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Technologies Review | August 25, 2019

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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Use of VPN – A Blessing Of Technology For Secure Data Transfer

August 29, 2013 |

Technology has totally changed our life in last few decades. We have been experiencing revolutionary changes in field of communication and data transfer. This journey was started when a small network of computers was established for data transfer and communication. When it reached the early age of internet and online data transfer or communication, people started thinking that technology had touched the skies. But just after few years, they realized that it is the process of continuous change. By now technology has brought up with several forms and ways of communication.

This article will speak about the ways of communication that has been ever adopted by the businesses or individuals. You need to keep in mind that computer networks had become very essential part of communication for the businesses and it had happen couple of decades back. After that the technologist had been working hard to make the communication secure.

Ways … Read More

Have Fun with Your Car Chargers, Your Cool Smartphone Accessory

August 29, 2013 |

Your Smartphone is so much more than just a phone. It is the medium to connect you with the rest of the world through content and connection wherever you are. You can get to know so much about the whole world and stay connected with your loved ones. Smart phone would be more useful and enjoyable if you start using its accessories. It’s a lot of fun when you shop for your smart phone accessories. The Smartphone accessories like headsets, speakers and many more can create pure magic. It is an amazing experience when you listen to music through Smartphone accessories.

Variety of Smartphone Accessories

There is a wide range of variety of the Smartphone accessories on the market. You can surely find the perfect one for yourself or for any gift purpose. There are popular accessories like Smartphone cases, Skins, Headsets, Covers, Faceplates, Holders, Charms, Clips, Skin Protector, Car mounts … Read More

Healthcare E-Commerce: Building A Healthcare E-Store That Consumers Can Trust

August 28, 2013 |

With a huge influx these days of people selling all sorts of products online such as contacts and pharmaceutical items, it can be hard to be the one that consumers trust the most. With so many choices, the power of choice and of trust is ultimately in the consumers hands more than ever. And this is especially true with any sort of medical business, because trust when it comes to your health is of paramount importance to people. Fortunately, there are a few sites online that show us how to specifically focus on having good credentials and proving trustworthiness.

The Importance of Medical Trust

People put a lot of faith in credentials these days. But the problem is that not everyone is conservative in where they put trust. Interpreted correctly, credentials can provide a lot confidence that someone knows what they’re doing. But there are side effects too. … Read More

Security Patch Issued to Internet Explorer 8

August 28, 2013 |

Millions of internet users choose Internet Explorer as their web browser. Often issued as standard with Microsoft computers and laptops, it may not have all the bells and whistles of Chrome and Firefox, but it’s still a popular choice.

However, a recent security issue rendered one version of Internet Explorer a security risk to the Department of Labour when it gave hackers the chance to embed malware within a Department of Labour web page. Any employees using the site with Internet Explorer were susceptible to the so-called ‘Poison Ivy’ Trojan, which additionally allowed more malware onto the site.

As soon as the issue became apparent, Microsoft reported that they were working ‘around the clock’ to rectify the issue. Those who used Internet Explorer 8 were asked to install a quick fix-it patch while a long-term solution to the problem was researched.

The bug in question has been known to also target defence, aerospace and security … Read More

5 Cool Things A Mobile Event App Can Do At Big Conferences

August 27, 2013 |

Mobile applications have become a large part of people’s daily lives. Whether they are at school, work, home, the doctor’s office, or anywhere else, mobile apps help people be better informed, productive and connected. New developments in mobile conference apps are also very helpful in organizing big conference events where people come together for a common interest. In this post, we will take a look at five cool things a mobile event app can do at a conference, and how it’ll help attendee engagement like never before.

Attendee Badge Scanning

Having information about those who attend a conference is invaluable information that can help better the experience for everyone in attendance. New mobile applications allow for an attendee badge scanning system that immediately scans an attendees badge when they enter the event, every part of the conference they check out, everything they purchase and more. As soon as an attendee is given a badge, it … Read More

The Mistakes That Should Be Avoided When You Are Working As A Blogger

August 27, 2013 |

As the internet marketing is increasing the interest of people is also increasing. The best interactive way where people can share their views and ideas regarding some product or services is known as blogging. The blogging can be performed the website owner who wishes to convey some message to eth world regarding the services that is been offered by the website. But there are some mistakes which should be avoided while blogging as it may have bad effect.

A Few Mistakes to Avoid when Blogging are:

The Duplicate content should be avoided. No one is interested in reading the stale content and this might have bad result on your traffic. If you are blogging the duplicate content the readers might find it useless and they will avoid your website. So, whenever you are blogging try to keep the unique and fresh content so that people find some information in it and … Read More

Apple, Google, Roku To Slug It Out In A Growing Streaming Video Market

August 25, 2013 |

Streaming video market is growing at an exponential rate with a projection estimating nearly 300 million households using streaming devices within the next 5 years. Sounds mouth watering for companies like Netflix and Roku, right?

