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Technologies Review | March 23, 2019

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5 Great Apps For Boating Enthusiasts

December 5, 2013 |

Although the early sailors needed little more than the stars to guide their way, technology has always come in handy in the world of boating. These days, most types of water vessels utilize technological gadgets in one form or another. It’s not uncommon for boats of all stripes, from skiffs to oil tankers, to be outfitted with global communications devices, while radios and radar are a given for any boat that spends time in deep waters. But in today’s mobile world there’s no need for avid boatmen to relegate their onboard technology to being solely on board. Yup, by utilizing useful mobile apps, captains of most vessels can have another nautical tool at their disposal.

Of course these implements can be highly advanced and cost a pretty penny. But those more expensive options on this list are well worth the price due to their comprehensive features.

Nav Apps iNavX – ($49.99)Read More

6 Solutions For Every Business’s Data Storage Needs

October 21, 2013 |

Opting for a cloud based data storage solution can be tricky especially when a business’s life blood depends on making an excellent choice. Some of the critical components of a quality data storage company are offering extremely secure data storage containers along with clearly defined methodologies for protecting data in all of its forms from any possible security intrusion. This fact dictates that in addition to having a dedicated server and storage farm with online back up as well as a secondary and often a third space for redundant security options. In addition to back up locations quality companies must offer their clients a clear cut online back up and retrieval system.

When looking at the cloud storage options available in today’s market here are some of the top players that provide a quality data storage solution.


This company takes security so seriously that its … Read More

HMI Touch-Screens: Leading-Edge Advantages For Your Business

August 1, 2013 |

HMIs, which are touchscreen-based human machine interface computers, are steadily becoming ubiquitous in business and industry. They are next-generation computers and computerized control systems which offer significant advances and advantages over their precursors including mechanical buttons, keyboards, PCs, and laptops.

Difficult industrial circumstances and environments are areas where HMIs shine. In trying environments such as factory floors, mice can get clogged up quickly and fail to work properly. Keyboards can also quickly collect airborne particulates, and that grime can cause them to fail.

PCs and laptops with fans and their hard drives are all too susceptible to failure in industrial environments where fluids or liquids spray or may spray often, there’s a lot of vibration, there’s a high count of airborne particulates, or there is extreme temperature or heat radiation flux.

Imagine getting to a critical step in a manufacturing process only to suddenly … Read More

5 Top Tech Toys Every Trucker Should Have

July 15, 2013 |

If you’re a trucker then life inside the cab has changed for the better over the last few years.   Thanks to the breakthroughs in communications, computing and the boom in mobile technologies the options for keeping yourself entertained, safe and in touch with the people you care to keep in touch with while on the road have never been better.   The great news for truckers is that while technology has improved drastically from the days of small black and white TVs and static filled CB radios the boom is still continuing to make life better.   If you’re wondering what tech based goodies you want to pack into your cab make your life on the road a little easier here are five top tech toys every trucker should have.

Durabook CA10

Topping the list of must haves is a tablet PC designed from the beginning to be the perfect tablet for truckers.  … Read More

Home Theater Sound: 5 Tips For The Best Living Room Acoustics

July 15, 2013 |

Once the boxes have been opened and all the shiny new devices uncovered, it is time to put those home theater component together to create the perfect picture and ideal sound experience. Unless you want to pay a lot for a professional installation, this set-up is probably on your shoulders. While surround sound speakers come in only a few varieties, living rooms come in all shapes and sizes. Living room speakers work best when you take time to study your own acoustics and customize speaker position. Use these tips for the best sound arrangement in your house:

1. Use Any Sound Detection Features Available: 

Modern day home entertainment systems make it easy to install speakers. Once all your wires have been connected and you are ready to start placing speakers, looking in your instruction manual for any detection and arrangement options. Often a small receiver is included to place in the middle of your … Read More

10 Of The Best Android Games Of All Time

July 15, 2013 |

If you’re a gamer with a smartphone then there’s nothing more amusing or time worthy than playing a great game on your phone when the universe conspires to take you away from your console of choice.  With today’s great games,  large screens, improved ram and cpu power sitting in the palm of your hand  you might even find yourself choosing to game on your smartphone while your console sits collecting dust if you can find the right games that are worthy of your gaming time.

No matter where you might happen to be on the game playing spectrum chances are you’ll want some great games to play.  Here are 10 top games of all time for your Android smartphone.


Rockstar has arrived in a big way on the small screen and if you ask fans of Rockstar games it’s not a moment too soon.  Now you can play classics like Grand Theft Auto … Read More

The 5 Advantages to Colocation

May 31, 2013 |

Colocation is the process of buying a server and installing it in a professional grid that is held and managed by another company. You own the server, but the rack that you place it on and the bandwidth that you partake of belong to the other business. Typically, companies with enough room to “rent” their backspace will charge a fee to allow other companies to bring in their servers. However, colocation is a growing solution for smaller businesses that want to offer plenty of web solutions and a highly professional Internet. Advantages include:

1. More For Lower Expenses: 

When compared to buying a business line and paying entirely for personal bandwidth, colocation is markedly less expensive for companies that want their own server but and comparable bandwidth speeds. For the same price, bandwidth speeds get a boost. This makes colocation an ideal option for small or mid-sized businesses that have a lot of online … Read More

Hybrid Cloud Computing: The Architecture of Advancement

May 31, 2013 |

A hybrid cloud expands a private network with infinite resources, which means a business can grow without any hardware or software upgrades on the local network.

When traffic spikes increase, the resource usage increases and must be upgraded if performance issues occur. The upgrades and hardware expenses are lowered when the business incorporates a hybrid cloud. The traffic spikes “spill” into the cloud host’s resources, which take up the slack for overloaded servers. The end result is a fast network that facilitates growth while keeping infrastructure costs at a minimum. Here’s a look at the various components of hybrid cloud architecture that make it all possible.

Cloud Controller

The cloud controller is a divider between the Internet and its requests and the hybrid cloud. The cloud controller determines the route to which the traffic will go for the best response. It also determines if the traffic needs to use the hybrid public cloud for additional … Read More

Top Smartphone Security Tips

May 31, 2013 |

The fact that smartphones have the ability to be all-in-one media players, web browsers and personal data assistants is what makes them so popular in the modern age. Unfortunately it also makes them big business for petty criminals. In fact, according to statistics, 113 mobile devices are lost or stolen in the U.S. every single minute. And people frequently have their smartphones lost or stolen while traveling abroad.

Statistics such as these reinforce the notion that mobile security should be forefront in the average smartphone-user’s mind. After all, most modern smartphones don’t come cheap, so those who don’t take the proper precautions may just lose a chunk of cash along with sensitive personal info. Here are some tips to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Utilize Passwords

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it is vital for the average smartphone owner to password protect his or her phone. And this goes beyond theft. People constantly leave … Read More