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Technologies Review | September 15, 2019

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Posts By Michelle Lee

Cricut Vs. Silhouette – Which One Is Better?

August 8, 2013 |

Cricut and the new Silhouette Cameo are two of the most sought-after machines of their kind. Both of them are feature-rich and they come with a series of useful benefits, but the question still remains: which one is better, the Cricut or the new Silhouette machine? One thing is for sure: although both of them are great, the small details are the ones that truly make a difference. Here is a brief overview of the main differences between these two machines, that will help you decide which one’s the most suitable for you.

One of the main difference between Cameo and Cricut is that the first one can cut any length (although the recommended length is around 40 inches), while the latter can cut 12-inch wide. On the other hand, the Silhouette online store is very comprehensive, easy to navigate and it has a wealth of products where you can choose … Read More

How Mobile Change The Way We Live

July 9, 2013 |

Mobile phones have completely changed the way we live and they are playing vital role in the society, relationships, family and different works. These cell phones are used in multitasking and people are easily also able to keep in touch with each other. There are numerous advantages of these phones as their mobility of a hand free and wireless device. Almost everyone is moving to these mobile phones because they will be able to take them on their different visits like travelling, while they run errands and also at time of their outings. With the help of these latest technologies, everyone can receive the essential calls even while they are out of the house.

These cell phones are featured with extra services that you are searching for and you can fine out everything according to your requirements. They have made our daily lives more convenient by providing different services to make contacts with … Read More

Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adaptor

June 28, 2013 |

Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adaptor Review for Macbook and 13″ Macbook pro

All of Apple’s MagSafe adapters used to charge MacBooks makes it possible for the connector to instantly detach from the computer when the cable is under tension. The MagSafe technology is highly beneficial to protect your MacBook from falling from a height if the cable tangles to your foot or accidentally pulled.

The 60 watts adapter from Apple also incorporates the MagSafe technology. The DC connector is magnetic that ensures that the power cable disconnects if the cable is under strain. It not only prevents the laptop from falling down from the resting perch, but also prevents the cable from weakening or fraying over time.


The design is phenomenal when it comes to both looks and functionality. The adapter is perfect for someone who travels quite often. The Apple MagSafe 60W Power Adapter is certainly great for portability and … Read More

Med-Tech Partners!!!

February 1, 2013 |

In our daily day-to-day life we all see robotic technology advancing beyond our imagination. And on the other hand, I would like to throw some light on our Toyota Industry, when we hear the word ‘Toyota’ we always picture cars but little did we know that it is also an industry that have made robots in the past with a thought process to use them somewhere for social relief. And will be again stepping on the same path to develop them once again, getting a true lead from Honda, Toyota can swing at full force this time.

Year 1926, at the time it was originated, Toyota Automatic Loom Works created automatic fabric loom which was able to found troubles and shut down automatically somewhat similarly to fuse, as it senses the high voltage of current and the fuse wire breaks so as to protect the appliance, etc. As these revolutionary devices came along with … Read More

Fish Finder – Find Fish like a Bat!

January 31, 2013 |

A fish finder is a device which works based on the concept of SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging). These devices were invented during II world war and they were inspired by bats, which use ultra sonic sound for navigation. In simple terms, a bat actually ‘sees’ with its ears. They use ultrasonic sound waves in the way we use light.

Sound waves are narrower at their source and they are produced by fish finder. These waves are sent through water and they form a conical wave structure inside water. These waves spread as they go through water and whenever they hit an object, they rebound and time taken for bouncing back is calculated by fish finder. Tiny variations in those wave patterns are measured and that gives an image of object.

These fish finders also detect the type of bottom. Bottom may be hard, stony and rocky or soft muddy bottom. … Read More

Fitness Apps – Your Phone Will Get You In Shape

January 27, 2013 |

You know how you have a sedentary job and then you get home and sit some more in front of your computer or switch to a TV for a lie-down on the couch? And after a tough day at the office, who could blame you, with a boss breathing down your neck and deadlines piling up. Yet, even though it’s tough to will yourself to it, the best cure when feeling caught in a rat’s maze of everyday life struggle (apart from getting wasted every night – which is most likely NOT going to boost your productivity) is to get some physical exercise.

Yeah, I know, you’ve heard it all before, but bare with me, cause I’m going for the interesting ones – the mobile apps that will make you want to move. There’s a number of them out there that help out with the more boring aspects of working out, such as pedometers, or … Read More

Web Design: Know How Important It Is To Increase Your Page Rank

January 22, 2013 |

The importance of a site is the main factor for Google page ranking. This is a ranking on a scale from 1 to 10. A higher page rank means your site holds higher importance when it is indexed by Google. If you have an online business, then page rank is one factor to see increased traffic. You can review a series of tips for website design to help increase your Google page rank.

