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Technologies Review | April 28, 2017

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Monthly Archives: July 2016

What Does CRM Mean For Small Businesses?

July 28, 2016 |

As customer satisfaction becomes one of the most important metrics, customer relationship management has become a prominent part of how today’s companies run their business. Consequently, companies are moving from simply managing customer facing operations to transforming all of their business processes with a customer-centric approach. That is why having an advanced CRM system in place became an essential aspect in building relations with clients. Sophisticated automation technology can actually simplify your daily routines by automating key business processes and create a synergy between the core teams at your company.

Regardless of the size and the scale of your business, whether it’s a small startup, e-commerce organization or a big enterprise, your employees will be able to take control of a complete customer journey – from lead generation to the ongoing account management. At the same time, the question remains – what does CRM mean for smaller businesses? Small … Read More

Traffic vs Leads and Sales

July 27, 2016 |

Leads and sales, that is what every marketer wants, and of course, you cannot generate leads nor sales without traffic.  However, numbers can be misleading. Even if you get a lot of traffic from, let’s say Facebook, most of those leads may not be relevant for your business. In essence, it doesn’t matter how many visitors you attract from social networks if none of them are in your target demographic. As Steve Olenski,  senior content strategist at Responsys Oracle puts it, “not all qualified leads are created equal”.

Are You Getting the Right Type of Traffic?

Getting the wrong kind of traffic is probably the single biggest reason your high traffic site is not converting.  The problem is – many marketers think that they are targeting one audience, when they are in fact, targeting a very different one. In order to understand how people can make this mistake, let’s … Read More

How To Solve Issues With CFD Trading

July 14, 2016 |

Contract for difference, commonly known as CFD is a contract between the buyer and the seller, describing that the buyer will pay the seller the difference between an asset’s current values then the buyer pays instead to the seller. It should be noted that the difference must be negative for the contract to be effected. Such contracts are financial derivatives thus allowing traders to take advantage of prices moving up and down.

There are various risks associated with contracts for difference. Let’s highlight some of these problems and possible solutions. One of the leading companies that’s in a better position to deal with such contracts is CMC markets.

Leverage Risk

Trading with leverage can be a good way of stretching your capital. As a forex trader, you can leverage funds available in your account and possibly generate larger funds in relations to … Read More