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Technologies Review | September 15, 2019

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Genelia L.

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Conversion From PDF To JPG

July 8, 2013 |

Portable Document Format is a wonderful universally accepted file format for its security, usability and distributive features. Because of its unquestioned universal popularity, people all over the world tend to overlook some of its drawbacks and the advantages that can accrue by converting to some other graphical file format. One such drawback is that PDF documents can only be viewed in a dedicated PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

In comparison, JPG file format is a famous image and graphics related file format. JPG file doesn’t need any additional or dedicated viewer or application to be viewed. Every operating system contains one or other kind of image viewers built into them and almost all of these image viewers can open the JPG files. Even if we talk about viewing JPG images online in the web browsers, almost every web browser has the built-in feature of displaying images so you don’t … Read More

The Zoo Of Google Updates

July 5, 2013 |

If you have been involved in the SEO industry for the last decade or so you will have probably witnessed first-hand the huge changes that Google has unleashed on its index.

Some would argue that the industry took its biggest turn all the way back in 2003, with ‘Florida’ wreaking havoc amongst millions of websites who had built a foundation on prehistoric SEO methods. Since then, updates have unravelled thick and fast and there is genuine fear on webmaster forums whenever the big G is contemplating its next major move.

Over recent years, the changes have been quite tremendous and the SEO industry has again taken a massive change in direction. It didn’t matter if you did your SEO yourself, whether you had an in-house team to perform it for you or if you hired SEO reseller services – everyone has most probably been affected at some point or other. Therefore, starting with Panda, here … Read More

A Look At The Possibilities With ‘Connected Cars’

July 4, 2013 |

When you get to a certain age, technology seems to become a topic that moves too fast to understand. You don’t even need to be that old to reach this stage… thirty-five to forty is the norm. So when someone poses the question of connected cars, your first instinct may be that which was tested by Google and Volvo and other car manufacturers.

With cars communicating with each other so that they follow the same route, keep the same distance and speed and create a safer more enjoyable automated driving experience. Well for once you are correct but there is so much more to the connected cars term and the possibilities of interaction, communication, entertainment and information delivery.

Services and technical updates to your car are so wide reaching that whole events and technology festivals are set up to incorporate the growing trend surrounding cars that use the latest … Read More

Adobe Indesign: Drawing Your Imagination

June 23, 2013 |

Adobe InDesign is a designing software that finds huge commercial applications especially for business and social marketing. It is a DTP (Desktop Publishing) software and combines artistic workmanship and page layout capabilities to create posters, flyers and other advertising materials with a minimal cost of publishing unlike the standard high expense printing processes.

The software is manufactured and marketed by Adobe Systems, who also manufactures the world’s most popular photo editing and graphic designing software, Adobe Photoshop. Like Photoshop, InDesign also claims to be one of the most widely used DTP software applications.  As we said above DTP stands for desktop publishing and involves the production of documents on a personal computer or MAC harnessing page layout talents. It largely uses commercial software especially for advertising purpose and is much more preferred than the localized printing methods, the ones draining the vigor and money. When it comes to DTP, one can … Read More

How To Ensure Transparency In The Pharmaceutical Packaging Process

June 7, 2013 |

According to Vice Chairman Terry Hisey (U.S. Life Sciences Group at Deloitte LLP, “Good Pill Hunting, Business Life,” May 2011), counterfeit drugs represent an expanding grey market estimated at about USD 200 bn. Counterfeit drugs impact manufacturers, distributors and consumers in the Americas, Japan, Europe and emerging markets of Africa and Asia.

The World Health Organization (WHO) believes the problem of counterfeit pharmaceuticals is worsening. WHO estimates that approximately 50 percent of pharmaceutical drugs sold online are counterfeit. These counterfeit drugs cause the deaths of 2,000 or more persons around the globe. Counterfeit drugs diminish pharmaceutical manufacturers’ brand and end-user confidence in their use.

