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Technologies Review | September 21, 2018

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3D Printing Comes Of Age

July 31, 2013 |

If Gene Roddenberry is up there somewhere looking down on us, it’s a good bet that he’s wearing a wide smile. It’s amazing just how prophetic the original Star Trek is proving to be, foretelling advances that we’re starting to see within 50 years of the series, well in advance of the 23rd century when Star Trek takes place.

Perhaps the most obvious example is the communicator, which bears an uncanny resemblance to a flip-top mobile phone. Nowadays, our Android or iOS smartphones actually go far beyond anything that Star Trek envisioned. Of course, we can’t beam down to a strange planet and then call Scotty back in orbit on the Enterprise, but we can call just about anywhere on Earth.

There are many other examples. The Enterprise traveled the galaxy, seeking out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where no one had gone before. We may not be traveling the galaxy ourselves … Read More

Cellular vs. Satellite: Understanding the Differences

July 29, 2013 |

Almost everyone has a cell phone these days — from your little sister in elementary school all the way up to your grandmother. It’s hard to imagine life without these handheld devices, which allow us to do so much more than simply make phone calls.

In fact, today’s cell phones are so powerful and have so many capabilities that it’s difficult to imagine a situation when a cell phone won’t come in handy. And while it’s true that for the vast majority of the time, and in the vast majority of situations, a cell phone will allow you to stay in touch or get help when you need it, there are actually plenty of situations when a cell phone just won’t cut it. In those cases, you need a satellite phone if you’re going to make a connection.

A Vast Global Network

You might be thinking “A cell phone and a satellite phone are the … Read More

Why Buy a Kindle Paperwhite

July 25, 2013 |

Amazon’s Kindle ereader is a popular choice among those who are moving away from paper books. It has topped the sales lists since it was first released and continues to offer gadget fans a reliable and accessible device for reading electronic books.

The Kindle Paperwhite was released last year and has become a firm favourite already. Described by Amazon as “the world’s most advanced ereader” it has a host of features and benefits that have already delighted book lovers around the world.

Here is a closer look at the Kindle Paperwhite and some of the key charms of the gadget.

The first thing many people notice about the Paperwhite is how it seems comparatively thinner than the Kindle Touch. It has a better display and feels secure and well-made to hold. At just under 0.5lbs it is not heavy to hold for long periods.

What really makes the Kindle Paperwhite stand out is the … Read More

Data Storage: What Are Your Options?

July 25, 2013 |

Only 15 years ago, a good PC was lucky to provide a 3GB hard drive. Now, mobile phones have three times that amount as standard. While it may have been £25 for a 256MB flash drive in 2004, you can get 20 or 30 times the storage for the same price – and delivering higher speeds – from an even smaller piece of technology on your keyring. It’s not just because of advances in technology, either – it’s simple demand.

Over the last couple of decades, we’ve experienced a huge demand for more space. The explosion in popularity of the MP3 format in the late 90s led to huge music collections going digital, while the AVI and MPEG formats created a boom in video content. As technology gets greater – most recently, with the advent of HD – so does the need for storage. Now that most of us are “always on” – the internet, that … Read More

Justifying the Need for Cell Phone Management

July 25, 2013 |

Most people are not even aware of what cell phone management and optimization services entail. They only begin searching for a solution after they’ve experienced myriad of issues originating from their mobile carrier’s end. Annoyances like inflated monthly bills, too many dropped and missed calls and poor audio quality spur the user into action. But being unaware of the existence of cell phone management services majority usually ends up just blaming their mobile carrier and switching to another one. This becomes a repetitive cycle where user hops from one carrier service to another being disgruntled and unsatisfied all the time. This article is just for such individuals who are looking for a viable and cost effective answer to all their troubles. Even mobile carriers which are facing hardships because of losing clientele due to aforementioned shortcomings can greatly benefit from wireless optimization and management.

The essence of cell phone management and optimization is improving the … Read More

The History of Paper Mario: An Infographic

July 25, 2013 |

Mario is one of my favorite games, ever since i came to know about video games in my childhood. It continues to be one of the worlds most played games all over the world. The following infographic takes us through the history of Paper Mario. Do check it:

This Infographic comes courtesy of Nintendo UK. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is one of the Mario games available on Nintendo 3DS

Read More

Recycling Resources for the Home and Office

July 25, 2013 |

The term “eco-friendly” is multifaceted. It denotes anything relating to the reduction of waste, the reduction of the emission of fossil fuels, and the conservation of energy. It would seem that in the home and office, it seems to fall to the wayside. Since waste management is the most tangible facet of eco-compatibility, it makes perfect sense.

The Civil Rights Movement was not the only movement to strike the states in the late 60s and early 70s. There was also the recycling movement, which sought to lift the waste of natural resources.

