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Technologies Review | February 18, 2019

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Ways In Which One Can Increase The Flow Of Traffic Towards The Blog

June 29, 2012 |

One of the major differences between just a simple blog and a successful blog is the traffic the latter receives. A successful blog must be a traffic magnet and would attract a great number in terms of traffic, leading to the success of the blog, and the website if it is a part of it.

For business websites, blog is of crucial importance. A web marketing company would always recommend its clients to have a blog. However, the blog is of no use if it does not attract traffic to the website. The lines below give some golden tips in attracting traffic towards a blog.

1. Shareable Content:

When writing content for the blog, try to make sure that the content is such which your audience would be willing to share further on other platforms. The more shareable a content is, more traffic would … Read More

Ways of Using Content As a Revenue Generating Source

May 14, 2012 |

The prime objective of a business from all the online efforts is to generate sales and achieve a higher ROI. Therefore, marketers are always in search of ways by which they could increase the sales, and statistically demonstrate the ROI.

When it comes to generating sales, the content holds crucial importance. There are many marketing service providers, that offer small business SEO services, as well as on a larger scale, they all emphasis on the importance of content in generating revenue. The lines below give three major ways in which the content could be utilized to generate revenue.

1. Unambiguous Conversion Goal:

The major problem lies in making the arriving traffic to perform some action. You might manage to get good traffic from by applying different tactics like using social media, sending emails, driving traffic from blogs and so on.

However, when … Read More

Designing Elements That Need Special Attention From Website Designers

March 27, 2012 |

Web designing is fast transforming into a world of its own, hosting different elements that add color, character, and life to a website, so that it can serve to communicate with its targeted audience in the most effective manner. That is why becoming a successful web designer no more remains a child’s play, and asks quite a lot from any contender who wants to do so.

To become a high profile web designer, one has to make sure to adhere to some fundamental elements of web design, which should be incorporated to make every website design project a success. This article discusses some major of them in the lines below:


“Line” can be regarded as the simplest element being used in a web design. In fact, many web designing pros define line as a form having a specific length and width, but lacking … Read More

Inclusion of Social Media Signals in Search Engine Algorithm As A Determinant of Website Ranking

March 19, 2012 |

Search engines are getting smarter day after day. There was a time when a new entrant by learning a few tricks could easily trick the search engines and attain higher ranking in search results. However, now the search engines have become smarter and incorporate different strategies to evaluate ranking of a website, Social Signals is one of them.

The big search engines like Google and Bing are working tirelessly to improve the user experience, by setting higher standards for internet marketing. The introduction of social media signals is one of the new strategies adopted by search engines in their algorithm.

Need For Social Media:

The main reason of inclusion of social graph as an indicator in search engine rankings is the misuse and non-authenticity of the links. Previously search engines would rely on links as a factor of determining the ranking of a website, … Read More

Fundamental Web Designer’s Toolbox for Best Designing Techniques

March 5, 2012 |

When a web designer start the search for tools that can help him extend his field of excellence, he is faced with a number of online and offline designing options that can help him sketch the illustrations he want. There many tools which have been introduced to the designers. Some of them are the basic parts of designing and are the permanent part of the designer’s tool-kit, used in website development and graphic designing.

Consequently, all the website designers and developers use the same set of tools that help them create aesthetically appealing projects for the clients and make positive impressions on the visitors. If you are new in web development and want to learn about the basic tools, here are some of the basic details about the apparatus, which you need to know before getting into designing:

  • Adobe Photoshop:

One of … Read More

Reasons for Availing and The Services Offered By An Online Marketing Firm

February 23, 2012 |

Marketing is an evolving process, it started as door-to-door marketing, then came the era of radio ads, which gave birth to TV ads and roadside billboards. Now is the era of online marketing, with billions of internet users worldwide, it has become a dire necessity of business, to use internet as a platform for capturing and retaining the customers.

To gain the maximum from the web marketing efforts, business use the services of an online marketing company. A business can easily find a lot of web marketers in the market that claim to provide the best results; however, only few of them achieve what they commit.

The lines below give a detail of why a business might require the services of an internet-marketing firm, and through which strategies a firm would help the business achieve its online marketing objectives.

Reasons for Hiring an Internet-Marketing … Read More

How Can A Website Become Google Friendly and Achieve Higher Ranking?

February 17, 2012 |

The term ‘Google friendly website’ is very dynamic in nature, and ever evolving. There was a time when Google friendly website meant, a website, which Google could scrap and rank in its search engine. However, now a Google friendly website is one that ranks high in Google results and does not lose its ranking suddenly.

The phenomena of Google friendly website has been under debate among the internet marketing services providers for a long time. There is no general rule or criteria of achieving so, because Google does not leak the information of its algorithm. The lines below give a few of the ways in which you can understand a Google friendly website and with the application of these concepts your website can become one also.

1. Useful:

The first and primary thing that is going to differentiate your website, and make it Google … Read More

Top Web Designing Mistakes to Be Avoided For a Successful Online Venture

February 16, 2012 |

Information technology has become much advanced across the globe and most of the countries are making World Wide Web, a mainstream business platform for their companies. However, the software solution providers face many challenges in web designing. Here are some common mistakes that most of the website designers make:

 No Strategy and Plan for a Website

It is the biggest problem of most of the designers that they design a website without making any strategy and plan. As a result, they face many problems. It is quite necessary to have a plan and a clear idea of the website. Targeted audience must be clear before designing the website. By identifying and setting the goals, web designers can make a better and the best website design.

Complex Designs

Many Web designers make complex web designs that are difficult to understand for the … Read More

What A Best Web Design Firm Needs To Have?

February 8, 2012 |

Some say choosing a web design firm for a business is like choosing life partner; there is nothing better and convenient if it works out according to expectations, but then there is nothing worse if turns the other way round. Finding the best web design firm becomes even more critical for today’s businesses because running a business successfully without having a substantial online presence is like swimming against rising tides.

This article is aimed at increasing knowledge of people about some attributes that are greatly helpful in determining the performance of a web design firm in designing their projects. Some of those include:

Judging from the looks

Though many people might raise an eyebrow on the very idea of judging someone by their looks, but the fact of the matter is that those who do not follow this approach tend to … Read More

Impact and Implication of Mobile & Portable Devices on the Online Marketing Process

January 27, 2012 |

With the invention of mobile and portable devices that browse internet, the time is not far when all the sitting and surfing of internet on a screen using the hard keyboard will be a thing of past. The Smartphone, iPad, and tablets are quickly taking over the desktop PC use. With these devices being available for a normal person, the need for desktop PC is diminishing. In addition, these mobile devices are changing the way people use internet.

The introduction of tablets is and will directly affect the internet marketing process, it will affect the site design, the SEO process, and all the strategies related to online marketing as a whole. Therefore, an effective online marketing strategy of a business must consider the effect these devices have on consumer behavior, and how do they use them.

Google’s Data:

Pertaining to the way people use … Read More

Latest Web Design Trends of 2012 for Web Designers

January 27, 2012 |

Online trends are alarmingly increasing resulting in huge demands of web designers and web design companies. Trends are also changing with the passage of time and it becomes mandatory for every web owner to up date his online presence to be in the competition otherwise he automatically comes out of competition. For this reason, latest and upcoming trends should be known to every web designer and owner of online businesses. Updates are coming and trends are going to change with the passage of time. We are looking here trends of 2012 to implement them in the websites. Here is an up to date knowledge for those who are looking for it.

Minimum Use of Flash

It is considered that flash web design is not good to use in web designing or it give a bad impression. If it is used in the right way then it … Read More