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Technologies Review | April 27, 2017

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Best Remarketing Ad Tactics For The Successful Online Marketer

Remarketing ads

Remarketing is a powerful tool for any advertiser as it helps target those online visitors who have shown a keen interest in the site, visited the pages in the past but did not purchase or converted the visit to sales. At times people due to lack of information or having any doubt change their minds at the last time and switch to competitors’ sites or other pages.

Remarketing facilitates businesses to show their ads to the visitors throughout all advertising networks.

Here is a checklist of some smart ad tactics that online marketers utilise to make the most of remarketing ad campaigns:-

1. Determine Landing Pages to Tag
Based on your marketing objectives as well as the performance of your landing pages you can determine the landing pages that require being tagged. The certified experts would structure your remarketing ad campaign around these landing pages.

2. Break Your Remarketing Campaign into Different Segments
Developing a remarketing campaign in Google AdWords and targeting all the visitors at one place is a common mistake. Experts providing white label remarketing services suggest segmenting the campaign into different parts according to the segmented ad groups. Each customer is different with varied level of interest. Hence, experts can create different Call to Actions and links the keywords with objective based web pages.

Best Remarketing Ad Tactics For The Successful Online Marketer

3. Make Multiple Ads Sizes with Matching Images and Ad Copies
With the popularity of notebooks, smart phones and tablets, business managers should see that their sites and ads are properly highlighted across various networks. Remarketing experts in order to reach to the maximum number of clients propose to create ads of various sizes that can be easily displayed on websites, mobile apps and video content.

4. Bid Less on Homepage & Not Interested Visitors and More on Shopping Cart & Bounced Traffic
If you want to get maximum ROI from your remarketing campaign then you should strategically bid more on the shopping cart and bounced traffic from the carts. You should spend less on home page and non-converting visitors who have bounced from your home page. You can consider targeting those by allowing them to download an e-book or inviting them to a webinar.

5. Consider Google Remarketing Frequency Capping
Setting up a suitable frequency of your ads display in a day, week or month will not irritate your target customers and will serve your remarketing purpose. Based on your marketing objectives and your products and services you can determine suitable frequency option for your ads campaign. Likewise, you can consider Google remarketing member duration and use Time Lag to Conversions report that will give you a fair idea as for how long you need to follow each visitor.

6. Target Existing Customers
At times marketers tend to exclude those customers who have already made the purchases or downloaded the e-book. However, it may not be the best way to get the repeat customers or enhance brand awareness.
Remarketing experts suggest retargeting them and creating a different kind of remarketing campaign for those customers with low-frequency capping and longer duration.

7. Go for Dynamic Remarketing Using Product Listing Ads
Google allows dynamic remarketing that takes remarketing a step further. This facilitates businesses to show their past visitors ads based on the products or services as searched by using Google Shopping Feeds. This is an excellent way to arouse interests and enable visitors to complete what they started.

8. Test Your Remarketing Ad Campaign Periodically
Testing your AdWords campaign on and often and making suitable modifications according to the analytics is the best way to optimize your AdWords campaign and make the most out of it. You would require adjusting your bids, changing your settings, creating different messages, including new keywords in order to maximize conversions and boost profits.

Remarketing ads campaign plays a valuable role in driving maximum internet traffic and increasing conversions. Hiring a certified AdWords expert for remarketing services from a renowned digital marketing agency will optimize the performance of your paid search campaign thereby generating maximum ROI and boosting sales and profits.

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