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Technologies Review | August 25, 2019

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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Employee Monitoring May Be Next In Corporate Mobility With New Android App

July 30, 2015 |

The case of employee monitoring has lately been getting quite a bit of heat, especially in light of a recent news report where a woman refused to be monitored by her employer and was subsequently fired for it. The issue of workplace privacy itself is not new, but as more innovations in employee surveillance methods occur, employers are once again reevaluating what it at stake. But there is no denying it; employee monitoring is going mobile.

On the one hand, there is the issue of drawing the line between what to monitor and what not to monitor. Recording everything an employee does at work can be counterproductive and the employer may not even know what to do with that much raw data. On the other hand, leaving an employee be can have serious consequences. At the very basic end, monitoring ensures that all employees are complying with regulations and the code … Read More

Boost Your Business With Local Phone Numbers

July 28, 2015 |

With the growing popularity of smart phone and electronic book it has become difficult for people to store the complex telephone numbers in their mind. Vanity numbers gives potential customers a point of contact, which they carry back in their memory and can use it to communicate with you company. As vanity numbers are crafted with words and numbers so these numbers are quite memorable and effective. Vanity numbers are great marketing tool for increasing your brand eminence. A vanity local number offers potential customers a fast and easy way to interact with companies via telephone. With local phone numbers, customers can easily reach you with a local call. A local phone numbers usually creates a sense of being local to the targeted customers.

Vanity numbers are beneficial for all kinds of businesses and industries. Buyers become much assured about your product and services because these numbers brings credibility to your … Read More

Trail Camera Tips And Tricks

July 26, 2015 |

If you are a fan of sports photography, game or simply want to take great photos of wildlife, you will probably be surprised by the possibilities trail cameras provide you with. Especially with game hunting, trail cameras have become hugely popular due to their usefulness – they are weatherproof and designed for extended outdoor usage, without a person having to press the buttons in order for them to work. They are especially used by hunters for surveillance, but can be used in other purposes as well. If you are starting to be intrigued by all this talk, keep reading and find about tips and tricks that will help you better shots with your trail camera.

Motion Sensor

The first thing about trail cameras is to get to know them. You have to know how they work in order to better understand them and get better shots. For example, many people think … Read More

Top 5 Gadgets For Traveling

July 24, 2015 |

When you are on traveling, you can surely use a few life-hacks to make your trip smoother and smarter. The advancement in technology has brought to us some amazing gadgets to take on with us when we are traveling. There are so many portable gadgets to choose from, however, in our list we are suggesting the ones with more usability.

Let’s take a look at the top five gadgets for traveling.

1. Plastic Card

In this age of e-cards and advanced electronic payment services, managing physical cards can be an irritating fit and an extra burden on your tiny pocket. Not to mention, there could be 2-8 at times, all necessary to carry, but don’t worry, Plastic Card is here to save the day. By virtue of its RFID-enabled and on-chip PIN, you can leave all your cards behind at home, and conduct transactions of 20 different cards through … Read More

Small Business Ideas You Can Implement In Kanpur

July 24, 2015 |

The city of Kanpur is a major centre for industrial development.  The city is known to be one of the hotspots of property business today as a result of the improving economic conditions. If one were to consider it as the financial capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh, it would not be wrong. The city has been in demand for housing as well as business investment. The resources for transforming business here are in place and the property business therefore has become one of the most prominent new centres of urban development. This new economic activity has also led to the growth in demand for flats and room on rent in Kanpur.

What makes Kanpur a High Demand Destination for Housing?

There are several factors that have led to the growth in demand for housing in Kanpur. For one, the city has a gamut of … Read More

Benefits Of Owning A Blog For Your Small Business

July 24, 2015 |

Internet presentation loses its purpose without visitors. If you have decided to upgrade your business by creating a Web site, you will need a content that will have a well-designed plan to bring you customers. Web site content that does not have a blog is often limited to the specification of what your business have to offer with the price list, and this doesn’t help your business that much.

However, the Web site of the company that owns a blog has extended content. It offers explanations, certificates of quality, facts, problems and solutions, customers’ experiences, etc. Interesting blog, that is always up to date is a way of attracting new clients to your business.

Blog you can Set you up Ahead of the Competition

As an example, we will use two companies that are engaged in similar activities. Both companies offer, on its Internet presentation, similar … Read More

5 Life Changing Gadgets!

July 18, 2015 |

It’s no surprise that the gadgets industry is constantly evolving. New gadgets are being introduced at top speed for solving so many dilemmas present in your daily lives. While there are some innovators who make gadgets that target the big problems, there are some who noticed the small problems and invented some real cool gadgets. Once you lay your hands upon these gadgets, you will thank them for removing the little annoyances in your life. Here are five gadgets that promise to make your life easier:

Wall Socket Safe

Did travelling last month to various places to attend functions hosted by relatives made you lose your peace of mind because of valuables lying at home? Are your travel visits sudden leaving you with no time to deposit your precious items at bank before going? Or are you someone who owns many confidential files and fears losing them? Say hello to Wall … Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Pitted Against Oneplus Two- Which Is The Real Deal?

July 15, 2015 |

The OnePlus Two looks promising already; its predecessor, the OnePlus One is still considered a must-have smartphone by the users. The Galaxy Note 5 on the other hand is getting all the hype primarily because of two reasons- the success of the Galaxy Note 4 last year and the features and new storage modification introduced in Galaxy S6. It is going to be a tough ask for the users to choose between the two this year.

The OnePlus Two is expected to be launched in Q3 of 2015 and what’s unique about the OnePlus Two’s market strategy this year is that only bits and pieces of information about the phone have been released ahead of time. The official blog of the company and various other websites have announced that the OnePlus Two will contain the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 as well as the USB type C port.  Insiders also predict that the … Read More

Get To Know About The Long Range Features Of Gionee Elife E8

July 13, 2015 |

Gionee is all set to launch its new flagship model Elife E8, packing a whopping 24 MP rear camera. According to the maker, the cameral of Elife E8 is capable of producing photographs in resolution upto 120 mp. Gionee also mentions that E8 is the first android handset to include lossless zoom, which could maintain high image quality even when the user sets the zoom at 3X. Photos captured by front cameral will feature 8 MP.

Key Specifications of Elife E8:

  • Operating system and processor:

Gionee Elife E8 runs android 5.1 OS with Gionee’s Amigo 3.1 user interface on top. Besides operating Amigo UI based android OS, the device is packed with MediaTek MTK6795 chipset, an octa-core processor run at a clock speed of 2 GHz. It also comes as a dual SIM smart phone having 4G LTE functionality on either SIM card slots. If you want … Read More

5 New Linkedin Features That Can Help Your Business

July 7, 2015 |

When we think of social media, the first thought that comes to mind is usually not LinkedIn. On its home page, LinkedIn touts itself as “the world’s largest professional network.” Most think of LinkedIn as a site just for professionals and those seeking jobs as professionals. If you’re bypassing this social media site because you’re thinking these things, you may need to think again. LinkedIn has some new tools that can go a long way in helping grow your business.

You start like everyone else, with a basic listing. A typical example would be the LinkedIn listing for Start Elevator, Inc.. This construction company, located in the Bronx in New York, has itself listed as a company with its own LinkedIn address. That’s the start; where do we go from here?

LinkedIn can be a powerful cornerstone in your business’s social media presence. There are some … Read More