The biggest factor to ensure that your website will attract visitors is to provide good content. Content on your website needs to be unique and interesting to engage visitors. The goal is to convert a sales lead to a paying customer. If you do not provide good content on your site, then visitors will not return.

Another factor to consider for website design is to make sure your code is clean. This includes how the keywords are used in the structure of … Read More

What are the Advantages and Benefits of Cloud Based Services?

January 17, 2013 |

A standard business model may have been enough to get a company through, over the last few decades but, with the globalization of business, as well as with a free flow of information around the world (side-effects of the internet), comes the need for the slow bureaucracy and asset management to be optimized by a fair margin. One of the best ways that companies have developed to embrace the new challenges is the use of cloud based services in order to improve their business model in various ways. From management to customer interaction, there are ways a company can benefit from using these services greatly.

One of the basic features that the usage of a cloud service brings to a company is workforce mobility – this holds true both for small businesses and for large, sprawling ones. Small ones can reduce their operational costs by cutting down on the office space needed, by having … Read More

7 Ways to Make Your Website More User and Printer-Friendly

January 17, 2013 |

Designing a website is always difficult. It can be tempting to over-consider the impact of search engines, since often it can be difficult for anyone to find your site without search engine traffic. However, making your site look good, work well for an actual human user and be easily printable without using up the entire printer cartridge is at least as important; make sure you keep both people and machines in mind while you work on your website.

Keep Load Times Down

In an age of high-speed Internet, it can be easy to think that everyone will be able to load your web page quickly regardless of how many images, videos, and other flashy doodads you decide to add. The reality is that a surprisingly large number of users – your customers, no matter how tech-savvy you think your audience is – are still stuck on dial-up connections and will quickly become frustrated if a … Read More

Technology Explained: Uses and Types of Butterfly Valves

January 17, 2013 |

A butterfly valve comes from a family of valves known as quarter turns. The specific term refers to the metal disc that is mounted onto a rod. When closed, the disc turns on the rod in a way so that the passageway is completely blocked. The disc will rotate a quarter turn when the valve is open so that there is unrestricted passage. The outside of the valve affects the actual position of the disc.

Much like anything mechanical, there exist several kinds of butterfly valves that all handle different usage or pressures. For instance, there is the resilient butterfly valve that uses rubber and comes with a rather low pressure rating. High performance valves offset the position of the disc in some way but comes with a slightly higher pressure system and can have a tendency to wear and tear. The highest pressure rating comes with the tricentric valve that uses a metal … Read More

How Can Using Management Software Improve Your Private Practice

January 16, 2013 |

There are several benefits to using management software. Business owners can keep track of all vital information related to their private practice as long as they have an Internet connection. Records for patients and clients can be stored in one place using this kind of program. The process of building customers for services rendered is made easy because people only have to click a few buttons in order to send out an invoice. People can create a mailing list and send information to clients when necessary using this type of software.

An individual does not need to go to the office in order to keep track of their records. If a person has access to a personal computer they can log into the program from anywhere in the world. This is useful for individuals who fall behind with record-keeping tasks. Furthermore, confirming appointments can be done by individuals who work from home when this type … Read More

Make Your iPhone Experience Completely Unique With Cool Accessories

January 16, 2013 |

As if having an iPhone didn’t already provide unparalleled service, applications, accessibility and ease of use, Apple goes the extra mile — several extra miles, in fact — make your phone experience a cut above the rest.

The iPhone is designed to fit any lifestyle, serve any needs and functions for its users, whether for business, pleasure or a combination of both and everything else you can imagine. With the company’s wide array of clever, creative and user-friendly accessories, you can tailor your iPhone down to the letter of your needs.

Here are 10 of the most exciting iPhone accessories to help reveal your individual spirit and lifestyle to the world while making your daily tasks simpler.

iPhone Windshield Mount You will be able to take to the road and be hands-free with this eye-level mount that lets you see maps as you move along. Navigation and communication will be a breeze with this safety-friendly … Read More

The Medical Aspects of Life Insurance

January 14, 2013 |

Life insurance is designed to provide benefit s to the estate or dependants of an insured person after their demise. It can also be loaded to trigger benefit after the occurrence of critical illnesses during the term of the policy. A policy holder enters into a contract with an insurance company where they pay a premium either periodically or as a lump sum. Benefits may sometimes include things like funeral expenses.

The policy holder acquires peace of mind with the assurance that upon their death the respective dependants will not undergo financial hardships especially where the insured is only breadwinner is a household or in cases where young children who cannot be able to fend for themselves are left behind. Most life contracts have exclusion clauses that disqualify payment of benefits as a result of death through suicide.

Many insurance companies that offer life contracts usually separate applicants on the basis of their health where … Read More