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Technologies Review | October 18, 2019

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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Startup Magic: 4 IT Keys For Your New Business

March 21, 2014 |

Often times, many business owners who are starting a business overlook the need for a solid technical foundation. These entrepreneurs focus on the most obvious things, such as their budget, marketing plan and office location, but neglect their need for having the proper technology, security measures and technical protocols. In order to ensure that a business runs successfully, it is critical that you establish a strong technical infrastructure. When there is a plan for how your technology will be employed, operations will be certain to run without interruption. Following these four crucial keys for your new business will enable you to have a winning start.

Protecting Your Assets Using Security Protocols

Because you do not want client or employee information to fall into the wrong hands, it is essential that you establish a security protocol for protecting your assets. Have employees and clients send sensitive data in encrypted documents with the … Read More

Finance Your Mobile App Startup With A Business Loan

March 21, 2014 |

Launching a startup is a milestone for an entrepreneur’s career. As the founder, you’re the one who came up with the idea for a mobile app and as a business manager, you’re the upper hand and the person who will drive the business to success. However, you’re aware that the road success isn’t just an easy, with a series of challenges bound to meet you along the way. One of the major hurdles is, as you may have already guessed, is getting the money to fund your venture.

If you’re a technopreneur, you may feel some anxiety before you introduce your product to the market. You want to be able to reach customers, and you want them to be able to relate to and to recognize your product. Before launch, you need to be prepared. You must have a solid product, and you need funds to pay your people, and of … Read More

The Importance of Maintaining Your PC or Laptop: How To Optimise Performance and Extend The Life Of Your Device

March 20, 2014 |

According to The Telegraph, the disposable income crisis is expected to worsen in the year ahead. On the back of reports that disposable income is unlikely to rise until the year 2015 at the earliest, it is now estimated that childcare bills could account for a total of 40% of all household capital before the end of the 2014.

This means that it will be extremely difficult for British households to spend on non-essential items in the year ahead, including everything from personal computers to socialising and nights out on the town. Failing to invest in the former can pose a significant challenge, however, as desktop computers and laptops play a pivotal role in enabling us to complete a host of everyday tasks.

How to Maintain and Guarantee the Longevity of your Personal Computer

Taking this point on board, there is a pressing need for citizens to … Read More

Technology That Makes Traveling Less Of A Hassle

March 19, 2014 |

In many instances, travel places people in strange surroundings and away from everything they feel comfortable with. Oftentimes, this results in extreme boredom and frustration. There are also instances where things go wrong when traveling. Fortunately, technology has made things easier for all of us. The bigger and more complicated things in life have become smaller and easier to do, giving the avid traveler many benefits. Thanks to many advances in technology, traveling all over the world is easier and more enjoyable than ever.

Directions and Maps 

At one time, if someone got lost traveling in a strange city, they had to pull over on the side of the road, unfold a map and try to figure out where they were and how they could get to their destination. Today, we have the luxury of a GPS system and many apps that tell travelers their exact location and the best … Read More

Teach Yourself Programming: The 5 Best Sites For Learning To Code

March 14, 2014 |

These days, basic programming skills are quickly becoming a requirement for success in a variety of fields. Once the exclusive province of professional programmers in the tech industry, coding has finally gone mainstream. As such, amateurs and professionals of all stripes are learning to program like never before. If you’re interested in adding an impressive skill set to your resume, improving your programming abilities, or simply have an interest in coding, there are several great sites for you to learn at your own pace and from your existing skill level. Here are five of the best resources for online programming education.


As an open-air bazaar of e-learning, Udemy is the premier destination for many neophytes looking to pick up their first programming language. Featuring more than 12,000 courses in everything from Python to C++ to Lisp, Udemy can help you learn any coding language you desire. Best of all, quite … Read More

New Technology That Makes Completing Creative Jobs Easier

March 7, 2014 |

It’s impossible to deny that technology and creativity go hand in hand. A fictional innovation from a creative mind can be a functioning gadget when used by someone technologically inclined. The same is true in reverse: whenever a company releases hardware or software, new and creative uses are found which save enormous amounts of time for people who work under deadlines. Here are some new gadgets that are saving some time for creative professionals.

