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Technologies Review | September 15, 2019

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Christian Arno

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5 Tips On Landing A Job Through Social Media

September 27, 2013 |

The job market is not a fun place to be right now. Whereas job hunting can be a time of excitement, inspiration and anticipation, when you’re unemployed and sending of hundreds of fruitless applications, it becomes stressful, tiring and disheartening.

Even though it can be tough living in a period of recession, there is also ample space for opportunity. Digital technology makes it much easier to be connected. Utilizing and harnessing the power of this technology can make a job search much easier.

Here are five tips for using social media to help you find a job:

Setup Professional Accounts

Twitter and Facebook are great platforms for interacting and being part of a digital community, but if you are looking for a job then you need to think and look professional.

Setting up professional accounts will make it easier for you to sell yourself and … Read More