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Technologies Review | September 18, 2019

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flash storage

Flash Storage: The Holy Grail Comes to a Home Near You

May 6, 2013 |


Traditionally, flash storage was nothing but a holy grail – a pipe dream or sorts. Flash storage was reserved for super-companies with massive IT budgets that included millions upon millions of dollars reserved for testing and implementing new, lightning fast storage technology. Fortunately, flash storage visionaries arrived on the scene and developed a way for mid to large-sized companies, all the way up through the enterprise to utilize flash storage in their array systems, and without breaking the bank. These companies are popping up all over Silicon Valley in hopes of completely transforming the way companies use array systems. Last year saw a complete re-imagining of flash-based storage array systems.

The New Era of Flash Storage

Historically, storage arrays have been comprised of hard disks. But this mechanical disk technology is starting to run its course. Now, with companies like Pure Storage, SSD technology is more accessible than ever. There are a few things that contribute … Read More

The Rise of Flash Means Big Benefits for Storage Consumers

April 11, 2013 |

There are rare moments in history when technology takes a serious leap. The change from walking to riding animals, then from horses to cars, is one example. The same trend has held true with data storage. The first method to come along was switches and lights, then punch cards, which were followed by tape and then hard disks made tape obsolete. Now, the information technology industry is on the verge of another massive shift: one that will take servers from disk-based storage to all-flash architectures.

The biggest sign that this change is real is the fact that EMC, the big disk drive maker, has started up a subsidiary that will make nothing but purpose-built solid state storage systems. This is a big tipoff that the company believes that its current mainstay is on the way to obsolescence. What makes solid state drives superior?

One of the biggest benefits of all-flash storage is speed. This allows it to … Read More