If you can Dream it, you can Print it

The 3D Printer is a new creative advancement, and its implications are limitless. How limitless? Recently, NASA contracted the creation of a 3D Food Printer. So, they are building a prototype that can “print” pizza in space. That’s a game-changer that any creative professional could use.

Draw Right into your Hard Drive

Another piece of technology is the touch screen panel PC. The … Read More

Galaxy S5 Versus Xperia Z2: The Megapixel War Is Back!

March 7, 2014 |

Smartphone makers touted their wares at the 2014 Mobile World Congress that was held in Barcelona just recently and this event was where Samsung and Sony unveiled their two flagship smartphones for the year. Samsung unveiled the updated version of the best-selling Galaxy S range with the new Galaxy S5. Sony also unveiled the new Xperia Z2 during the Barcelona event and judging by the features on these new flagship phones, the megapixel war is back!

Shots Fired in the Smartphone Megapixel War

There was a time when phone makers were able to differentiate their phones from others by the higher megapixels. The phones on the market could all allow you to make calls reliably and send texts easily so having a phone able to take pictures was a big WOW factor back then.

During its heyday, Nokia was a leader in the race to offer consumers digital camera-equipped … Read More

High-Tech Travel: The 5 Most Advanced Cars For The Tech-Savvy Driver

March 3, 2014 |

If you embrace living in the 21st century, you’re probably decked out with devices. You always have the latest smartphone, you’re hooked into social media 24/7, and your entire life is organized on a tablet. If this description fits you, then you should have a car that fits your technology fetish as well. Having a tech-friendly car will allow you to truly stay up to date and hooked into all your devices no matter where you go. There are plenty of affordable vehicles that are loaded with the latest technology. Read on for a list of some cars that score big in the digital technology department.

Dodge Dart

In the compact class, the 2014 Dodge Dart has been named the “Most Connected Car” of 2014 by Connected World Magazine. This model boasts an advanced console that features a UConnect 8.4 inch touchscreen. A modern GPS navigation system is combined with SiriusXM … Read More

Outleads Optimizes Telephone Marketing With Patent-pending Call-back and Analytics Technology

March 1, 2014 |

Despite some of the scorn typically heaped on it in popular culture, telemarketing remains one of the most vital and cutting edge marketing techniques available, and is used in conjunction with internet campaigns more typically thought of as the future of advertising.

Not all calls are unsolicited, either. Far from it. Many of the most effective ad campaigns on the internet involve voluntary call-back features that connect businesses directly to customers interested in their products.

The problem with these campaigns, however, is that they are bulky and difficult to track, requiring a company to establish multiple phone numbers for a given campaign and play an inefficient sort of guessing game regarding its the success of any given facet of the ad.

Outleads, which has years of experience helping companies with online marketing, now has a system that would integrate the telephone and digital aspects … Read More

Touchmail Changing Your E-mailing Experience

March 1, 2014 |

The iPhone and Macbook enjoy an almost boring stranglehold on the pop culture imagination, but even for those of us who haven’t been completely brainwashed by the Apple Corporation — we who remember the good old days when the PC roamed free — the other options are consistently less than attention-grabbing. The machines themselves are fine, but where the competition, and Microsoft in particular, have fallen is in the software.

Now there are some signs that could be changing.

Matthew Carlson and Alex Frank both worked for Microsoft before founding Touchmail, which may be why their new e-mail application seems so intuitive on the Windows 8 platform. The team has other versions in the works, but Frank, the company CTO, says starting on the once-beleaguered Windows operating system was important for the company.

Matthew and I both had a … Read More

Clickdrive: Automobile Digital Revolution

March 1, 2014 |

The digital revolution — development of increasingly specialized mobile applications — has changed the way we think about everything from retail to exercise, and cars are not immune to this shift.

The latest models boast voice-recognition software and real-time GPS mapping. Soon, cars will be parking themselves.

In many respects though, the auto-industry has yet to maximize the potential of mobile technology.

Clickdrive is hoping to change that.

“After experiencing issues with my own car, I was personally inspired to create a solution to the lack of data available on my car,” says former Lehman Brothers trading systems designer and Clickdrive founder Mark Sutheran. “Wifi and highspeed networks have become ubiquitous, but why aren’t our cars taking advantage of the situation?”

Clickdrive is a mobile hardware device that connects to Wifi and the … Read More