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Technologies Review | September 21, 2018

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4 Hidden Pieces Of A Digitally Inclined Business

January 17, 2017 |

Today’s businesses are far more heavily dependent on technology than their predecessors. Learning more about the most popular and effective additions to digital working environments can allow business owners to find and select the best tools. The following four resources highlight just a few of the most common and essential pieces of hidden technology that digitally-inclined businesses have come to rely upon:

Managed IT Services

Staffing and maintaining a professional IT department often entails considerable expense. Managed IT services provide digitally inclined businesses with access to cost-effective solutions that might otherwise fall outside of their financial reach. Flexible and scalable IT services that can fit a variety of price points and service needs are a resource that few businesses can afford to be without.

Business Process Management (BPM) Applications

Managing multiple platforms, applications and workflow processes often requires considerable time and effort. BPM software and applications … Read More

A Taste of the Omnipotent Life

November 20, 2012 |

It is popular belief that only a deity can be “all powerful” and in multiple places at once. That is until the Digital Signage Media Server was introduced to the world, and gave us mere mortals a taste of the omnipotent life. Read on to discover how this commanding diadem is within your reach.

Pure Power

The Digital Signage Media Server is a vigorous solution capable of powering a network of well over 1000 systems.  This privately hosted server permits you total access to some incredible features such as:

·      Run over thousands of Signage Players ·      Manage an unlimited number of accounts ·      Same software as the Media Cloud ·      Self contained plug and play player ·      Receive live server and player updates ·      Works across LAN, VPN, WAN and over the web ·      Direct access to the backend including the database and all web services ·      Optimized OS and web services to deliver … Read More

Apple Subscriptions and Google One Pass gets support from Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

February 25, 2011 |

Adobe Systems Incorporated has announced that Adobe Digital Publishing Suite will support both Apple App Store Subscriptions and Google One Pass for magazine and newspaper publishers. The pre-release technology has already been used by leading global publishers to create and distribute their iconic titles on tablet devices.There has been tremendous increase in business opportunity for publishers, with 130 Adobe produced titles available for purchase and download being made rich with more subscription capabilities. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite supports a variety of payment methods: free content; single issue purchases; and the ability for publishers to tie into their existing e-commerce and fulfillment mechanisms for print and digital bundling and other offers.

There is new support for Apple App Store subscriptions when used with a publisher entitlement server in the latest pre-release of ADOBE Digital Publishing Suite. Broad support for Apple App Store subscriptions and Google One Pass will be available in the very near future.

Source: … Read More