First, do no Harm

Therapeutic products, including pharmaceutical drugs, must be safe to use. According to author Dennis Jenke (“Compatibility of Pharmaceutical Solutions and Contact Materials,” 2013) transparency in pharmaceutical packaging is key to consumer protection.

Negative interactions between drugs and packaging products can cause … Read More

Acer Reveals New Products In New York

June 5, 2013 |

Friday morning J.T. Wang, CEO of Acer, held a press conference in New York to reveal several new touch-based products. Included in these products were the Acer R7, the Acer P3 Ultrabook as well as a pair of tablets; the Acer Iconia A1 and B1. Wang held this conference to discuss the company’s move to touch based products.

The Acer R7 is a 15.6 inch HD touch screen notebook and was designed with the consumer in mind. The new design features a hinge that allows you to reposition the display, making it conducive for all users. The design allows you to decide how you prefer to use the device. Its functionality gives you the option to switch between touchscreen-mode and conventional typing easily.

President of Acer Europe, Oliver Ahrens stated that, “With the Aspire R7, Acer has redesigned the notebook with an approach that’s based on how people interact … Read More

Why Therapist Phone Answering Is Growing Popular

June 3, 2013 |

Ah, the stress and rigours of modern life. Most of us dream of having it easier, of living a life free of worry and anxiety, but it is just too hard; it is everywhere. From the moment we wake up, stressed that we won’t get to work on time or get the kids off to school, to the day itself. Even post-work we have the children to worry about, or places we have to be.  Therapists hear it all, yet one thing they’re growing tired of hearing while they’re concentrating on patients is their phone ringing.

With newly available therapist phone answering services available from VA’s and automated sources, offices can finally remain calm and peaceful.  Here’s why else these services are growing popular today.

Downgraded Spending

Many psychotherapists have self-purported practices, meaning they’re working out of homes, cheap offices or sharing quarters with other unrelated entities.  Downgrades in … Read More

How To Use the Right Data to Strengthen Your Business Plan

May 24, 2013 |

Congratulations on going after your dream of owning or expanding a business. Just getting this far, to the point where you’re starting to file for licenses, permits and educate yourself about the types of workers (i.e. consultants, part-time employees) you could hire, is a commendable step forward. If you’ve been researching the business ownership or expansion process for a few weeks, you probably know how important it is that you infuse sufficient capital into your business.

Unless you’re the heir to thousands or millions of dollars, have existing capital from another business you recently sold or another source of expendable income, you’ve likely come to the realization that, to fund your business expansion or start-up, you may have to seek a bank loan. Of course, you could also seek out funding from an angel investor. Either way, you’ll have to build and present your bank or an investor with a solid … Read More

The Euphoria for the Modern Advances

May 2, 2013 |

A cellular phone or mobile phone is an instrument can connect with people thereby making and receiving calls by the time one moves in wide geographical premises. It does so by establishing a relationship with cellular network and public telephone network.

Earlier Nokia was the only prime market dealer. Somehow, since there has been competition with Asia pacific, some other brands have emerged as foes such as Micromax, I-mobile and Samsung. Android featuring Smartphones also captured the market at the cost of nokia.

Mobile phones are used for number of different tasks, including establishing a connection with the loved ones as well as the needed ones. Nowadays cell phone has gained a very important part in the lives of people. Mobile phones have become a part of the daily routine. Absence of mobile phones can now cause a lot of troubles to the people as many … Read More

Effective Applications of Online Software for Property Management

April 29, 2013 |

Usually, the property management companies are hired by the landlord for taking care of the rental properties for which they have to spend a lot of money for the management. Also, the companies charge extra fees for their service and maintenance charges. At the moment, the rental properties can be managed by the landlords individually without taking help from companies, with the help of the online software tools for property management that are easily found in a market.

Landlord software

With the growth and development of technology, the online software tools for the property management help the landlords in managing the property. The manager is able to execute the actions accurately, effectively and quickly with the help of the tenant software. The software stores the large amount of data in a consolidated database, which you can access any time with the help of your laptop. For using the landlord … Read More