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Technologies Review | August 19, 2019

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Posts By Neha C

Why Mi4 Still Continues To Rule

December 2, 2015 |

Launched in the early year of 2015, Xiaomi Mi4 is one of those few phones in Indian market that still continues to make a buzz. There are phones bombarding the Indian mobile market just about every month which are packed with new features and stylish looks. Given this, phones that still continue to rule and sell their pieces are bound to have rolled out an exceptional quality. Xiaomi Mi4 is no exception. If you are looking for an option under the mid-price range, check this out! Here’s all you need to know about it:

1) Design and display

– Yes! Xiaomi has been known to incorporate looks from Apple and it does that quite nicely. It sports a stainless steel frame built with state of the art components. The 5″ JDI high color saturation display of this smartphone will ensure that you have an awesome viewing experience. The resolution is of … Read More

The IPVanish Way To Stay Safe and Browse Faster Anywhere In The World

November 17, 2015 |

When it comes to offering tier 1 VPN services, IPVanish is almost the only name that have across. Established in 2012, it has progressed exponentially and has proved itself to one of the most preferred and used VPN services across the world. With more than two hundred and thirty five serves across sixty countries, it is the most trusted and safe networks to use. Now usually when it comes to using a virtual private network, it is important that your website activity and information is kept intact and not leaked out or intercepted. And this is where IPVanish has made its mark. Therefore when it comes to securing your internet activity, this is most trusted name around.

The workers and team members at IPVanish have ample experience in network services and are quite adept at what they do and know exactly what is happening when it comes to offering VPN services … Read More

5 Tips To Create A Beautiful and Productive Home Office

October 19, 2015 |

Working in the comfort of your own home can have many perks or advantages. However, that does not mean that you will no longer exert some effort in making this office look professional, or at least good.

The appearance of your office may have bigger impact in the quality of your work and your productiveness than you may have imagined. Now, you are probably looking at your surroundings, thinking. Do not worry because in this article we will give you some tips on how to make your home office look beautiful to eventually help improve the overall quality of your work.

Tip 1: Don’t Mix Work with Pleasure

Yes, you are working at home but be sure to separate your personal life from your professional life. This is the only way to stay productive while being comfortable. If you will not set boundaries, the tendency is … Read More

Duties and Responsibilities Of A Tax Consultancy Service Company

September 2, 2015 |

If you are looking for some good advice on issues related to income tax, professional tax and value added tax (VAT) it is the best option to consult a tax consultant. Tax consultants provide us with the best solutions in problems and issues related to tax concerning matters. With increasing and blooming corporate and industrial sectors in the urban India the demand for legal consultants has also increased. People often find themselves struggling with tax issues and they need someone authorised and experienced to guide them to a hassle free solution. If you are running a business or hold a corporate position in a metro city, you’ll definitely need to find tax consultant for your problems. Whether it is a taxconsultant Delhi or a tax consultant Mumbai, every legal attorney and consultant will give you the best advice for your service and personal tax problems. Consultancy services find their implication in almost every … Read More

5 Life Changing Gadgets!

July 18, 2015 |

It’s no surprise that the gadgets industry is constantly evolving. New gadgets are being introduced at top speed for solving so many dilemmas present in your daily lives. While there are some innovators who make gadgets that target the big problems, there are some who noticed the small problems and invented some real cool gadgets. Once you lay your hands upon these gadgets, you will thank them for removing the little annoyances in your life. Here are five gadgets that promise to make your life easier:

Wall Socket Safe

Did travelling last month to various places to attend functions hosted by relatives made you lose your peace of mind because of valuables lying at home? Are your travel visits sudden leaving you with no time to deposit your precious items at bank before going? Or are you someone who owns many confidential files and fears losing them? Say hello to Wall … Read More