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Technologies Review | August 25, 2019

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Monthly Archives: June 2014

How To Clean Your VCR Heads In 9 Easy Steps

June 25, 2014 |

VCR, Video cassette recorder is an electromagnetic device used for various recording purposes from television broadcast or other sources. VCR gained extensive popularity in the past few decades due to its numerous advantages. VCRs were the main cause of the rise of the home video industry that gave business to millions of people. VCR was first released by Philips in 1970, is a recording and playback device used with TVs which allows you to record a show on a magnetic tape. Home VCRs usually have a television broadcast receiver or tuner for TV signal reception and a clock that can be programmed to record for the start and end time specified by the user.

The rise in its popularity led to stiff competition in the production market. Key VCR manufacturers are

–        Panasonic –        Matsushita Electric –        Sony –        JVC

Products manufactured by them were more efficient … Read More

Point and Shoot Cameras – Reasons To Buy One

June 24, 2014 |

Photography has become a passion and profession for many in the recent times. As a result, different types of high end cameras have come up in the market. Apart from the DSLR cameras, which can be extremely costly, different other types of cameras such as point and shoot cameras have come up in the market. These cameras are low in cost and have some major features which are similar to DSLR cameras. The affordability of these cameras has made the point and shoot cameras quite popular in the market. If you know the right usage of these cameras, you will be able to use them to the optimum and get to click high end images!

Point and Shoot Cameras

Point and shoot cameras are considered to be those which do not require the option of SLR cameras as these cameras do not have extra lenses, filters or any kind of complicated … Read More

Jailbreaking Could Be Bad For Your iPhone’s Health

June 22, 2014 |

Jailbreaking is a tricky subject made trickier by Apple’s tight control of the iPhone platform. Though modifying the device’s software is a simple process that can allow you access to apps that take fuller advantage of the phone’s feature set, the potential troubles — software update issues, bugs, and malicious attacks among them are worth some thought.

Though it isn’t illegal to jailbreak your device in the U.S., Apple’s policies specifically forbid modifying the phone’s software or hardware. If you have an issue with your iPhone during or after your jailbreak, the company likely won’t help, leaving you with a support base that largely consists of forums and other online resources. The rule applies even if your issue is unrelated to the jailbreak, too. In short, if you mod the phone, you potentially lose a major resource.

Another Apple policy voiding the warranty of jailbroken devices is of particular concern if your iPhone is still … Read More

4 New, Game-Changing Security Technologies

June 19, 2014 |

In today’s world, there is always the risk of running into problems with burglars, hackers, and other criminals whose goal is to steal from or otherwise harm others. While traditional security methods like locks and alarms come to mind, the technological innovations of recent years make digital security necessary as well. Several excellent security systems have been recently created—and improved upon— to ensure the safety of families, businesses, and information:

Remote Home Security Systems

With a completely wireless system, a remote home security system eliminates the vulnerabilities presented by hard lines. This minimizes the risk of the system being physically disabled. These systems communicate with multiple sensors from a central security console to maximize security strength. Remote control from a smartphone is typically available, once the proper app is installed onto the device. These security systems can also be customized to take into account the unique vulnerabilities of each home.

How Important Is A Domain Name Post Penguin

June 18, 2014 |

Google got very upset with some website owners on its search engine a couple of years ago. It was so upset with the way they were working the rankings system that it introduced a Panda and then a Penguin to keep them in check. You may ask what a cuddly mammal and a waddling bird have to do with page rankings. The answer is simple, they are the method by which Google cuts the ranking of anyone who does not adhere to their Webmaster guidelines.

The latest incarnation, penguin, is an algorithm whose purpose it is to recognize websites that use manipulative techniques to increase their rankings. This could involve excessive links to the pages within the site or the creation of doorway pages whose only purpose is to attract traffic from the search engine. One of the results of this is that companies have had to find new ways of attracting traffic and achieving … Read More

Coolest New Gadgets For Automotives 2014

June 17, 2014 |

Each and every year different automotive accessories enter the market. And the ones you include in your vehicle express components of your personality. If you are the kind of entertainment liking person then you will add entertainment gadgets to your car, while if you are the time conscious ones then automatically you will go for the speed gadgets. Generally while referring to the automotive you include bikes, motorcycles and even the boats. Below are some of the Coolest New Gadgets for Automotives 2014:

The Cell-Control

· This majorly deals with the backseat driving. For instance a person is likely to cause an accident if he or she is driving while texting, this is majorly due to the reduced concentration. The cell control now comes in that it helps you in controlling your phone even while you are driving. At least with its appearance in the market, accidents have reduced.

The Grip Strip

· This Gadget … Read More

4 Frivolous Tech Inventions That Spawned Modern Tech Advances

June 13, 2014 |

Technology is fun, but it is much more than a mere toy. In fact, it uses entertainment values to encourage increased productivity by making work seem engaging and fun. Frivolous tech inventions can sometimes be used to stimulate focus for tasks that would otherwise be exceedingly boring and menial. The vast utilities dramatically outweigh the trivial amusements. Here are four examples of seemingly pointless tech inventions which have yielded game-changing advances in technology.

1. Communication

During the industrial revolution it would take hours, if not days, to send messages from one location to another. As innovations in communication began to appear they were mocked and derided while face-to-face communication was proclaimed king. However, with decades of technological growth since then, the planet has never witnessed such a high level of interconnectedness. People can interact with each other from all around the world within seconds. Even just a hundred years ago, long-distance … Read More

Learn How To Choose Stylus Pen In 5 Steps – A How To Guide

June 12, 2014 |

Stylus pens are used for touch screen electronic devices which include tablet, computers and cell phones. Stylus is a writing instrument that works by touch or pressure. Regular pen and stylus pen work in a similar fashion but the main difference lies in the fact that stylus pen has plastic or cloth ball point so as to prevents the screen from damage. A stylus usually resembles a pen, hence the name stylus pen and it can be used to select options, write or draw on a touchscreen.

Why use a Stylus

Stylus is used for touchscreen or stylus enabled devices. At times using a stylus may seem absurd but the following advantages will surely change your perspective:

–          More comfortable mainly when you  need to touch the screen frequently

–          High precision

–          No fingerprints on screen hence no constant cleaning

–          At … Read More

How To Handle Online Credit Card Processing?

June 2, 2014 |

Any business that hopes to enter the online market needs an eCommerce website equipped with a shopping card software solution. One of the easiest ways to set up a website with online card payments processing is employing a credit card processing service provider. The provider then takes care of the security and the transaction process for your business. You can then channelize your focus on improving your products’ sales and other critical aspects of your business. However, having a basic understanding of credit card processing is imperative for an online merchant. In this write-up, you will read about the components needed for processing card payments online and the factors to be considered when choosing any such solution.

Online Credit Card Processing: What You Need to Get Started

Website: A website works as a medium where you display your products or services for online shopping. Such websites are referred to as eCommerce … Read More