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Technologies Review | February 18, 2019

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4 Things You Can Do Immediately to Increase Social Shares

April 30, 2013 |

Social shares are an important part of content marketing because they introduce your content or brand to new readers. There are several things you can do to increase the amount of social shares your content receives. Here are four things you can implement immediately to increase your social shares.

Strategically Place Sharing Buttons

Social share buttons are those little icons that appear for each of the social networks alongside your content. They can be placed at the top, bottom, middle, or side of your content. Additionally, you can prompt readers to share your content with a popup. Social share buttons are important because they make it easier for readers to share your content. Marketers argue about the best placement, so you should experiment to see what works best for your brand. MediaWhiz can help you decide. In general, placing the sharing buttons in multiple locations increases your shares.

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