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Technologies Review | August 25, 2019

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5 Benefits Of Outsourcing Database Management To The Cloud

July 11, 2013 |

The benefits of managing data in the cloud go well beyond infrastructure.

Industry is becoming increasingly more comfortable with the adoption of cloud as an IT model, especially for IaaS, as it looks for the next set of innovations.

“Beyond flexibility and cost saving, the cloud now offers enterprise users the ability to convert large volumes of raw information into knowledge and actionable insight, easily and quickly,” said Dr. Prasad Saripalli, recently appointed chief technology officer at OneOcean and former chief architect for IBM’s SmartCloud Enterprise. “Mobile computing, big data and analytics are three promising areas in this regard for IT management, where unprecedented innovation becomes possible with the cloud.”

However, cost savings is still one of the primary benefits of outsourcing database management to the cloud. Along with cost, other benefits include ease of data migration, performance, better ROI, and no more maintenance. What makes them … Read More