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Technologies Review | January 20, 2019

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Posts By Paul Simmons

Amazon Introduces AWS Cloudformation

February 25, 2011 |

Amazon web services LLC has announced AWS Cloudformation, a simple way for developers and businesses to create collections of related AWS resources and provision them in orderly and predictable way. Users can use AWS CloudFormation’s sample templates or create their own templates to describe the AWS resources required to run their application.

AWS CloudFormation takes care of ‘how’ the resources are provisioned. All you have to worry about is ‘what’ resources are required. Also with this the need to manually recreate an application’s stack for each deployment by developers will be comfortably avoided. According to the company, developers and businesses just have to focus on their applications with AWS at hand.

Customers can create CloudFormation templates and deploy the associated resource stacks via the AWS Management Console, CloudFormation command line tools or APIs. It can also be used across multiple AWS Availability Zones to configure a wide range of AWS resources including Amazon EC2 … Read More

Australia Tuning into Anubis.FM: Sonos streaming 2 Million Songs

February 24, 2011 |

Sonos, the leading developer of wireless multi- room music systems for home has announced as the first on demand music service available on Sonos for the Australian customers. They can now tune into unlimited, on demand, computer free access to more than two million songs all over their homes.One can browse and play anything from’s catalogue with no computer required. on Sonos features high quality, full length track streaming from the music catalogues of Sony Music, Universal Music, EMI Music, Warner Music, and key independent labels. It is available as an option in the Sonos Controller Music Menu under More Music menu on any Sonos controller. on Sonos is a part of the Music on Tap plan and costs AUD$12.99 per month. The good news is that they are offering a free 30-day free trial.

Besides these, Wolfgang’s Vault allows the listeners to tune into thousands of legendary concerts from the … Read More

Nvidia Releases Quadro Driving Virtual Desktops with Microsoft RemoteFX

February 24, 2011 |

Nvidia has released the new NVIDIA WHQL driver to support Quadro GPUs running on backend servers with RemoteFX, for driving graphics on thin clients. Nvidia has been partnering with Microsoft since their beta to enable the best virtual desktop experience with NVIDIA GPUs.The user can now run NVIDIA Quadro 4000, 5000 and 6000 professional graphics cards, as well as the M2070Q server graphics module on RemoteFX to bring improved graphics performance to multiple users in a virtualized environment. These improvements will see its effects in activities from watching a video and creating or viewing 3D flash animations to video conferencing.

The NVIDIA Quadro WHQL qualified drivers for Server 2008 R2 service pack 1 are available on the Nvidia driver download page. Additional driver updates will be coming in the near future to enable more users per GPU. According to the claims increasing the number of users per node, while maintaining acceptable performance, is key to … Read More

Dell Completes Acquisition of Compellent Technologies

February 23, 2011 |

Dell has completed the acquisition of Compellent Technologies which is a rapidly growing provider of highly- virtualized storage solutions with automated data management features, including tiering and thin provisioning, for enterprise and cloud-computing environments.The Compellent Fluid Technology combines a powerful data movement engine, intelligent software and modular hardware that can help cut costs up to 80 percent. This architecture provides block level intelligence to automatically place data on the right storage tier to optimize performance and maximize cost savings.

Dell has also announced a dramatically expanded Dell Storage Forum 2011, which will now include Compellent solutions and channel partners. With the expansion of PartnerDirect channel program new initiatives will be taken to help partners accelerate profitably through higher volume, grow relationships and deliver value and choice to customers. Dell’s storage portfolio already includes EqualLogic and PowerVault. This new development would help customers better manage data growth, reduce storage costs and simplify management of IT infrastructure.

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Lenovo releases six models in ThinkPad series

February 22, 2011 |

Lenovo has released the latest models in the ThinkPad laptop range. The new introductions fall into the L, T and W series of Lenovo ThinkPad laptops. With claims for better performance, functionality and battery life, the T420s, T420, T520, L420, L520 and W520 laptops also feature higher IT management systems. The newly incorporated “self-aware and adaptive technologies” in the laptops help to conserve power of up to 30 percent by powering down components that are not in use at an instant. Together, the new thermal design lets the devices to run at a higher clock speed for a longer time.They also feature improved video-calling functionality and a new keyboard noise suppression technology.Sharing of the same docking station and common batteries provide for better IT management and the continuous wireless technology can function in sleep mode for up to 99 minutes. The pricing for all three series are different and each one is configurable to meet … Read More

‘Angry Birds’ is flying into Windows Phone 7

February 20, 2011 |

Rovio’s super cool game christened as Angry Birds has been creating huge waves of gaming fever across many mobile platforms since its launch in December 2009. So now the company has come to the rescue of the Windows phone 7 users who have been missing out on this fun with the announcement of making the game available in these phones.

