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Technologies Review | August 19, 2017

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Android vs IOS

Android vs IOS

Without any doubts, Android and IOS are the main leaders of mobile operating systems worldwide. Both manufacturers try to provide the best, fastest and smoothest performances and features in the devices that they operate. The differences between these operating systems have attracted their set of followers. For instance, everyone looks out for the most recent updates on a regular basis. The latest updates to both operating systems have further developed new functionalities and features, to outdate the preceding updates.

Android vs IOS


On the Android site, the last update is multi-tasking. The latest version of Android is 7.0 Nougat. Some of the key features that were added to this update are improved multi-tasking and user-facing features. With Nougat came the split-screen support, which is fully supported by all applications. Another update came with notifications interface. Nougat has come up with a quick-reply facility when it comes to messages. Android users no longer need to open the message application to be able to reply to a message, it can simply be done by clicking on the drag-drop of the text. The best android phones for the moment are Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.


On the other hand, the newest update for IOS is APIs for Siri. For instance, the latest IOS 10 update have known minor improvements and major updates for applications like News, Music, Facebook and Safari. Other updates are sensors to recognise the action of lifting your mobile phone to automatically turn the display on. The hugest update is APIs for Siri. Apple users can now have built-in voice recognition for all applications. For example, you can order a pizza, book a table or trigger a call simply by making Siri your personal assistant. With IOS 10 came a more useful Control Centre, which has been split into two different pages. The first page is about all the quick settings like colour screen, music, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  When it comes to other features, the photo gallery now creates a “memories” section and tags the location where pictures have been taken. The iPhone 7 is currently the best IOS phone apple has manufactured.

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