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Technologies Review | September 15, 2019

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Are Dedicated Servers Worth It?

September 4, 2013 |

Before you decide whether dedicated servers are worth the investment for your business or not, you have to understand the main benefits of using dedicated servers in comparison with the ones that arise from using standard shared web hosting.

First of all, with shared web hosting your websites files are at risk, because you will have them stored on the same server with other websites. Thus, if there is any problem that is experienced by other websites, it will affect the performance of your own website. Dedicated servers will save you from this mess. When you use dedicated servers, you will not share your server space with other people. Thus, you will get maximum performance for your website.

Second, you have to consider the security aspect of your website, especially if you’re dealing with lots of financial transactions within your website. Why? … Read More

Photo Retouching Techniques Known Only By The Professionals

August 23, 2013 |

As you live in a digital age, it is impossible not to use technology in terms of creating art. The digital editing has the merit of booming the photographic industry. With new camera models being released monthly, it seems that everyone can benefit from the features and the increased number of mega-pixels. The problem is that even if you have the most expensive and high tech camera, it also has its limitations. The issue is that the photos seem to lack that variety of tones and colors which the eye perceives. Therefore, the art of photo retouching comes to help professionals of all ages. However, there are some tricks only known by professionals, but which can be applied by every person who is interested in the subject matter.

Retouching Tools

The reality is that retouching a photo is simply editing it to make it look better. These enhancements … Read More

Must Features In A DVI Extender For Signage Usage

August 9, 2013 |

As technology becomes more evolved with every single day, the trends that were yesterday novel seem to be today extinct. This can be seen in a simple drive on the highway. You may have noticed the advertising has taken a new shift as metal towers display colorful signs that will get your attention no matter what. This display controlled by a remote control is possible with the help of a DVI extender. It is clear that it is not in your advantage to be far from the display, but in many cases the control station is really far from the digital sign. The remote connectivity is given with the help of these extenders.

Common Features

Even if some digital signage is not that far away from the unit which controls it, it is not something unusual to ask for this. In the case of hospitals the displays need … Read More

Why You Should Use Facial Recognition System In Your Company

August 8, 2013 |

Facial recognition systems can greatly help your company business if you implement it properly. This system uses biometric data-matching process and it can be applied in various aspects within your company. Facial recognition systems can be applied in your business security, time management, database management, and many other aspects. Here are some reasons why you should use facial recognition system in your company:

1. Prevent Identity Theft

Facial recognition systems can be used to identify the employees within your company, which will also help you to keep track of their activities within your company. Since every employee can only use their own face to identify their place within the company, it will help you to prevent identity theft within your company. You can keep track of people who come and go from your company. You will also know the people who access certain facility within your company as … Read More

Common Broadband Problems – A Guide To Troubleshoot.

July 31, 2013 |

So finally, you decided that it’s time to be involved in the world and get a broadband internet connection. Nope, you are no longer the odd one out who doesn’t have Internet connection at home. You can now surf the internet 24/7 at your own convenience. You can finally download the songs and videos you’ve been watching for months now. You can catch up on pod casts. And yes, you can finally join that online forum where you can meet new people who share the same interest and passion as you do. But there are several problems that you may encounter with your broadband. These problems need to be addressed properly to enable you to continue your new-found hobby. Here are two of the common problems and how to easily solve them:

A. Poor Signal

This is can be very frustrating. You’re already there, and all you have … Read More

RC Toys – A Selection Guide

July 31, 2013 |

RC toys are something that is equally loved by kids and adults. RC cars and RC helicopters are the most popular form of RC toys that even the adult can’t resist. There is a large number of RC toys available in the toy market of 2013, including cars, helicopters, trains, planes, trucks, bikes and what not. These toys come with different power options, including gas and electric. Children and even adults can live their dream of becoming a pilot or a racer by playing with these RC toys.

We have seen great advancements in the field of RC toys recently, almost all kinds of vehicles can be found with an RC version. Just enter a toy shop and you will be amazed with the number of amazing options you have when it comes to purchasing RC toys. But before choosing which RC toy you should go for, keep … Read More

How Cloud Computing Virtualization Can Benefit Your Business?

July 8, 2013 |

Are you considering Cloud Services for your business? The following article will explain all that you need to know that will help you taking your decision. Cloud services have two components, the first is the computing technology and the other one is Virtualization. As the name suggests, Virtualization is a process through which the data are virtually stored. Means it is not available on any physical machine but stored on a virtual platform from where it can be retrieved any time. Cloud virtual services provide storage space, networking solutions, hardware requirements and operating system requirements as well. Cloud services are the best option available when the efficiency and security are the main concerns of a business.

