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Technologies Review | February 18, 2019

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Anica O

A recent college graduate from University of San Francisco, Anica loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. She was raised in a big family, so she's used to putting things to a vote. Also, cartwheels are her specialty. You can connect with Anica here.

Posts By Anica O

Tablet Take-Over: 4 Killer Accessories For Tablets

December 5, 2014 |

The future of personal computing is light, mobile and filled with truly useful accessories. Not long ago, tablet manufacturers were mostly interested in developing hardware that could only be enhanced with the use of mobile apps. These days, however, the focus is on truly extending the functionality of tablets with useful accessories. The following four accessories allow tablet users to transform their devices into highly efficient productivity machines.


Let’s face it: mobile apps that enhance the touch typing functionality of tablets can only go so far. The popularity of tablets that sell with a case and special keyboard is a testament to the fact that tablet manufacturers are not going to bid goodbye to the sheer convenience of full, external keyboards. If anything, the new generation of keyboard accessories for tablets actually improves upon the tablet experience by offering Bluetooth connectivity, back lighting, integrated numeric pads, track pads, and more.

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4 Business Technologies Critical To Emerging Companies

October 14, 2014 |

For new companies, staying competitive and efficient are among the main concerns in the first few years of business. While many companies do not succeed beyond these critical first years, the difference between success and failure can often be found in whether or not new companies utilize essential technologies to keep a business ahead of its competitors.

Automation for Clients and Seamless Patching

Technology and security patches are a continuing time waster for IT professionals and can prove to be a considerable drain on company resources. Investing in automation technology to provide quick and effective patch management repeaters can prove to be a lifesaver when attempting to make large scale updates across laptops, PC’s, kiosks, and more. Patches are essential for security and compliance and investing in this technology can prevent future security breaches.

Secure Unified Remote Access

Remote access is becoming essential in a market … Read More

7 Tips For Marketing Your Freelance Software Development Skills

July 7, 2014 |

Whether you have always worked as a freelancer or if you are thinking of working freelance in software development, marketing your skills and credibility is essential to obtain and retain clients regularly. Knowing how to efficiently market yourself as a freelance software developer can ultimately allow you to generate a steady income annually.

Get Certified

Get certified in various programs you are familiar with, online or at a local college or university. The more certifications you hold, the more likely you are to land new clients to work with on software development projects. Rossiter and co offer a comprehensive B2B marketing video production service designed to insightfully beat your competition. We ensure your marketing video exactly matches all the customer touch point.

Social Media

According to an article published at, social media plays an important role in marketing any type of freelance software development services you want to offer … Read More

4 New, Game-Changing Security Technologies

June 19, 2014 |

In today’s world, there is always the risk of running into problems with burglars, hackers, and other criminals whose goal is to steal from or otherwise harm others. While traditional security methods like locks and alarms come to mind, the technological innovations of recent years make digital security necessary as well. Several excellent security systems have been recently created—and improved upon— to ensure the safety of families, businesses, and information:

Remote Home Security Systems

With a completely wireless system, a remote home security system eliminates the vulnerabilities presented by hard lines. This minimizes the risk of the system being physically disabled. These systems communicate with multiple sensors from a central security console to maximize security strength. Remote control from a smartphone is typically available, once the proper app is installed onto the device. These security systems can also be customized to take into account the unique vulnerabilities of each home.

5 Modern Day Super Machines and How They Work

May 9, 2014 |

When we think of technology today, most of us will immediately think of the super slim products coming from Apple, Samsung, and HTC. We think of how everything is getting so small and super fast. However, there are technologies that lie outside of the mainstream that involve massive machinery and incredibly big jobs. We call these “super machines” and they do some of the most interesting jobs. Here’s some highlights of what these machines are and what they do:

1. ABG Titan Road Paver

The ABG Titan Road Raver is a 25 ton tarmac road paver that has the ability to deposit 19 inch thick tarmac spreading 52 feet across in a single pass. The paver accomplishes this feat through sheer size. Dump trucks constantly feed asphalt into the paver’s hopper. With the help of a corkscrew, the paver evenly distributes mixed tarmac onto the ground in a crack free layer, making it perfect for … Read More

What To Know About Taxes And Insurance For Your New Business

April 22, 2014 |

Handling the taxes and insurance premiums on every paycheck that your business cuts is a very important part of managing the business. Taxes must be paid to the government, employees count on the business to take it out of their paychecks and the business that offers insurance to its employees must handle insurance premiums, as well.

Taking care of these deductions from someone’s paycheck is a very important part of managing a business. Without doing this properly, insurance coverage will be stopped, the business could be in trouble with the IRS and employees will see that their benefits are not as good as they expected.

