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Technologies Review | July 19, 2019

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About John Stone

John Stone

John Stone

John Stone is a DIY enthusiast with an interest in new technologies, sustainability and all-things-DIY.

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Collect Your Debts With Care and Retain Customers

January 24, 2016 |

Many companies have problems with debt collection, which can obstruct their money flow and eventually lead them to bankruptcy. Harsh debt collectors are the thing of the past, and experts determined that friendly approach works much better, plus it enables companies to retain customers and make them more loyal in the future. In this article we described some of the friendly strategies you can use for debt collection that will make your debtors more willing to pay their invoices on time.


Best way to secure your company’s money flow is to avoid doing business with bad debtors. That’s why entrepreneurs need to invest more money and time into procedures that will prevent customers to prolong their debt. Each contract signed between company officials and customers and business partners should clearly define amount of money, payment due date and additional fees or interest that might be imposed … Read More

How To Hackproof Your Smartphone

December 23, 2015 |

Number of mobile internet users is constantly growing. Most people don’t understand that smartphones are subjected to attacks in the same way as desktop computers. Some experts say that mobile phones are even more threatened, due to high number of unreliable Wi Fi networks they connect to.

When it comes to malware, they can be caught on: Android, IOS, Windows and BlackBerry OS, with Android being the most vulnerable platform because of much bigger market share and user’s ability to download untested apps. iOS being the second biggest mobile operating system also becomes more vulnerable to spyware.

How do Hackers Attack Your Phone?

Most cyber criminals that attack smart phones use man-in-the-middle attack technique. This results in a break–in of the operating system that redirects data to hacker’s device. With this technique attackers can access:

  • Internet browser activity and history;
  • Phone’s physical … Read More

Easy Home Tech Tweaks You Should DIY

December 23, 2015 |

Having a house demands knowing basic maintenance skills. There are some tech repairs that do not demand calling an electrician because you can do them by yourself. Keep reading and find out how to replace a dead light bulb, clean the air conditioning filter and old toner, and how to make your home theatre sound system better.

Replace a Dead Light Bulb

If the light bulb if black or exploded, you should first cut the power supply to avoid electric shock. If the light bulb is in the ceiling, you are going to have to use the ladders to reach it. Have someone assist you by holding the ladders while you are climbing them. Depending on the type of light fixture you are using (either hanging or ceiling attached), you are going to have to remove the lamp and hold the fixture body to get to … Read More

Trail Camera Tips And Tricks

July 26, 2015 |

If you are a fan of sports photography, game or simply want to take great photos of wildlife, you will probably be surprised by the possibilities trail cameras provide you with. Especially with game hunting, trail cameras have become hugely popular due to their usefulness – they are weatherproof and designed for extended outdoor usage, without a person having to press the buttons in order for them to work. They are especially used by hunters for surveillance, but can be used in other purposes as well. If you are starting to be intrigued by all this talk, keep reading and find about tips and tricks that will help you better shots with your trail camera.

Motion Sensor

The first thing about trail cameras is to get to know them. You have to know how they work in order to better understand them and get better shots. For example, many people think … Read More