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Technologies Review | February 18, 2019

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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Adobe Indesign: Drawing Your Imagination

June 23, 2013 |

Adobe InDesign is a designing software that finds huge commercial applications especially for business and social marketing. It is a DTP (Desktop Publishing) software and combines artistic workmanship and page layout capabilities to create posters, flyers and other advertising materials with a minimal cost of publishing unlike the standard high expense printing processes.

The software is manufactured and marketed by Adobe Systems, who also manufactures the world’s most popular photo editing and graphic designing software, Adobe Photoshop. Like Photoshop, InDesign also claims to be one of the most widely used DTP software applications.  As we said above DTP stands for desktop publishing and involves the production of documents on a personal computer or MAC harnessing page layout talents. It largely uses commercial software especially for advertising purpose and is much more preferred than the localized printing methods, the ones draining the vigor and money. When it comes to DTP, one can … Read More

Promotional Ideas For Small Businesses

June 21, 2013 |

Small businesses need to be constantly aware of promotional opportunities. In business, getting your name known is one of the first challenges you need to overcome. In order to find prospects and attract new customers, your business needs to be in the public consciousness – at least as far as your target demographics are concerned. Whether you are pitching locally, nationally or internationally, promotional opportunities need to be found and leveraged to get your business in front of potential customers.

This poses a dilemma for small business owners. The need for promotion and exposure has to be tempered with a lack of substantial marketing budget. For new businesses specifically, there may be no budget to speak of, which makes the challenge even tougher. But there are some ways in which promotional opportunities and ideas can be created, to help drive the exposure your business needs at a cost that it can afford.

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Some Cool Travel Apps That You Should Have On Your Smartphones

June 21, 2013 |

Traveling is always a fun experience, but it will also be quite taxing at the same time. You will have to think about the places to visit, shopping, the routes, hotel bookings, food, etc. Taking care or handling all these things can be difficult, especially without a trusted guide. The entire thrill of the travel might be lost completely. At the end of it all, you will feel stress and strain.

Now with high-speed wireless technology being so widespread, you don’t really need a guide in person to help you with your travel needs.  The advent of smartphones has paved the way to a new era of computing and networks. There are apps created for just about anything you can think of. In this post, we will look at some of the best smartphones apps that can be very handy for the travelers.

HearPlanet (Lite)

This is a free app and can … Read More

Cloud Archiving Enhances The Data Security of Your Business

June 21, 2013 |

The decision of archiving the project files and data through cloud archiving has multiplied tremendously over the past few years. Earlier, archive environment merged itself appropriately in preserving records, handling hierarchies and storage of discs.

Archiving was significantly more expensive because people had to pay upfront for swapping traditional technology and the learning curve of new tools. Businesses had to buy more discs or hard drives for storing data, which was very expensive than tapes. Even if stored in secured facility there was a risk of losing access to it easily.

How Cloud Computing Works?

A cloud computing is a web-based service that hosts all the programs your business needs. This remote equipment is owned by the provider, who administers everything from word processing to sending emails to intricate data analysis programs. This process is called ‘cloud computing’, which is capable of revolutionizing the computer industry.

In cloud computing system, there is an obvious transference … Read More

Why Study Flashcards? 6 Convincing Reasons

June 21, 2013 |

Probably the most effective memory-aid tools out there, the flash cards can help any student improve their skills in the area of foreign languages. According to a recent research students who are learning via this method are more successful than others who are using the traditional, old-school methods. Here is a list of the advantages that learning from flash cards gives you.

Affordable Learning Option

Flash cards are probably the cheapest studying material because there is no need for you to go out and buy expensive illustrated cards. Instead, you can stay at your home and create cards all by your own – it is cheaper and more effective. Moreover you can study flashcards online at

Easy to Carry with

Flash cards are one of the best portable tools out there. You will not have to carry around a notebook or book, simply because flash cards will let students to take … Read More

How to Lose Customers and Alienate Leads: The Email Edition

June 20, 2013 |

Online marketing has changed significantly over the past few years, yet email spam is still running rampant. In spite of hating email spam, many marketers are still guilty of relying on it. Spamming your contacts isn’t an effective way to reach them. Why would your lead click on an email you would delete if it came in your inbox? To create a successful email marketing campaign, avoid these common mistakes.

The Explainabrag

Your email needs to convey something of value. The explainabrag goes on for paragraph after paragraph explaining what’s great about your company. “Have you heard about our company? You should use us! We’re awesome! Our customers are happy, see here’s one now! You should be impressed! Here’s why everyone loves us!”

If this is all you’re saying in your email, the reader is going to delete your email faster than Walter from The Big Lebowski loses his temper. Your prospects don’t care … Read More

Three Benefits of Unified Communications

June 20, 2013 |

Communication is one of the most important means of achieving business growth and development. If information is not effectively disseminated, shared, and communicated, a business will inevitably see a stagnation of growth, or even go bankrupt.

