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Technologies Review | August 25, 2019

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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Top 7 Reasons To Buy Vanity Telephone Number

April 30, 2015 |

It is said that companies that use 800 numbers (vanity numbers) as part of their marketing and advertising tools increases customer response rate by 25-50%. Vanity numbers are kind of alphanumeric numbers that are easy-to-remember as compared with conventional numeric numbers. If your business involves direct contact with customers then it is a pre-requisite to give an easy-to-recall telephone number identity to your business. Moreover, this is just the beginning of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you sign on with 800 responses. Substantial benefits of using a vanity number are much more, some of them include:

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Having a 800 telephone number can improve your customer services and satisfaction by allowing you to simply take calls. A telephone number makes it easier for your potential customers to reach you and get their questions answered. They will be able to call you whenever required. Hence, the easier and convenient you … Read More

Why WordPress Development Has Become So Popular These Days?

April 27, 2015 |

WordPress is a term which is becoming more and more familiar to the people these days. If you are not associated with the virtual world in any way other than certain usages, then you may not know about it, but if the association is on business purpose, then having an idea is necessary. Now, if you do not have a clear idea on the topic, then it will be important to first gather information on the topic leading to an understanding of the same. This information is quite easily available in the net and it will tell you that, basically WordPress is an open source website creating tool which is used also as the most powerful content management system.

Understanding The Scenario

In this age of virtual boom, more and more businesses and people are getting interested to have their own websites. This is their way of gaining the much required online presence which will … Read More

Discotech App Review: A Clubber’s New Guide

April 26, 2015 |


If you’ve got any good plans to head out for raves and enjoy the nightlife at top venues in Vegas, LA or Washington D.C, don’t miss out on the chance to use last year’s top mobile app for disco events, Discotech. Available on iPod, iPad, iPhone and practically every android phone, the disco-based app helps users get bottle services, e-tickets to events and reservations to nightclubs.

Users can search for various club venues located in major U.S cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C and Las Vegas, where it is available for free download. The app also went live in Miami last month and is due to be launched in New York City later this month with the aim of actively expanding in all major cities in 2015. It was made after a real-life experience that CEO Ian Chen had at a nightclub in Las Vegas. … Read More

Merging CRM With eCommerce To Improve The Customer Experience

April 21, 2015 |

Customer relationship management (CRM) used to be as simple as keeping an address book or Rolodex filled with customer contacts. Today, businesses handle an enormous amount of information ranging from addresses and phone numbers to personal shopping and buying preferences. Business owners require a more sophisticated system to handle it all and often wind up relying on separate software for eCommerce and CRM.

Segmenting important data between platforms makes it difficult to deliver the personalized brand experience that customers have come to expect. To succeed in the competitive world of online business, it’s necessary to integrate eCommerce interactions with CRM to get the clearest possible picture of customer behaviors.

How CRM Drives eCommerce

The customer experience is the backbone of eCommerce. Selling has evolved from a linear process to a cyclical one in which customers spend time researching their options and looking for peer input before making purchases. If … Read More

17 Reasons You Should Use Biomedical Services

April 21, 2015 |

Biomedical Services from companies like Med Surg Equip play an essential part in maintaining, designing and managing of medical devices or equipment proposed or used for different healthcare settings from the field, home and hospitals. This is a business process that includes an oversight and interaction on medical equipment that is involved in monitoring, diagnosing and treatment of the patients. The related procedures and policies controls the activities like planning, acquisition and selection of medical devices. This is through inspecting, accepting, maintaining, and disposing of medical equipment.  But what is the importance of this services?

  1. Asset Management and Equipment Control – All medical facilities for treatment should have processes and policies on asset management and equipment control. This involves the medical devices management in the facility and supported by an automated information systems.
  2. Management of Work Orders – This involves a measurable, traceable and systematic method in accepting inspections, calibrations or … Read More

4 Events That Would Benefit From Photo Booth Hire

April 12, 2015 |

When it comes to organising any event, whether it be for personal or professional purposes, everyone wants to throw the best party in town. As well as ensuring your food, drink and venue choices are up to scratch, making sure you have the facilities to make your event sparkle is vital.

Photo booth hire has risen in popularity in recent years, and with technology improving every day, now couldn’t be a better time to book a booth for your upcoming event. But which events would benefit from photo booth hire?

Wedding Receptions

On your big day, only the very best will do, and whilst a lot of time and effort goes into the planning of the ceremony, your reception is where the party really gets started. Capturing picture perfect moments couldn’t be easier with the addition of a photo booth, and the prints will certainly provide the fun factor alongside professional photography.

Read More

Slotomania Free Game App Review

April 10, 2015 |

One of the many conveniences that smartphones offer is playing games instead of getting bored. Slotomania is one such game which allows people to indulge their betting tendencies on slot machines that are accessible on their smartphones and tablets. This Android and iOS game from Playtika is immensely popular primarily because of the way it is designed.

About Slotomania

Like any other slot machine game, the player uses the virtual money to play on the slot machines in Slotomania. The games in Slotomania also have themes, and there are graphics to make people feel like they are integral part of the game. There is music too. But Slotomania scores because of simple but effective visuals. Excessive graphics reduces the speed at which the game can be played. They require a lot of memories too. Slotomania developers considered this aspect and ensured that graphics is reduced to a minimal … Read More

Breadcrumbs Links: Guidelines For Navigation

April 6, 2015 |

Breadcrumbs are contextual links which helps in performing navigation within the document. Usually, on top of a page below title bar, the breadcrumbs appears in horizontal manner.

There is a link which navigates to previous page from where the user can link to current page. Breadcrumbs helps the user to navigate to the starting or entry point. A greater than sign is used as a hierarchy separator along with other elements such as >> or >.

Structure of Breadcrumb Links:

The structure of breadcrumbs is given below:

Home page > Section page > Subsection page


Home page : Section page : Subsection page


home page : section page 1 : section page 2

The file managers such as Windows Explorer (from Windows Vista onwards), Mac OS’s Finder, GNOME’s Nautilus, KDE’s Dolphin, Xfce’s … Read More