it: meetings suck. They’re often boring, ineffective and a waste of time. Though we can’t live with them, we also can’t live without them if we want to coordinate a team of people to work towards one goal. Luckily, advancements in technology are making it less important to actually deal with real people and easier to interface with an avatar on a computer screen or a voice in a box, instead. Conference calls and web conferencing have moved to the fore of company communication options thanks to the efficiencies they introduces to group workflow. Innovations in telephone, video and web conferencing have made it easier to keep meetings painless.

Web Conferences

Web conferencing is great for meetings and training sessions that require multimedia. The swift ascendance of web video has created a demand for playback features in most web-based conference programs. You can see products like FaceTime and Google Hangouts spearheading the movement on the … Read More

Using ELMAH to Track Website Errors

October 4, 2012 |

By Jennifer Marsh

Jennifer Marsh is a software developer, programmer and technology writer and occasionally blogs for Rackspace Hosting.

Error handling traps errors on a website, logs the issue to a database or file, and presents the user with a friendly message. ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers) is a free, ASP.NET logging system that helps website owners handle errors and logs them to an XML file or database table. The advantage to ELMAH is that none of the errors are seen by the user. Even search engine errors are absorbed, logged and handled eloquently without affecting performance of the website or revenue.

Setting Up ELMAH in the .NET Project

ELMAH’s settings are placed in the web.config for the .NET project. Every cloud application for a website has a web.config. The lines of code needed in the web.config are on the ELMAH Wiki. In the “connectionString” section, the database name, drivers and username and password are … Read More

7 Benefits of 4G Wireless Internet

October 2, 2012 |

4G is better known as the fourth generation of wireless internet communications. While it is still relatively new, you have the opportunity to experience the benefits of the technology through an affordable package. Competitors might tell customers that 4G isn’t much better than 3G—it is important to know that these same businesses only say this because they don’t have 4G capabilities just yet. Before you make the smart switch to 4G internet, understand just seven of the benefits of this great technology first.

Fast Downloading

The primary benefit of 4G is the speed. It can run at 100 megabits per second. Plus, 4G is up to ten times faster than the typical 3G connection. Overall, this gives you the ability to download whatever you want from the Internet, all at a fast rate. As a 4G user, you can anticipate no more pauses of freezes during connectivity.

Large File Shares

Not only do you … Read More

Now Entering the Internet Radio Ring: The 500 Pound Gorilla Called Apple

October 1, 2012 |

Yes, you heard correctly: Apple is entering the Internet radio game. Companies such as Pandora, and iHeartRadio will soon be competing with the company that brought you the iPod and the iTunes store. The deal is still under wraps, since Apple is still negotiating with record companies for music rights, but, according to inside sources, it’s all but a done deal. This should be good news to iPhone and iPad users.


Why Apple is entering a relatively small and crowded Internet radio market doesn’t make a whole lot of sense on the surface, but when you ponder it for a moment, you can almost see a legitimate case for it. Internet radio means you can stream the music you want to hear, and change genres with a swipe. It’s different than having to create a different playlist to suit your mood or desired listening choices. And what if you suddenly have a hankering … Read More

Do You Monitor Your Online Reputation?

August 25, 2012 |

Given how tough the job market is these days, those looking for work need every advantage in their corner.

With that being the case, what happens to the job seeker that has negative information about them floating around the Internet? Do they hope that the content just magically disappears or do they take action to make it become less relevant?

As job searchers are discovering in today’s Internet age, there is no margin for error when it comes to the hunt for work. With countless people applying for literally each and every job out there, one must make sure that their image is as pristine as possible.

If you have some doubts as to what your online image may be saying about you as you currently or prepare to look for work, keep a few of these things in mind:

1. Image is everything – For the majority of businesses, hiring the right fit … Read More

Blogwell Conferences: Building your Internet Presence

August 13, 2012 |

With more and more people turning readily to the Internet for everything from searching for the perfect dog food brand to reading the daily news, having a strong Web presence is increasingly instrumental to a company’s success. At the Blogwell sponsored conferences held throughout the year in Chicago, those seeking to harness the power of the Internet can learn from the successes of others. At each conference, several case studies are explored, each outlining how the featured business has taken advantage of social media as a way to boost their brands. If you are a business owner trying to figure out what to do in Chicago, look no further than this potentially beneficial conference network.

Ready to Apply Solutions

The case studies presented at Blogwell events aren’t intended to provide a broad and hypothetical picture. Instead they’re highly detailed and provide actionable solutions business owners can apply immediately. The ready applicability of the ideas presented … Read More