One of the types of communication that will surely increase the efficiency of your business is unified communications, or simply UC. Unified communications aims to simplify and unify data and communication through the use of the Internet, telephone, and other communication systems.

The following are some of the benefits of unified communications:

Advanced Communication Telephony

UC features technologically advanced telephony to carry out efficient communication. Because of these features, there are many capabilities that are made possible for your employees. For example, number dialling can be made speedier by assigning hot keys and shortcuts. This will also eliminate the need to use area codes. Your employees will not have to be … Read More

6 Stupid Things Job Seekers Believe About the Social Media

June 19, 2013 |

Professionals cannot afford to Waste Time on Social Media

No, contrary to popular belief, social media is not just for the college kids. It’s a powerful weapon of spreading ideas like an industry conference, a workshop, except it’s all online, and all the experts in all the fields are available here. People use it to develop professional links. Marketers use it to promote their brands. So no, it’s not just for the idlers, or the non-serious lot who has nothing to do with their lives.

Let the Recruiters Find Me

Yes it’s a good thing that you made a LinkedIn profile. But it’s a mistake if you think it’s enough. But you also need to keep increasing and growing your network and update it every once in a while to add latest project’s achievements and skills acquired.

Use terminologies, skills and responsibilities that better showcase your talents and … Read More

Microsoft Office Services In 2013 – The Next Web Based Free Office Application

June 17, 2013 |

The Microsoft is a company that thrives on developing software for our use. They bring out improved visions of different software every year. This year, they have also brought about a new look in the Microsoft Office application.

Microsoft Office With Windows

Usually the Microsoft Corporation presents the different versions of Microsoft office application with the new operating system. This has been done in all of the previous six versions of windows. According to the tradition the windows eight also have an office application with it. It has a slick look like the Windows 8 and very efficient service giver. However, it’s been announced that the Microsoft is going to be the “device services company” and not the software company that we know of. According to the new system you have to purchase a specific twenty five letter key. Then you will have to enter it in your PC that is … Read More

Your Social Media Marketing Strategy May Works Better Than You think

June 17, 2013 |

Most of the companies venture into the social media marketing because they expect that they will get something big in return but it is not so. It is a time taking process to get a momentum but the strategy you are following may be beneficial for you in many ways than you think. In rare cases the turnaround is much bigger but it is very difficult to get huge benefits. Instead you can get following good points about your business:

Social Media as a Brand Marketing Tool:

Use social media as a brand marketing tool. It is a very powerful source and helps you to know how to put your product in the market. You can realize that how you can get advantages in a timely manner and how your company can get a better reputation in a less period of time.

Access to the Community:

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How to up your Cache for Drupal

June 17, 2013 |

Drupal makes use of its versatile and powerful framework by extending its modules and interfaces as far as possible. Drupal developerscan make use of the modules that are labeled Core and Contributed. These modules can be used to achieve the desired results for their websites. Cores are modulesthat have been included in the initial Drupal installation. Contributed are modules that have been developed and distributed in the Drupal communityby programmers. Contributed modules are usually free to download online or available through the Drupal community. Thousands of Drupal modules are available and they help to extend the usability and the functions of a website.Drupal is very useful for creating High Performance Dynamic websites, but this can be a disadvantage to the server. A simple surge of users requesting pages at the same instance can cause the site to crash if the website is not configured properly to handle it. Dynamic content usually requires more … Read More

6 Gadgets You Must Have for Your Next Vacation

June 15, 2013 |

Vacation time is coming. And while embarking on a vacation is incredibly fun, one of the most nerve-racking things about vacations is packing for them. There’s an old saying that says when traveling, bring half as many clothes and twice as much money as you need. But what about gadgets? Here are some incredible must-haves for traveling that will make your vacation stress-free.

Luggage Locator

If you’re planning to fly, then there’s a relatively good chance your luggage will get lost. It seems to happen to everyone at least once, and the airline never knows where it is. Fortunately, you can keep track of all your belongings with the Trackdot Luggage Locator. Basically, it’s a tracking device for luggage. Simply put the device anywhere in your luggage, and you can see its GPS position on your smartphone. It won’t help you get your bags any faster, but at least you’ll know right where it … Read More

8 iPhone Apps to Help You Keep Up With Your Home

June 14, 2013 |

Do-it-yourself home improvement projects are rewarding and challenging. Luckily, there are some iPhone apps available that can bring out the handyman in everyone. Whether it’s a painting project or plumbing upgrade, these apps are sure to be just as useful as your toolbox.

1. Palettes

Image via Flickr by Nieve44/Luz

Color matching is close to impossible, but with Palettes, you can match paint colors with fabrics and other wall colors by simply taking a picture of the items you want to match. Palettes will even suggest color combinations and the best part is, it’s free.

2. Handy Man DIY

One of the most daunting tasks of any home improvement project is budgeting for materials. Handy Man DIY categorizes the supplies needed for each project based off measurements and project type. It’s a $1.99 download and includes video tutorials too.

3. Mark On Call

DIY is all about proper project planning … Read More