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Technologies Review | August 25, 2019

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Learning Portal Hub Printing

December 21, 2013 |

With the introduction of cloud computing, many other related technologies have arisen. One such useful cloud technique which allows for efficient communication among peers, colleagues, friends or even businesses is a cast portal hub. These portals are where you can communicate easily with anyone who has joined the portal. A cast portal hub makes it easier to do business which might be difficult otherwise. Portal hub printing is based on the cast portal hub technique. You can easily find a printer service ready to print the documents near you through a cast portal hub dedicated to printing purposes. With portal hub printing you could not only order a document to be printed but always be in communication with the operator of the printer. With ability to communicate with anyone in a cast portal hub, you can easily pass on instructions and can expect a better turnaround on the job. Of course all of … Read More

Necessity Of Archiving Lotus Notes

December 21, 2013 |

The process of archiving emails and other notes is actually meant for protecting and storing certain data. The archived data is stored on a separate database, which is similar to the local hard drive or any other server. Archiving Lotus Notes helps in reducing the storage size of the email file. Archiving can be said as one of the best space-saving operations that are provided by different email applications. Lotus Notes mailing is one such application that allows users to archive their mails.

By archiving mails, one can easily retrieve different types of data and important information without damaging the performance of their database. The process is very beneficial, especially if the inbox full and unable to receive mails. Users will be provided with an option to archive mails that are not needed by them, but yet important. Sometimes, users face trouble in archiving their mails due to the need of … Read More

Increase Your Business By Accepting More Currencies

December 8, 2013 |

Nowadays, most businesses have gone digital and no longer operate as they used to. The possibilities for a business that has international customers are much greater compared to one with only a regional or local outlook. International ecommerce has become quite lucrative, and business owners have woken up to this realization. Convert your business into an online operation, but to benefit greatly from it, you need to look for ways of receiving payments from all over the globe. To do this you must identify the best global payment processing system provider.

Finding the Right Global Payment Processing System Provider

The first step is to select a payment provider with a good reputation and one who is trustworthy. If you are to satisfy or service your international orders, you need to appreciate the fact that the risks are much greater compared to when you only serve local orders. When you decide to … Read More

Handling Internet Traffic Easily

December 7, 2013 |

Some companies offer things like telephone and internet services, but the problem is that they are not equipped to actually deliver everything that they promise. When people are with these companies, and a lot of people are on their network, suddenly people start experiencing problems with their ability to make phone calls, and their connection to the web starts to get so slow that people are actually calling in technical support because they think that something is wrong. If companies want to be able to handle traffic, and still make sure everything is working, then they need to look into an IPX, which stands for Internetwork Packet Exchange.

IPX For Use With Voice and Data

People are not using regular telephone companies anymore because an ordinary phone service does not meet their needs anymore. Now, people are going with companies that can offer them high speed internet plus the ability to … Read More

Verifying Every Person With Server Access

December 4, 2013 |

Some business owners do not have a regular schedule, and sometimes they have to go out of the office in order to things or something comes up and they have to work from home. With the help of an access gateway, that owner can work from anywhere, but he or she might not be the only one with remote access. Only the right people should have access to certain information whether they are in the office or not, and a diameter signaling controller can make sure that the right people have access to vital company information.

Making Sure Only Authorized People Have Access Implementing Diameter Signaling Controller

Back in the olden days, before computers came around, people used to lock their files up in a cabinet with a key. Only the bosses and managers had the key, and if anyone wanted to get into the file cabinet, then they had to … Read More

Penetrating The World Of Communication

May 20, 2013 |

The Rich Communication Services (RCS) is by far the most innovative way to communicate. The sophisticated suite is for peripatetic operators seeking a high- end, customized communication and messaging solution. This communication service is devised to produce an enhanced user experience across a wide range of devices, to include smartphones, desktops, and tablets. The network suite is flexible in that it delivers intelligent, valuable, and cost- effective features. Bottom line, RCS advances the operators’ competitive position within the communication’s industry.

Rich communication solution has an array of advantages for any thriving enterprise. The service can be used in support of a company’s need for service capability, privacy, and presence. This service is available using the GSMA mobile ecosystem to transform the manner of which people communicate. RCS-based apps penetrate the consumer interactive mobile interface in order to deliver an experience that transcends beyond voice or SMS. The rich communication service not … Read More

The Evolution Of Radio Monitoring Equipment

April 13, 2013 |

Radio monitoring could be taken as a system for information extraction. Equipment designed for radio monitoring is used widely in varied areas, developed under specifications similar to the systems of information transmission by way of a radio channel. There are several problems which a radio monitoring equipment could address, including determination of radio resource frequency, usage intensity, measurement of zones that could be covered with energy during the quality of radio communication quality, determination and detection of non-licensed transmitter location, etc. Radio monitoring equipment, further, solves problems about information security.

The increase of radio monitoring in Chicago popularity nowadays is due to several reasons. One of the most common is related onto the continuous technical progression of equipment for radio communication; however, the second most usual one is related to the modifications within the political and economic nature which are occurring on the global scale in the present day and age.

Read More

Make Your Business Succeed Online With The Help Of A Social Media Marketing Agency!

April 10, 2013 |

Do you want to have a successful business or company? Well, of course you do, everyone does! Making a business succeed is far from easy especially these days. Anyone who wants to build and run a successful business must have an online presence. Having a website is certainly a good start, but it is the social media where the real potential is. Whether you try to succeed with social media yourself or use the help of a social media marketing agency, success in social media, means success in business as well.

There are over 800 millions Facebook users, over 5 billion mobile subscribers. Ignoring social media is a crime really because the potential is huge. It is not easy for an „average joe“ to take advantage of the full potential of social media. Which is why social media marketing (SMM) agencies have become so popular and why astute business owners use … Read More

Securing Your Core Network With A Security Gateway

April 9, 2013 |

Security is an important thing for internet users, as well as, service providers.  Consumers protect themselves by getting an anti-virus and security software, whereas service provider use a security gateway to protect their customers and enterprise from the exploitations and attacks that can come from the numerous types of networks for mobile and fixed networks over the internet.

An operator’s core network is exposed to numerous types of attacks and exploitations through their mobile voice and multimedia traffic’s back hauling since it’s use is through the internet.  Subscribers can easily and transparently access and roam between 3 and 4G networks, as well as, Wi-Fi and small cell networks.

Security gateways differ in their scalable platforms in the market but there are some that reach over a million Internet Sec tunnels per blade with sub second fail-over.  The levels of security can vary as well.  One of the leading security … Read More