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Technologies Review | February 18, 2019

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Monthly Archives: July 2013

4 Necessary Technologies For Your New Business

July 24, 2013 |

New business owners today have a wide variety of technology options that entrepreneurs never had before. Of course, you need to have the basics like computer and Internet access. However, this isn’t enough for most businesses. There are many other options that you’ll need to consider for your business.

Smartphones Help More Than Communication

Image via Flickr by jseliger2

Today, smartphones are a staple of business life. It’s a good idea to ensure that your employees have smartphones that are paid for by the company. In fact, these can replace traditional landlines in the office. There are a variety of reasons that smartphones in the office are beneficial.

  • They help aid in communication – not only can you get calls on a smartphone, you can also text, use instant messaging, and email. This enhances productivity when an employee is able to do this from their phone.
  • They help in … Read More

Motorola’s Return to Form? The Moto X Threatens its Rivals

July 24, 2013 |

So far this year, we’ve seen Samsung, HTC and Apple establish themselves a firm market share with their flagship models: the Galaxy S4 (April 2013 release); the One(March 2013); and the iPhone 5 (a brave early release in September 2012). Each comes with its own tricks and specialities, though each has its relative weakness (or two). Now, it’s making things very interesting indeed – especially ahead of the release of an old mobile favourite’s latest offering.

Motorola has announced its return to the market with the long-awaited Moto X, firmly establishing itself alongside Finnish rivals Nokia as a company that has made huge strategic changes after slipping off the radar after years of dominance in the era where polyphonic ringtones were a way to sell a phone over a rival.

Nokia has already fought its way back into the modern market with its Lumia range. Recent adverts have shown how it is already specialising in areas that others … Read More

Hybrid Storage: Finding The Right Fit In The Cloud

July 22, 2013 |

Most businesses are just beginning to hit their stride with cloud computing. Building a hybrid cloud can be complex and sophisticated work for businesses professionals, and the responsibility falls on developers and IT staff to educate the rest of the business and implement the new programs.

For businesses that don’t want to migrate all resources to the cloud, hybrid clouds offer a balanced option by allowing some resources to be deployed in the public cloud and others in a private cloud that’s protected by a firewall. However, hybrid clouds take a lot of work to build and maintain, and many organizations are still quite new to their cloud journey. Learn more about different models of hybrid cloud computing to determine if this concept meets your needs.

Four Approaches to Hybrid Cloud Computing

Hybrid clouds provide more security than public clouds, so developers can deploy sensitive applications on storage servers without going through a public … Read More

A Portrait of the Modern Smartphone User

July 19, 2013 |

Singapore has quickly built itself a reputation as one of the most “wired” nations on Earth: there are huge levels of internet usage, social media is a national obsession, and people are generally very ready to embrace new tech, whatever form it may take. It will come as no surprise, then, that both mobile phones and smartphones are near ubiquitous in Singapore, with Black Box research stating the city-state has a mobile penetration rate of 148.7 percent, and Ericsson data indicating that smartphones have a 78 percent penetration rate.

Moreover, according to Black Box, three quarters of Singaporean mobile subscriptions are 3G subscriptions and mobile internet use in the country is booming. The country’s mobile market is increasingly moving towards 4G as – following the introduction of 4G LTE last year – a raft of 4G-enabled phones, like the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 running BlackBerry 10, have recently been launched.  But while these statistics … Read More

Webcasting Legitimately Improves The Nature’s Domain In Business

July 19, 2013 |

Webcasts are presentations accessible to viewers through the Internet, finish with sound and movie. To see the presentation the viewer necessities no uncommon gear or plug-ins, he or she basically heads off to a site location, logins, turns up the speakers, and sits once more to delight in the presentation. Webcasts are enormously well known because of the convenience. Any individual who needs to show informative content free, or for a charge, to a worldwide group of onlookers can profit from offering a webcast. Webcasts offer that ‘in person’ touch, a feeling of association. Viewers can see and hear the speaker progressively without the clumsy motion picture encourage from prior days. Webcasting methods you can utilize the Web as an approach to convey your message live or on-interest. This is an energizing innovation that permits you to telecast anything you like at the minute in time it is occurring. An organization with business … Read More

Services That CD Production Companies Offer

July 19, 2013 |

It is really an acceptable fact there Compact Discs still have a good market even when portable disk drives and pen drives are ruling the tech market. There are quarter trillion CDs still revolving in the world market. So this embarrassing statistics can give the potential and importance of CD market. It means that CD Production Companies have a good market for providing the CD production company like CD duplication and CD printing services. There is still a big market in the media industry that garners handsome revenue with CD Production Company. Let us see what the CD production companies offer in its wide array of services.

CD Duplication Services:

Citing an example about a music band can give a fair idea about the importance of CD Duplicators. If you are a music band that is looking to sell your talent, the best medium is to record it into a … Read More

E-mail Marketing – Drive Revenue Into Your Business!

