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Technologies Review | September 15, 2019

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Posts By Cassy Johnson

The Advancements In LED Screen Technology

September 12, 2013 |

Over the last few years there has been huge advancements in led screen technology and we don’t just mean the type of led screen you have in your living room, but the type that you might have seen when you go to a music concert or even a horse trials! We mean the 46 sq ft mobile contraptions that you see showing live footage or sometimes adverts. Which is a mobile led screen with built in edit suite and on-board generator. The screen is on a large mechanical arm so it can be situated in several places that the normal truck screens can’t access. It is quite a remarkable piece of machinery!

If you look across the led landscape, you can see just how quickly the led screen market is progressing, as now, compared with only a few years ago, you can get led screens in your home, … Read More

Gadgets To Monitor or Lower Your Blood Pressure

August 15, 2013 |

Many of us in the UK monitor our blood pressure on a regular basis in a bid to prevent heart attacks and strokes.  This makes perfect sense as high blood pressure can adversely affect our health in so many ways.  However, high blood pressure presents several risks such as:

  • Damage to the heart – coronary artery disease is a narrowing of the arteries supplying blood to the heart which may first present as chest pain, irregular heart rhythm or a heart attack.
  • High blood pressure puts too much strain on the heart, often leading to an enlarged left heart which limits the organ’s ability to pump the blood around the body.
  • Transient ischemic attack (TIA), also known as a mini stroke – this is a temporary disruption of the blood supply to the brain, often caused by a blood clot.  TIA is often a warning that you may be at risk of a full … Read More

Must Have Camping Technology

August 2, 2013 |

I love going camping but I enjoy my home comforts as well. This used to be a problem, as switching from a comfortable home with lots of gadgets to a rather sparse tent never seemed like a particularly smart move.

I often thought about exploring more of the countryside with my tent but in the end I ended up staying at home more often than not. This always seemed like a real shame to me, so I am now delighted to see that there are lots of gadgets to make my holidays in France easier and more pleasant experience.

Cool iPod Speakers

Who doesn’t like to pump up the volume a little when they are in their tent? I take my music with me everywhere but using earphones all the time is a bit of a nuisance. There are a lot of different types of speaker around and I particularly like the look of the … Read More

Technology in Vehicles: The Wave of the Future

March 14, 2013 |

Technology pervades every aspect of our lives.  From technology in our homes to technology in the classroom, we are working, studying and communicating differently thanks to technology.  We live in a world where it is not only completely possible but quite common for individuals to take classes from home as well as work from home.  Friends who live hundreds or thousands of miles away from one another can communicate quickly and easily through Facebook or email.

One unexpected area where technology has several benefits is in our automobiles and even in semi trucks.

Insurance Discounts

Progressive auto insurance introduced the Snapshot program several years ago.  Customers can voluntarily agree to install the Snapshot device in their vehicle for a certain amount of time, and Progressive tracks what time of day they drive, how they drive and how hard they brake.  After that, the insurance company determines if the individual should receive a discount on his … Read More

The Technology Advances and Uses of Laser Cutting

March 14, 2013 |

When you ask the question ‘what can be done with a laser cutting system’ you open up a world of possibilities that, only a few short years ago, were only to be found in the realm of science fiction.  The simple fact is that most laser cutting machine being sold today are powerful enough and precise enough to cut a wide variety of substrates into an even wider variety of shapes and sizes that have tolerances that are off the charts. Garcross Limited a UK company have invested heavily in the industrial potential of laser cutting.

For example, if you’re a high school shop teacher and you have a laser cutting machine you can allow your students to create an incredible variety of objects that can actually be used.  Form instruments to paperweights and everything in between it’s like wood shop 30 years ago but with a magic cutting machine that has a finish so … Read More

Weight Loss Food Tracker Phone App Review

March 7, 2013 |

Recording what you eat plays a major role when it comes to weight loss. It makes you become more ‘mindful’ about what you are eating and it can help to identify areas of your diet that need to be worked on. Phone apps are great for this as it means foods and drink eaten can be inputted on the go and there are no extra pieces of pens and paper involved!

Myfitnesspal is one of the biggest and best food diary apps around. The app allows users to input what they’ve eaten or drunk either by using their data base of nutritional data or by scanning bar-code on packets. Calories are instantly totted up and worked out per meal, leaving you in the knowledge of how many calories you have left for later in the day. The app also gives calorie targets for weight loss, maintenance or gain and allows users the option of inputting … Read More

The Rise Of Technology In Our Schools

March 7, 2013 |

Technology. We see it every day in almost every facet of our lives. Form the way we communicate to the way we see and experience our world it influences our lives in almost every conceivable fashion. Today technology is making a big push into the lives of students everywhere as it’s introduced into our schools, making learning more interesting, more fun and more collaborative.

