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Technologies Review | September 15, 2019

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Himanshu S

Himanshu S

Himanshu Saxena is an Internet Marketing Specialist, Freelance Writer and Blogger. He covers stories and news related to startups, e-commerce, health and technology. You can connect with Himanshu here.

Posts By Himanshu S

How b2b Call Centre Can Help You Generate Qualified Sales Leads?

December 8, 2015 |

Sales leads are an important part of the marketing strategy. Without generation of qualified sales leads, businesses can’t even think about sustaining for long in stiff competition. When you are able to generate qualified leads for your business you are in turn acquire best prospects, those who expectantly become loyal customers and help you attaining fruitful results in coming future.

There is no denying the fact that one of the most significant parts of your marketing campaign is qualified lead generation. Is it really challenging to acquire leads that will become your devoted customers, the ones that will stay loyal to you in long run and that will maximize your return on investment? Well, answer to this question is quite simple- Yes. However, it’s certainly achievable provided you take the assistance of reliable b2b call centre. These service providers make sure you take each and every step in … Read More

Compare Point Of Sale Software and Select The Right System For Your Retail Store

August 27, 2015 |

Point of Sale software, or POS software as it is often called, is critical to any retail business is still too often the selection process closely enough to bring out the best software solutions for businesses.

Compare point of sale software packages can be difficult for those who have never done this before. Follow this checklist to compare the main features of the software and the key ability of the company to help make the right decision:

Compare systems on your list, ranking them in their own opinion, in the following areas:

Easy to use: Use the system yourself. Too often, people selling software glides over the keyboard quickly and does not allow you to use software on their own. Make sure that you use the software on their own. Make your own judgment about how easy the software for use. Put a few … Read More

Why You Need Hands Free Headset For Motorola Two Way Radios

August 21, 2015 |

Even in today’s time of smartphones and tablets, two way radios are widely being used for communication. From event management to construction sites, from restaurants to outlets, two way radios are providing an easy and effective mode of communication. Motorola two way radios are highly popular handheld devices for communication in the market.

Two Way Radios

It is fairly simple to use the handheld device in order to talk to other people. There’s no unnecessary need to dial a number or search the contact list to talk to fellow personnel. This is highly helpful during emergency situation and becomes immensely useful when handling crunch situations at places like construction sites.

There are some accessories that make using the two way radios quite comfortable for users. Hands free headsets are one great accessory to have–especially during a job that requires using both the hands.

Use of Motorola … Read More

Boost Your Business With Local Phone Numbers

July 28, 2015 |

With the growing popularity of smart phone and electronic book it has become difficult for people to store the complex telephone numbers in their mind. Vanity numbers gives potential customers a point of contact, which they carry back in their memory and can use it to communicate with you company. As vanity numbers are crafted with words and numbers so these numbers are quite memorable and effective. Vanity numbers are great marketing tool for increasing your brand eminence. A vanity local number offers potential customers a fast and easy way to interact with companies via telephone. With local phone numbers, customers can easily reach you with a local call. A local phone numbers usually creates a sense of being local to the targeted customers.

Vanity numbers are beneficial for all kinds of businesses and industries. Buyers become much assured about your product and services because these numbers brings credibility to your … Read More

Top 7 Reasons To Buy Vanity Telephone Number

April 30, 2015 |

It is said that companies that use 800 numbers (vanity numbers) as part of their marketing and advertising tools increases customer response rate by 25-50%. Vanity numbers are kind of alphanumeric numbers that are easy-to-remember as compared with conventional numeric numbers. If your business involves direct contact with customers then it is a pre-requisite to give an easy-to-recall telephone number identity to your business. Moreover, this is just the beginning of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you sign on with 800 responses. Substantial benefits of using a vanity number are much more, some of them include:

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Having a 800 telephone number can improve your customer services and satisfaction by allowing you to simply take calls. A telephone number makes it easier for your potential customers to reach you and get their questions answered. They will be able to call you whenever required. Hence, the easier and convenient you … Read More

Make Way For An Immersive Tablet Experience By Using A Fine Tip iPad Stylus

November 27, 2014 |

Apple has dominated the tablet market for since what, time immemorial!! The popularity of iPad among tablet users hasn’t decreased even one bit, and why it should? Apple offers iPad with revolutionary cutting edge technology that is enough to give all its competitors a run for their money. Although, despite of the amazing functionalities, Apple tablets are known to provide, they still fail to create a desktop like user experience. The virtual keyboard is fine for short term users, but what about the folks whose bread and butter rely on the use of Apple tablets.

There is no denying the fact that, it becomes virtually impossible to tap in your fingers consistently on the iPad screen for long hours. Styluses have proved to be the only natural solution to this issue. It has practically emerged as a boon for people who work tirelessly on iPads. Styluses, however, go way back … Read More

How To Clean Your VCR Heads In 9 Easy Steps

June 25, 2014 |

VCR, Video cassette recorder is an electromagnetic device used for various recording purposes from television broadcast or other sources. VCR gained extensive popularity in the past few decades due to its numerous advantages. VCRs were the main cause of the rise of the home video industry that gave business to millions of people. VCR was first released by Philips in 1970, is a recording and playback device used with TVs which allows you to record a show on a magnetic tape. Home VCRs usually have a television broadcast receiver or tuner for TV signal reception and a clock that can be programmed to record for the start and end time specified by the user.

The rise in its popularity led to stiff competition in the production market. Key VCR manufacturers are

–        Panasonic –        Matsushita Electric –        Sony –        JVC

Products manufactured by them were more efficient … Read More

Learn How To Choose Stylus Pen In 5 Steps – A How To Guide

June 12, 2014 |

Stylus pens are used for touch screen electronic devices which include tablet, computers and cell phones. Stylus is a writing instrument that works by touch or pressure. Regular pen and stylus pen work in a similar fashion but the main difference lies in the fact that stylus pen has plastic or cloth ball point so as to prevents the screen from damage. A stylus usually resembles a pen, hence the name stylus pen and it can be used to select options, write or draw on a touchscreen.

Why use a Stylus

Stylus is used for touchscreen or stylus enabled devices. At times using a stylus may seem absurd but the following advantages will surely change your perspective:

–          More comfortable mainly when you  need to touch the screen frequently

–          High precision

–          No fingerprints on screen hence no constant cleaning

–          At … Read More

How To Handle Online Credit Card Processing?

June 2, 2014 |

Any business that hopes to enter the online market needs an eCommerce website equipped with a shopping card software solution. One of the easiest ways to set up a website with online card payments processing is employing a credit card processing service provider. The provider then takes care of the security and the transaction process for your business. You can then channelize your focus on improving your products’ sales and other critical aspects of your business. However, having a basic understanding of credit card processing is imperative for an online merchant. In this write-up, you will read about the components needed for processing card payments online and the factors to be considered when choosing any such solution.

Online Credit Card Processing: What You Need to Get Started

Website: A website works as a medium where you display your products or services for online shopping. Such websites are referred to as eCommerce … Read More