July 19, 2013 |

E-mail Marketing as the name implies is a kind of marketing, approached through e mails. It has become a very popular tool of marketing. Day by day more and more people are using this method to promote their products. This is as simple as sending e mails to prospective customers. There is no need of employing an expensive SEO company for ranking you up. But you have to do necessary home work to collect the e mail addresses of your prospective customers. But there are certain procedures and rules and regulations of the game.

Firstly mind, you are not always a welcome guest in the inbox of your receiver. So be as precise as it can be and it should be able to arouse interest in the mind of the recipient. If there are any privacy protecting regulations, it is better to go for opt-in mails. In opt-in mails you … Read More

Visualizing Your Perfect Company Website

July 18, 2013 |

With all the complicated processes and decisions that go into running a startup business, it can be smart to delegate some of the tasks on your plate. For instance, choosing to hire a professional to design your website can help lighten your load considerably—but you’ll still want to have some creative control over the process along the way to ensure your vision for the site is fully realized.

Once you’ve made the decision to work with a professional Web design company to create your perfect website, your next task is to start deciding what “perfect” means to you. Before your first meeting with the design team, it’s crucial to do some preparations and to think through what you want the end result to be. What are some things you can be flexible on? What are your non-negotiables? Read on for a few tips to help guide your thoughts as you get ready for … Read More

4 Don’ts That Kill Landing Pages

July 18, 2013 |

There is only one reason why website owners create landing pages – conversions. Landing pages can be placed in e-mail, on video-sharing websites, blogs and other web properties, but it’s often easy to sabotage their potential of obtaining information from the visitor.

You just can’t go with an ‘if you built it, they will come’ theory for landing pages. Avoiding mistakes on landing pages is one of the most crucial aspects of an integrated online business strategy (and it’s also one of the most overlooked). At the end of the day, the don’ts of landing pages can stand between success and failure for website owners.

1. Slow loading time

Poor loading time is now taken seriously by search engines. It also irritates people. Modern internet users don’t want to wait for 20-30 seconds for a page to appear – they want to take quick action and leave. … Read More

Finest Top 3 Android Games of 2013 at Your Service

July 18, 2013 |

Android has emerged as a powerful Operating System (OS) for mobiles, tablets and smartphones over the recent years, with no immediate sign of its popularity waning in the near future. Devices powered by Android OS boast of a host of exciting features, which are user-friendly yet cost-effective for all. Popularity of Android applications makes Android devices a must-have item on the priority list for the masses. The enormous range of indigenous Android games available through Google Play Store and powered through the best application tools has customized products for everybody as per individual preferences.

Monopoly of Android Popularity and Top 3 Android Games Of 2013

The backing of Big G or web giant Google is an added advantage in terms of technology support for Android devices wherein a large number of utility and fun apps, games of different genres, e-books of popular bestsellers and latest movies can be downloaded … Read More

What to Look for in a Wireless Management Software

July 18, 2013 |

Wireless management software refers to an automated program which regulates wireless network performance to deliver cost-effective and tangible results.  An intelligent, innovative and feature rich wireless management software enables an organization to optimize the overall efficiency of network operations and put forth enhanced end user experience. The market is rife with numerous vendors touting various products as the best and most effective remedy for all wireless management woes. These software programs vary from each other in terms of inherent features, capabilities and the overall control they grant the subscriber over their wireless network.

Things to Look for:

High Adaptability

Scalability, versatility and adaptability ought to be the cornerstones of effective wireless management software.  Wireless networks are constantly subjected to tumultuous and ever changing operating environments. The management software should be malleable enough to accommodate sharp spike in user traffic, bear the burden of end user applications which tend to be resource intensive mostly, and … Read More

What’s New In BlackBerry 10?

July 17, 2013 |

Available on BlackBerry’s new Q10 and Z10 smartphones, BlackBerry 10 signifies a dramatic change over previous operating systems, being designed with a clear focus on streamlining user activity and maximising productivity. BlackBerry hopes this move will decide not only the future of its devices, but also the overall outlook for mobile OS. In this article, we look at the key features of BlackBerry 10, and analyse how they might appeal to consumers.

Peek and Flow

For BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry has redesigned its mobile OS from the ground up for an emphasis on gesture controls and seamless switching, an approach the company characterises as Flow. It combines this with Peek, a facility that allows users to swipe from the side of the screen to see other apps lying underneath, allowing you to, for example, easily check the content of a new email without having to commit to opening the dedicated email app. As your current … Read More

Project Management Made Easy

July 16, 2013 |

Staying on top of all the work you’re doing for your clients is a difficult task, certainly one of the biggest challenges faced by managers anyway. It’s vital that every single client and customer is kept happy no matter how much they pay or how often they work with you – they pay your wages, keep your business ticking over and if they have a positive experience they’ll keep coming back.

Due to this, it’s vital that you get your project management spot on. In business there is no one size fits all policy because everyone wants something a bit different. You might be working with someone with a four-figure budget, and someone with a three-figure budget, for example. These clients will want different amounts of work for their money and might want to see results almost instantaneously heaping the pressure on those working on the project.

Incorporating some kind of project management software is … Read More