Even if satellite companies are not really rejoicing at this news, it is certainly a very good prospect for companies that are marketing devices that stream videos. These are the companies that provide the so called crème de la crème content to the people. The din surrounding the launch of Chromecast has not died down yet and if the report from Parks Associates is any indication, the time of video streaming in homes is just round the corner.

In the last 2 years, the number of households having access to a streaming device that connects to TV has increased 2 times. Homes having such device hover around 15% but according to a projection made by Parks Associates, … Read More

Benefits Of Hiring A Freelance Web Designer

August 25, 2013 |

Do you want to have a website and optimize the business marketing online? Today’s business must be run by following the trend. It is a strategy to stay on the competition track. It is fine if you still use the old fashioned way, but combining with the modern trend will improve your business visibility. If you are known and well-reputed, it is easy to get customers and earn venues. You need a website, then. It is the commonly used tool to market or run the business online. Modern customers can get a quick access to your products or services just by visiting your site. They can save time to shop. You will also have the same benefit to earn potential income with lesser marketing cost.

Designing or creating the website is the first job to do. Since it is a matter you may have no competence in, it is highly recommended … Read More

Acronis : Step By Step Guides For Smooth Operation

August 24, 2013 |

By now you must have noticed after researching on the internet that Acronis is always a step ahead of its competitors in helping its customers. The Acronis step by step guides and tips are the speaking proof of how Acronis wants every user to be on the same page and take advantage of every feature of the software without compromising on anything. These step by step guides are easily available on internet through many websites. Some instructions are also available from the professionals who have used the software themselves. Some are available from the support staff of Acronis.

While the Acronis step by step guides on the internet are helpful but there are very rare occasions when you need to use them. They have been put on the internet just to help you by going an extra mile. When you have one of the Acronis softwares you will notice that they … Read More

How To Come On Top In A Call Center Job Interview?

August 24, 2013 |

Customer service support and call center jobs involve providing assistance in troubleshooting, and providing various services to the end-user. Every firm, be it large scale or small scale, has customer service job opening, which has eventually turned out to be a medium of employment for the mass. It is a sophisticated way of managing and maintaining businesses. There prevails a myth that says customer service jobs are easy to find, but this isn’t true. Every job needs some experience and achieving excellence in any field needs great experience and hard work. Everything needs a fair bit of effort on your part; similarly these jobs need effort, hard work, and patience, and you before applying at a reputed place like Randstad UK, read the following tips to crack the interview.

Experience Plays a Vital Role

For fulfilling such jobs, you should have an idea or experience of dealing with … Read More

An Understanding Of Digital Escrow

August 23, 2013 |

When it comes to technology, most people seldom think of the legal situation and rights behind their piece of software. It is a different case, however, if this software is something you highly depend on, such as for work. If it was to stop working or fail to meet your requirements then serious problems could ensue.

Yet this is where it helps to understand the legal side of software, not just the technical side. As modern technology becomes more and more integrated into how we live and work, this is something that is only going to become more important. As such, here is a brief look at the ‘Software as a Service’ model and how to use escrow services to protect yourself.

Software as a Service

Also known as ‘SaaS’ for short, Software as a Service is a standard business model used by a lot of … Read More

Photo Retouching Techniques Known Only By The Professionals

August 23, 2013 |

As you live in a digital age, it is impossible not to use technology in terms of creating art. The digital editing has the merit of booming the photographic industry. With new camera models being released monthly, it seems that everyone can benefit from the features and the increased number of mega-pixels. The problem is that even if you have the most expensive and high tech camera, it also has its limitations. The issue is that the photos seem to lack that variety of tones and colors which the eye perceives. Therefore, the art of photo retouching comes to help professionals of all ages. However, there are some tricks only known by professionals, but which can be applied by every person who is interested in the subject matter.

Retouching Tools

The reality is that retouching a photo is simply editing it to make it look better. These enhancements … Read More

Middle East Telecom Grows at a Rate of Knots

August 21, 2013 |

Convergence is all the rage across the Middle East and it is set to take off!

The widespread growth of the technology sector across the Middle East is starting to pay dividends for telecom providers. Technical operations directors of many leading Middle Eastern consortiums have been applying Western-style operations to the region. The results have been overwhelmingly positive, with convergence becoming a major money-spinner in countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Israel and others. Convergence is simply the bundling of Internet, television and telephone services via an xDSL or cable connection. This is typically done via a single network provider. The advent of bundling services dramatically reduces costs across multiple service sectors and provides a one stop service centre for related queries. The time and cost savings are substantial.

Highly Innovative Applications Improve Data Flow

The technological boom that is provided by convergence not only brings the region closer, but it also breaks … Read More