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Technologies Review | August 25, 2019

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Samsung may Launch Two Next Generation Tablets

February 4, 2013 |

Samsung is going to launch the new generation Galaxy tabs and it will no doubt be very much interesting as the Mobile World Congress will be taken place within a month and Samsung wants to make an impact before that. The rumor is already popular that this famous manufacturer of mobile phones from Korea is going to launch two new tablets to the market.

A couple of photos of the two new tabs have already come into light. However, it cannot be assured that the pictures are of which one. As per the picture is concern the device is a 10 inch tablet but as the unit number of the device is extremely blurry, it is tough to determine exactly, which one it is.

The app drawer is also shown in the box of this new device but the icons are so big for the screen that it is not fitting. It can be assumed … Read More

Microsoft Didn’t Attend the 2013 CES Show – Arranged in Las Vegas

January 14, 2013 |

The CES show is being organized since 1995 but it is the first time that Microsoft, the once Bill Gates company didn’t attend the show. However, the reason why this million dollar company was not present at the show in not known yet. Still, absence of Microsoft didn’t disturb the popularity and craze of the show in anyways.

The show started last week in Las Vegasand continued successfully. CES or Consumer Electronics Show started with the purpose to give giant technological gadget manufacturers like LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony the opportunity to show their new, dazzling, cool and appealing gadgets. Every year as soon as the show starts giant business personalities from these companies step the dais and the press camera focus to on them to point out the moment of the arrival of next big gadget.

However, according to experts every year not all new discoveries could meet consumers’ expectation. The preferable NBT’s for … Read More

The story behind the fall of Apple shares

December 19, 2012 |

A fall of about 25 % is noticed in the share price of Apple since the highest recorded price set by it three months ago. The U.S analysts have lowered the price targets for this U. S. Giant in the last few days.

Android Smartphones continue to be at the top compared to the Apples iOS. The ratio is nearly 1:7. This had made the matter worse for Apple.

In the concepts of medium term, Apple has the potential to shine back in its price and image, while in short term concepts, the view of analysts and investors are Apple is losing its bite.

With the launch of the iPhone the price went higher up to $ 702.10 but as soon as the freshness faded the price fall down to the $ 500 mark. December 17th saw the worse when the price fell below the psychological mark of $ 500. The prices climbed that very … Read More

CLW Criticism against Samsung’s Breach of Chinese Labor Act

November 28, 2012 |

New serious criticism against the Samsung Company was made by the right groups for the illegal practices of the concern in its Chinese division of suppliers. This was announced on Tuesday, which was soon after the South Korean suppliers admitted that they levied severe fines and excess of overtime for its Chinese employees. In recent times there has been several accusations filed against the illegal practices that was happening to the labors in China.

Most of the foreign companies think China to be a source of millions of cheap labor for their producing units and were treating their employees in a similar manner. The China Labor Watch, a New York based journal said to that the employees at the Samsung suppliers unit were forced to work for up to Sixteen hours in a day and the most drastic thing is that they were given rest only one day in a month. This is so not … Read More

In-memory Technology Of Microsoft To Make Online Transaction Much Faster

November 9, 2012 |

Microsoft is going to introduce an in-memory technology to its SQL server, which is said to be helpful in speeding up online monetary transaction by about double the time that is required now. The in-memory technology has been code named as Hekaton, by Microsoft. The new technology will allow the company to run an entire database from the memory itself. However, Microsoft is still tight-lipped regarding the expected date of unveiling this highly discussed technology.

 Accordingly, the new technology of Hekaton, is being geared up to be used in the workloads of OLTP (online transaction processing), such as the Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP), online banking systems and even other disc-bound payment transaction systems. The technology of Hekaton will be using only a single server for its operation; therefore, it will help in scaling up the RAM installed on the particular server. The new technology is said to provide unlimited usage … Read More