Since its inception, the earth had been recycling its resources naturally. It wasn’t until the recycling movement that men and women got the idea. Since then, educational programs have been instituted, recycling plants have been established, and trillions of tons of recyclable material have been diverted away from landfills.

As a result, what was once a movement has, in the last 20 years … Read More

4 Things You Need to Know When Selecting an SMB ISP

July 24, 2013 |

Selecting a small or medium business internet service provider (ISP) can be challenging for everybody, especially small business owners. Even though you should make price comparisons, other elements beyond price determine the quality of service.

Here are four significant things to ask yourself when determining what sort of internet you need along with which supplier meets your needs.

1. Is it possible to bundle products?

Though your impulse might be to stay with Internet-only promotions for ISP programs to save money, take into consideration bundling mobile phone and cable service along with it. Although you may currently have cost-effective telephone service, combining may possibly provide better service at the same cost or possibly significantly less. Usually, suppliers will give you reductions for bundling more than one service (phone, web, and/or TV), and so you could possibly spare a lot more in the long term by combining.

2. Precisely what degree of support comes with … Read More

Motorola’s Return to Form? The Moto X Threatens its Rivals

July 24, 2013 |

So far this year, we’ve seen Samsung, HTC and Apple establish themselves a firm market share with their flagship models: the Galaxy S4 (April 2013 release); the One(March 2013); and the iPhone 5 (a brave early release in September 2012). Each comes with its own tricks and specialities, though each has its relative weakness (or two). Now, it’s making things very interesting indeed – especially ahead of the release of an old mobile favourite’s latest offering.

Motorola has announced its return to the market with the long-awaited Moto X, firmly establishing itself alongside Finnish rivals Nokia as a company that has made huge strategic changes after slipping off the radar after years of dominance in the era where polyphonic ringtones were a way to sell a phone over a rival.

Nokia has already fought its way back into the modern market with its Lumia range. Recent adverts have shown how it is already specialising in areas that others … Read More

What to Look for in a Wireless Management Software

July 18, 2013 |

Wireless management software refers to an automated program which regulates wireless network performance to deliver cost-effective and tangible results.  An intelligent, innovative and feature rich wireless management software enables an organization to optimize the overall efficiency of network operations and put forth enhanced end user experience. The market is rife with numerous vendors touting various products as the best and most effective remedy for all wireless management woes. These software programs vary from each other in terms of inherent features, capabilities and the overall control they grant the subscriber over their wireless network.

Things to Look for:

High Adaptability

Scalability, versatility and adaptability ought to be the cornerstones of effective wireless management software.  Wireless networks are constantly subjected to tumultuous and ever changing operating environments. The management software should be malleable enough to accommodate sharp spike in user traffic, bear the burden of end user applications which tend to be resource intensive mostly, and … Read More

Project Management Made Easy

July 16, 2013 |

Staying on top of all the work you’re doing for your clients is a difficult task, certainly one of the biggest challenges faced by managers anyway. It’s vital that every single client and customer is kept happy no matter how much they pay or how often they work with you – they pay your wages, keep your business ticking over and if they have a positive experience they’ll keep coming back.

Due to this, it’s vital that you get your project management spot on. In business there is no one size fits all policy because everyone wants something a bit different. You might be working with someone with a four-figure budget, and someone with a three-figure budget, for example. These clients will want different amounts of work for their money and might want to see results almost instantaneously heaping the pressure on those working on the project.

Incorporating some kind of project management software is … Read More

5 Exciting Mobile Gaming Platforms To Hit The Market Soon

July 12, 2013 |

The next-gen mobile consoles are coming! Are you ready? The battle for your attention is no longer happening just in front of your TV, but also anywhere where you can take these nifty, awesome, and exciting platforms! Let’s get to it, here are five exciting mobile gaming platforms to keep an eye out for:


The NVIDIA SHIELD is a mobile gaming console that comes with NVIDIA’s own mobile gaming processor, the NVIDIA Tegra 4. It supports a variety of Android and PC games in HD 720p graphics. It also comes equipped with a console-grade game controller, which allows much easier control of characters in game and a smoother transition for players accustomed to playing on current generation consoles. Furthermore, users can even stream PC games over Wi-Fi onto their SHIELD to play in their house. The fact that it operates on Android OS is also an advantage, since it … Read More

What is the Future of the Nook?

July 5, 2013 |

The Nook made a huge splash when it came on the scene. It was really the first of its kind and people wanted it for the freedom and benefits it gave. Gone were the days of needing to buy lots of bulky books to carry with you to appointments or the beach just for them to get damaged or lost. The Nook offered an alternative that people had been seeking: a device to store books at their fingertips that could be easily carried from place to place, and the eBooks could be downloaded without having to visit the store.

Why It Was Almost Gone

It was almost gone and phased out, though, because it was made and offered by Barnes and Noble, a bookstore. The company met a demand, much to their own downfall. They made it, marketed it, sold it in-store, and lost money on it. The company realized it was losing money … Read More