1. Take Out The Taxes Properly

The taxes that are taken out of every employee’s paycheck must be reported and submitted to the IRS as often as is possible. This allows the company to get this money out of their pockets, and it also … Read More

How To Set Up A Data Center For Maximum Efficiency and Safety

April 18, 2014 |

A data center is a very expensive service to maintain and is often influenced by a several different variables. It’s easy to see why setting up one for maximum efficiency and safety can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, there are some established strategies in place that any data center can implement to lower costs and increase the safety of working in such areas. Let’s take a look at some of these:

Sealing the Area

The main area people will look at when maintaining a data center is the temperature and humidity. High temperature can cause electronic equipment to quickly over heat and high humidity can cause corrosion and increased structural degradation. Try to keep the data center separated from other areas of the business and make sure doors are only open when it’s absolutely necessary. A vapor seal is a great way to protect temperature and humidity fluctuations from outside … Read More

4 Tricks You Need To Know To Save Big On Electronics

April 1, 2014 |

According to a study done by the Consumer Electronics Association, the average American adult spends $1,200 on electronics each year, and the average American household has 25 consumer electronic products. Americans love their electronics. With this in mind, saving on electronics this year should be on top of your money management priorities. If you love your electronics, but would rather save some of that $1,200 this year, use these four tips to get your electronics for less.

Purchase Electronics on Sale

The easiest way to spend less on electronics is to wait to buy them until they go on sale. Instead of rushing out to buy the newest items as soon as they come out, take some time to compare prices and watch for sales. You may be surprised how much you can save by simply waiting a couple of weeks. Black Friday is a particularly great time to find an … Read More

Startup Magic: 4 IT Keys For Your New Business

March 21, 2014 |

Often times, many business owners who are starting a business overlook the need for a solid technical foundation. These entrepreneurs focus on the most obvious things, such as their budget, marketing plan and office location, but neglect their need for having the proper technology, security measures and technical protocols. In order to ensure that a business runs successfully, it is critical that you establish a strong technical infrastructure. When there is a plan for how your technology will be employed, operations will be certain to run without interruption. Following these four crucial keys for your new business will enable you to have a winning start.

Protecting Your Assets Using Security Protocols

Because you do not want client or employee information to fall into the wrong hands, it is essential that you establish a security protocol for protecting your assets. Have employees and clients send sensitive data in encrypted documents with the … Read More

Teach Yourself Programming: The 5 Best Sites For Learning To Code

March 14, 2014 |

These days, basic programming skills are quickly becoming a requirement for success in a variety of fields. Once the exclusive province of professional programmers in the tech industry, coding has finally gone mainstream. As such, amateurs and professionals of all stripes are learning to program like never before. If you’re interested in adding an impressive skill set to your resume, improving your programming abilities, or simply have an interest in coding, there are several great sites for you to learn at your own pace and from your existing skill level. Here are five of the best resources for online programming education.


As an open-air bazaar of e-learning, Udemy is the premier destination for many neophytes looking to pick up their first programming language. Featuring more than 12,000 courses in everything from Python to C++ to Lisp, Udemy can help you learn any coding language you desire. Best of all, quite … Read More

5 Elements Of Site Design That Keep Visitors Interested

February 26, 2014 |

Having great content on your website is just half the battle. These days, when there are over 600 million vastly different websites out there, visitors’ attention spans are even shorter than ever. People want to be instantly wowed in their first impression of a site, in addition to wanting to receive quality information. To deliver both, and keep your visitors interested, there are five things you need to remember when designing your site:

1. Novelty

Having something different on your web page, whether it be a picture, design or unconventional way to display information, is going to keep visitors interested. After all, having a generic website with generic information is not going to do you any favors. Chances are, people can (and will )find that information from some other website. Pages with designs that demonstrate creativity and originality command immediate attention, and can help websites gain and sustain visitors.

2. ContrastsRead More

Sky Biz: 5 Ways Cloud Computing Revolutionized Business

January 28, 2014 |

With the advent of cloud computing, businesses can worry less about computing power or storage and focus on the issues that matter to customers or clients. Advantages of switching to cloud computing solutions to run your business include lower costs, increased scalability, improved security, and decreases in deployment time. There’s little wonder why many businesses are switching to cloud computing in order to increase their profit margins. In this article, you’ll learn more about the many benefits of cloud computing.

1. Lower Deployment Costs

Creating in-house solutions to store, access, and serve data can be laborious and time-consuming. With cloud computing, server space is always available for use and projects can be up and running in the time it takes to upload data. Not only do you save on the costs of hardware, you don’t need to lose money waiting for your computer systems to be up and running. With services … Read More

Tablet Habits: 5 Ways To Maintain Your Tablet

January 13, 2014 |

These days, having a tablet is a great convenience. Owning one makes it possible to check e-mail, browse the web, compose documents, play games and much more while on the go. Unlike a laptop, a tablet is slim and easily portable due to its lack of a physical keyboard and its full touch screen. However, tablets are expensive and fragile electronic devices, which is why all tablet owners should follow some basic tips to maintain theirs. Here are five of the best tips.

Use Screen Protectors

Tablets, in a way, are essentially big smart phones. They have very large touch screens that can become damaged if not taken care of. Screen protectors can help prevent this from happening by providing a thin yet effective layer of protection between the screen and outside elements. Over time when the protector gets scratched or damaged, you can replace and have a screen that looks … Read More