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Technologies Review | October 18, 2019

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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Network Security Basics For Your Home Business

November 30, 2015 |

Every home business needs to have excellent network security. Otherwise, the business may suffer data breaches and experience financial losses. The following four network security tools will protect your business against cyber-attacks and data breaches.


No entrepreneur would operate their home business without locks and an alarm system. Equally important, no entrepreneur should operate their home business without a cutting-edge firewall. A firewall is the most basic network security program. It basically monitors all incoming and outgoing data to ensure safety and legitimacy. Ideally, the firewall will keep malicious programs out while still providing ample access to the Internet. Therefore, network firewalls are a must, along with hardware firewalls.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

No company can operate a network without having top of the line anti-virus and anti-malware programs. Every day, thousands of new viruses flood the Internet to potentially infect computers. However, every day major … Read More

How Easy Is It To Install Mobile Phone Spy Software

November 19, 2015 |

There are instances where a situation comes in where you need to install the mobile phone software for spying to find if any of employees or your kids doing something wrong. But there is a question that is it too technical to manage it. But it is not true; it is not at all technical, very simple task. As there are many apps so installing them would be a slight different but the basic part remains the same.

Lets understand the steps of installing the spy phone apps.

1. Ready the Device for Downloading

You will need to have real access to the device that you wish to frame. Any application which calls that you can install it from outside will not work as this is just not possible. This is a good time to point out that you must select an application that is supportable … Read More

Home Theatre: Give Your Senses The Ultimate Experience

November 17, 2015 |

Inside every spacious house, there is a secret room. Inside that room, a certain kind of magic is happening right before your eyes. The tenants of the house are drawn to it, they just love spending time in that room and cannot seem to get enough of its magic. Over time, this rooms slowly becomes their favorite place in the house and it is easy to realize why – the room in question is, of course, a home theater and the reasons why you should install one in your house are numerous. Whether you see it as an enjoyment or a luxury, a home theater is something that will definitely change your life, and here is why.

The Setup

First things first – you need to know what to include in your home theater. Provided you already have the basics – a TV, a sound … Read More

The IPVanish Way To Stay Safe and Browse Faster Anywhere In The World

November 17, 2015 |

When it comes to offering tier 1 VPN services, IPVanish is almost the only name that have across. Established in 2012, it has progressed exponentially and has proved itself to one of the most preferred and used VPN services across the world. With more than two hundred and thirty five serves across sixty countries, it is the most trusted and safe networks to use. Now usually when it comes to using a virtual private network, it is important that your website activity and information is kept intact and not leaked out or intercepted. And this is where IPVanish has made its mark. Therefore when it comes to securing your internet activity, this is most trusted name around.

The workers and team members at IPVanish have ample experience in network services and are quite adept at what they do and know exactly what is happening when it comes to offering VPN services … Read More

How To Protect Your Smartphone’s Gallery With LEO Privacy?

November 11, 2015 |

Nowadays, people use smartphones for almost all the digital purposes, be it surfing the internet, browsing social media accounts, making payments online, uploading photos, videos and chatting with anyone sitting in any part of the world. Apart from this, they also store their photos, videos, important documents, personal notes and favorite music in their smartphones so that they can use any of them while on the go.

This shift in the lifestyle and the way smartphone were used has given birth to many virtual and manual threats that can devastate anyone in a moment.

Should you use your bank account app on your phone for making online payments and checking the balance every now and then, and your phone is stolen while you’re on your way to work. Can you imagine what possible threat can you get exposed to in such a situation? The thief can not only access … Read More

Future Technology: Will Drones Occupy A Major Portion?

November 4, 2015 |

Drones are the emerging technology, which have already been implemented in some cases as a Beta Testing. The results though, are not as expected as we speak now. Drone technology can be implemented in various fields and the complexity of the technologies used varies depending on the field in which the drone is being tested or implemented. As we see in some Sci-Fi movies, you might have seen Drones with missiles which can be completely controlled by a human within a predefined range. On the other hand, Amazon planned its package delivery via Drone to its customer to reduce the man-power and also reduce the time taken to deliver the ordered goods to its customers, promising a 30 minute window to deliver goods.

Should We Consider Drone Technology a Myth?

However, whatever might be the scenario, the Drone technology is still under Beta testing and might take a … Read More

How To Perform A Successful Salesforce Merge?

November 4, 2015 |

There are simple tools which can help you in keeping the Salesforce records up to date. In Salesforce system sometimes you come across duplicate records in the system. On going over every record one by one and deleting several records you can loss time as well as potentially loss valuable information in the records. Instead you can use Salesforce merge to merge records easily.

Some Facts About Salesforce Merge

Here are some of the important points to be noted about Salesforce merge.

  • It is possible to undelete the merged contact from the Recycle bin always if you accidently merged two contacts.
  • For Salesforce merge contact records, the contacts must be on the same account and you are required to be the contact owner of all the records or the contact owner’s manager or a system administrator.

Process Of Salesforce Merge Contacts

Here is the process of merging duplicate contacts in … Read More

Installing WordPress In 9 Steps With JustHost

November 2, 2015 |

Let me first tell you, that you will make right choice if you choose JustHost as your web hosting company and you can read everything for them from this review about reliable hosting company JustHost.

WordPress is great CMS (Content Management System), he powers 19% from the whole internet. It’s easy to use and no technical knowledge is required, but if you want to modify something in themes, if someone has access to modify than technical knowledge is necessary.

Installing WordPress with JustHost is straight forward you can’t miss and I will explain every step in this review.

Installing WordPress with JustHost

  • First step is to visit JustHost main page and then scroll all the way down, in the footer find Control Panel Login and of course login with the credentials they give to you, when you sign up for some of their … Read More

The Necessity Of Easy-to-use Mobile Phone Features For Senior Citizens

November 2, 2015 |

There are very few people who do not have a mobile phone these days. They seem to be everywhere you look and people are either searching for information, talking to friends or using their smartphones to take pictures. However, for many people, especially senior citizens, a mobile phone can be an important tool to keep in touch with family and calling for medical assistance when necessary.

Mobile Phone Features for Seniors

Many older people just want to have a mobile phone for safety and security. Many of them don’t necessarily want a smartphone because they may never use (or understand) the apps and camera features. However, there are some features that are important to have on mobile phones for seniors in Australia.

Large Buttons

As people age, their eyesight tends to get worse and, even with corrective lenses, it may be difficult to see small … Read More