 In virtual setup, a virtual machine is dedicated to a client. This machine has an operating system installed and works like any physical machine. A physical machine of host i.e. client is connected with a … Read More

3D Rendering And Animation Software

May 6, 2013 |

There are two broad divisions when it comes to the animation industry, one division consists of the people that like to watch 2D and 3D animation and appreciate the good work of artists. While the second divisions consists of the artists themselves, who like to produce these animations and fill the world with amazing 3D effects that people couldn`t imagine few years ago.

Both 2D and 3D industries are at their peaks right now, and just because people have inclined towards 3D in recent times, do not mean that we can expect an end of 2D soon. 2D animation industry is still working in its full capacity and keeps producing the eye-popping animations with extra ordinary visual effects to make everyone feel astonished.

Most of the Animators around the world use a technique known as “Rendering” to make their drawings come alive. Due to the invention of 3D flash and 3D Illustration techniques, a new … Read More

Guide to Transferring Data from One iPhone to another

May 1, 2013 |

If you are one of those new iPhone owners, congratulations, you have entered into the world that you had never witnessed before. With iPhone you can do tons of things, and in order to be able to use this ultra high-tech device to its full capacity, you must first understand all of its features. Most of the iPhone users don’t even know the features that iPhone provides them, and they use it just to make calls, Internet and SMS. You have to do a little research though to find out the complete list of features that your iPhone has and what else can you do with iPhone besides normal mobile stuff.

In this article we are going to discuss one of such iPhone features that a normal End-User don’t know about, and it is essential to teach iPhone users regarding this feature as it can make their life  a lot easier. We are going to … Read More

Themefuse – A Web Designers Delight

April 29, 2013 |

Themefuse is an incredibly famous WordPress theme developer that provides users with 32 different themes at an affordable price. Themefuse is known for providing users with exceptional support and professional themes, each of which is built to be responsive and compatible with virtually all WordPress plugins.


Themefuse has 32 themes available, each of which is tailored for a specific purpose or niche. The Bon Apetit theme, for example, is custom-built to the needs of a restaurant, while Freshfolio is designed as a creative portfolio theme for anyone who needs to showcase their artistic designs or services. Themfuse also offers a sports theme called Sportedge, a medical niche theme called Medica, and a theme for freelance writers simply known as Writer. Other themes from Themefuse, such as CreativeJuice, Gadgetry, and PixelWhiz may be ideal for certain niches, but can be applied to any industry and serve only to provide users with a variety of options.

Read More

Volume Licensing To Manage Your Workplace PCs

April 23, 2013 |

Volume licensing, if properly understood, makes the perfect sense for any sort of business, small or large. Nobody can hearsay the fact that technology is among the most important enablers for business success in this age of cutthroat competition. VL  is almost equivalent to getting bulk discounts, although bulk purchasing is not necessary with volume licensing. Simply put, volume licensing as a procurement activity that enables you to purchase software by just paying for the license of usage, and not the complete bundle of software and its boxed contents with supplementary manuals and media. So, there is a huge chunk of software purchasing expenses gone out of the window, all courtesy volume licensing.

How Volume Licensing Enables You To Manage Your Workplace’s Pcs Better?

Apart from the obvious fact that you save a truck load of money on all your subsequent software purchases, there are some other very concrete and desirable benefits  from availing volume … Read More

How to Download and Convert YouTube Videos

April 18, 2013 |

YouTube is the world’s largest video network. You can find millions of videos there, with new ones being added every day. A variety of videos reside at YouTube. Clips of movies, soaps, businesses, news, products and services and other individually created videos can be found on this channel.  You can download these videos easily. However, YouTube itself has not enabled any download option. You can use some online tools and programs to download and convert YouTube videos. Usually, such programs are free to use but there are also a few premium programs available.

Downloading YouTube videos

If you type the keywords ‘download YouTube videos’ in Google, plenty of links will pop up your screen. You can visit a site and use their program to download a YouTube video. All these download tools work through a similar procedure. Usually, you need to open the video on YouTube channel that you are willing to download, copy its … Read More

3 Tips Helping You Obtain a Better Dedicated Server

April 16, 2013 |

Your company invests heavily in the expensive monthly hosting bill, so it’s essential for you to take every precaution to select the best hosting company. So, how to obtain a better dedicated server hosting service for your business? What are some of the issues you must consider before choosing a dedicated server hosting service?

There are a lot of reasons you must get dedicated web hosting appropriate for your gaming group. For one, getting a clan hosting provider allows you to get a hosting provider that understands your requirements. Since these hosting providers know the communication requirements of gaming communities, tailoring of hosting solutions are easily provided and offered by these hosting firms. Various software popular among gaming group websites such as bulletin boards, forums, chat are likely to be configured and included in your clan hosting plan. And even if your clan or guild does not require all of the mentioned options, it still … Read More