The truth is, education has long been an inefficient and static field, adverse to the technological changes that were going on in the ‘real’ world. Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor, coined the term ‘disruptive technology’ and he believes that the schooling system we use is ripe for ‘disruption’ that will more than likely result in a revolution in the entire schooling system that we have used for decades. Education marketing Services from Grebot Donnelly suggest that technology should be encouraged far more in schools before they get left behind.

That revolution may not have arrived … Read More

How Does Technology for Glassless Mirrors Work?

March 5, 2013 |

When you think about a mirror what do you reckon is the most important element in it? Without any glass it won’t work at all, will it? Well, having a mirror without any glass sounds a lot like having a waterless shower or a foodless fridge but strangely enough there are actually a couple of different types of glassless mirrors around these days.

Apparently they are popular in dance studios but since I haven’t seen inside one of them since Fame sadly ended I will have to take someone’s word for it. Popular places of use also include gyms and schools. They are shatterproof of course and they also have a number of other benefits which are worth investigating.

It certainly looks as though taking the glass out of bathroom mirrors is one way of making sure that we get a fine mirror without having to worry about breaking it, and as I have smashed, … Read More

How Apple Can Revolutionise Learning with Digital Textbooks

March 4, 2013 |

The free Apple iBooks2 application promises to bring some big changes to the world of learning. With the firm now allowing text books to be made available for its gadgets it is clear that some people are going to be paying a lot more attention to their studies soon.

Are Books Boring?

If you are a keen reader you probably don’t think that books are boring at all. However, for some people the idea of carrying a conventional paper book around with them or reading one in public is not worth thinking about. These people are far more likely to do some studying if it can be done on a super cool iPhone or iPad, aren’t they? This advance might not go all the way towards making reading hip but it will certainly make sure that there is one less reason for avoiding it. Showing your classmates what you are reading could become a lot … Read More

Ten Technologies That Pave New Routes for the Travel Industry

February 1, 2013 |

A lot of the time we are happy to take our well-earned holiday without paying any attention to the technology which is behind it. After all, if the sun is shining and the water is inviting who cares about the gadgets and systems which helped get us there and enjoy ourselves?

However, it is worth spending a few minutes considering some of the advances which now allow us to take part in more enjoyable and relaxing breaks.

Near Field Communication

NFC is a new technology which could be with us very soon and will let us check in and pay bills directly from our phone. The list of potential uses is enormous and it is definitely one new technology to look out for before your next holidays.

A GPS Tour Guide

Do you remember when you had to book yourself on an actual tour with and actual physical guide? This meant that we all went to … Read More

The Sustainable Home of the Future.

January 5, 2013 |

As we all know energy is getting more expensive and less abundant. One of the places where that can be seen most easily is in the home, where a large percentage of the energy that a person uses in the course of their day lies.  The electricity to heat the home, heat water, and electrify every single appliance consumes a large amount of energy but a large portion of it is wasted, lost due to improper insulation or a host of other problems that many homes have.

Today’s hoes however are being built with a plethora of modern technological advances that allow the consumption of less energy and also use the energy consumed in a less wasteful manner. In this blog article we’ll look at a few of the better ones that are now in use in many homes across the country; such as timber framed houses from Oakworth Homes or air source heat pumps, … Read More

The Future Of Mobile Gaming Technology

December 22, 2012 |

Apple were the ground breakers in mobile gaming technology, well, not so much the technology, but the way in which gamers can look for and purchase games. The App store revolutionised the smart phone industry and made way for other stores for Android devices.

The only problem with app games and the like, is that you can’t have the same multiplayer worlds that you can have on a desktop device over the internet. Now 4G may change this somewhat in by providing a somehwhat faster internet experience but can a smartphone ever have the level of capability for these multiplayer games. I would imagine that it might be a case that they have the potential to become functionary second devices like the new Wii U. As I don’t ever believe that a mobile device could provide the level of immersive game experiences that desktop players are used to in todays world.

However, the smart phone manufacturers will … Read More

5 Technologies That Have Changed Your Childs Bedroom

December 22, 2012 |

Over the last couple of years we have seen a incredible boom in technology that transcends the ages and it has now become common place that we might find several different pieces of technology in your childs bedroom not just yours! Anne from Room To Grow a childrens bedroom specialist comments: “we’ve found that we are getting an increasing number of questions relating to desk sizes and drawers in our bed combinations. Which it turns out are to be used to store laptops, ipads and even phones!”

Here are the top five pieces of technology that you might find on your child’s desk or under their bed.


I know its incredible right, the $600 machine can now be found not just in mummy and daddy’s bags but also in the child’s room! The increase in apps for children has grown this last 12 months, so on the back of this parents are buying a … Read More