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Technologies Review | June 20, 2019

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How To Generate As Many Sales Leads For Your Company As Possible

March 27, 2013 |

There are many varieties of way in which you can generate high quantities of sales leads which will then boost the success rate of your company.

First things first – make sure that you are involved with the most widely used social networking sites that are available to you. Facebook and LinkedIn are great ways to make contacts and gain company exposure in the form of networking. Networking is essential in today’s day and age, and when you connect with one group, person, or individual organisation, you are paving the way for millions of potential sales leads. If you create a company page on Facebook for instance, you could create promotional offers that will entice the greater public and get your name recognised. Perhaps you could come up with a prize… and the winner is chosen at random from the people who have shared the link. If the average person on Facebook has … Read More

The Logic Behind Profitable Customer Segments

December 28, 2012 |

The way companies are targeting their customers is changing as advances in technology continue to emerge. Customers are no longer seen as an “individual” rather as potential profitable customer segments.


Customer segmentation breaks apart the client/customer base depending on specific traits such as gender; age, shopping routines, etc. This helps each company specifically target a specific demographic.


Value Segmentation


While customer segmentation helps target a specific customer or group of customers based on personal or collective trains, value segmentation looks at the customer as more of a cash register. Value segmentation is important to companies as it gives preliminary predictions as to how much a customer or group of customers are going to spend. Establishing a solid relationship is essential for companies, especially if they are depending on this relationship to help boost sales. This is exactly why department store personnel are so professional, while still trying to help build revenue for … Read More

5 Technical Functionalities in Project Management Software

December 24, 2012 |

It is no secret that it takes a lot of hard work and guts to match when it comes to running a business. You have to have excellent product knowledge, communication skills, and you need to have employees who have all of the respect in the world for you, so they stay motivated to work as diligently as possible. Then, when it comes to actually working on completing a project for a customer, who you obviously want to satisfy, you need to have a way to organize the project, so it gets done in the time frame you promised. Fortunately, there are several project management programs, and we have compiled a list of five technical functionalists you should look for before deciding which one is right for you.

Time Tracking

Since you likely promised to have the project completed by a certain date for you customer, you should look for a project management software … Read More

The POS Positives

December 20, 2012 |

If you are a business owner keeping up with the latest technology, you have surely read a lot about iPad POS system. Many people avoid switching to an iPad because they fear the price, but an iPad is far less expensive than a traditional POS system. They also tend to be far easier to use.


Saving Money

If you want a traditional POS system, expect to shell out up to $20,000 per unit. Now, an iPad with the POS technology will cost you less than $1,000 per unit. This is a major cost savings and if you are a new startup and/or a small business, you want to save as much as possible and as much as $19,000 is a tremendous amount of money. Now, you will also need a cash drawer and the technology, but you will find these for around $1,000, so not bad at all. As you can see, the iPad … Read More

Making Customers Happy

October 2, 2012 |

The tasks of the marketer and the sales professional are undoubtedly the pursuit and acquisition of new customers as well as creating and increasing awareness within targeted market segments. One of the most important tasks and notably a difficult as well, is making customers happy. While considering the lifetime value of our existing customers, are we really doing all that we can to keep them satisfied? It’s more than just giving them products or services they like but also creating an experience that inspires them to return consistently. Customer relationship management is not just a big deal to our profit margins but if you want a sustainable business that realizes a substantial and loyal customer base it is not something to be ignored. It isn’t something that can be achieved passively, either. To keep customers and to keep them happy, you have to be able to work at it or at least dedicate people who … Read More

Learn your market, learn your function and forge ahead

September 21, 2012 |

Whether your business is primarily run online or you’re a more traditional brick and mortar operation, there is no shortage in ways that you can lose money. With some moderate exceptions most companies are in the business of making money. Even those that are dubbed NGOs or non-profit organizations still strive to earn income somehow because operating is never a free thing – profit may not be their focus but remuneration still has to be considered. Should you be running your business any differently? There is no shame in being desirous of profit, but there is in poor management and shoddy execution that can cost the company its livelihood. There are a plethora of pitfalls and sharp bends waiting to thwart your every business move and if you want to have any hope of success and longevity, it would be in your best interest to do whatever is necessary to prevent losses before they occur. … Read More

Leaps in Tech Make Email Marketing More Powerful

February 8, 2012 |

Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Microsoft Kinect are big players in a consumer electronics landscape that is bringing us to the cusp of a future we’ve long courted in films like Minority Report and Blade Runner. As we edge closer to jetpacks and flying cars, advances in mobile technology are bringing about a resurgence of an old yet unforgotten friend.

Email marketing has come back in a big way over the past few years. This can be largely attributed to the mobile tech boom, which turned every pocket into an inbox in a very short period of time.

Email marketing is a solid way for companies, especially small businesses, to keep in touch with customers and build a loyal fan base. The continued ascendance of mobile platforms has made email marketing even more effective since consumers can essentially be reached 24/7 on smartphones.

What are some of the biggest benefits of email marketing?

Customer Lifecycle Engagement

Read More

Best Web Hosting Blog

January 11, 2011 |

Blogging or surfing on the net has become a passion for people. Some do due to their work and some just for personal interest. Most of the corporate companies have started blogging to compliment their online business as they can interact with their customer and the clients.

To get the best blog, the blog hosting should be of an affordable price range blog hosting. In addition, there should be proper security of your web page provided. I went through reliable web hosting which provided me with some good information.

While going through the website I found these helpful tips such as up time guarantee, Linux blog hosting, control panel mode, one click installation.

I just choose the company that guarantees the blog to be showed on the website 24/7 with 99.9% up time guarantee, look for the Best Web Hosting on the net. Then found Linux web hosting cheap and reliable to host my web … Read More