This is a puzzle video game, in which players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of destroying all the pigs in the playfield. Angry Birds has been received well due to its successful combination of addictive gameplay, comical style and the low price.

There has been some bad blood between these two companies but with this announcement it has become clear that the past has been left behind. Apart from the Windows Phone 7 launch, a 3D version of the game has also … Read More

New Facebook Messenger app combining VoiP and Facebook chat

February 19, 2011 |

Here comes yet another Facebook app- the Facebook Messenger with the goodness of the VoiP and the functionality of Facebook chat. By adding free VoiP to the existing Facebook chat, the app makes it easy to engage in voice chats totally free of cost.

Once logged in to the Facebook account, one can connect for a free VoiP chat with any of the online friends. But, the other-end user should have installed Facebook messenger.And in case of use of Facebook through a PC, Facebook Messenger will issue a link that leads to a Website where users can speak via a Flash-based VoiP app.

This easy-to-use app also lets to view friend’s wall, post pictures and browse message history. One can also use emoticons and set up multi-tasking  and sound notifications from the app.Reports say that the app will introduce paid plans for regular phone numbers as well. The Facebook app can now be downloaded for $0.99 and requires iOS 3.1.2+.


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Intel releases six-core i7-990X-the fastest desktop chip yet

February 15, 2011 |

The fastest desktop processor ever, Intel six-core i7-990X has started shipping. Running at a clock speed of 3.46GHz, the chip includes 12MB of cache and uses 130 watts of power.What is more interesting is the manual overclocking that further improves the processor speed.

In addition, the chip comes with a feature named Turbo Boost that can power the clock speed to a 3.73GHz peak. The speed delivered will depend on the power used and the application performance. Based on the old Westmere architecture, these processors are free from the Sandy Bridge flaw that Intel had recently announced. The Sandy Bridge flaw had resulted in serious setback to the company reputation which they expect to gain back with the new release.

Along with the Intel announcement came CyberPower’s announcement of the gaming desktop that runs on the processor.The $4,465 gaming system is named as Black Mamba.The new processor with its great speed and performance capabilities … Read More

iBuyPower brings forth Chimera XLC Gaming desktop

February 12, 2011 |

iBuyPower has unleashed the latest gaming desktop PC in its chimera line, the Chimera XLC, which comes with packed with an Extreme Liquid Cooling(XLC) system to cool down the fiery nature of its mythical namesake.

The chimera which is a mind blowing mix of a lion, a snake, and a goat, is painted onto the front and side panels of the Chimera Inferno 3 case that encapsulates the Chimera XLC. As for the inside story, the cooling system aims to keep the temperatures down during long and very intense gaming sessions making use of a 240mm radiator, a 200mm fan, and five 120mm fans to chill the insides at all the times.

In addition to these is its Level 3 Power Drive service for factory overclocking which according to claims can increase speed up to 30 percent. The Chimera XLC also offers a choice of Intel Core i7 CPUs and AMD or Nvidia video … Read More

Yahoo to release digital newsstand for tablets

February 11, 2011 |

Yahoo announced that it would be launching a digital news stand for tablet devices in the near future. The service, named “Livestand” will feature Yahoo’s finance, sports,newspapers, magazines and celebrity contents together with other releases.It is expected to create a personalized reading experience covering a variety of feeds.

Livestand is not the first of the kind, there will be stiff competition from news readers like Flipboard and Pulse, as well as digital publishes of Google, Apple, Adobe and others.The news stand will have content from a wide range of publishers that will be published to users in exchange for a reduction of advertising and subscription charges.

However, no information has been passed on relating to the revenue sharing deal. Livestand is expected to be launched in the first quarter of the year and will be initially available on the iPad and other Android powered tablets from Google.

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Apple releases iOS 4.2.6 with bug fixes for Verizon iPhone 4

February 11, 2011 |

Apple has released an iPhone4 software iOS 4.2.6 that can resolve bugs affecting the accuracy of Personal Hotspot data reporting in the smartphone. It is interesting to note that the software has been released on the same day as the debut date of iPhone4 on the Verizon network.

Verizon’s Personal Hotspot WiFi tethering plan supports up to 5 WiFi devices and costs an additional $20 per month for 2GB of tethered data.Exceeding the limit will cost each gigabyte an additional $20.The bug might have resulted in billing errors due to in-efficient reporting of the hotspot data usage. The iOS4.2.6 takes care of these reporting errors.

The release of iOS 4.2.6 would have come as a great news to the Verizon as the carrier has had billing error related issues lately. Though Verizon is not the only carrier that has had trouble, it is notable that last October Verizon had to refund $90 million to … Read More