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Technologies Review | December 15, 2018

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Monthly Archives: May 2013

5 Fantastic Cost-Effective Automation Tools for Testing

May 20, 2013 |

Test automation is an approach for writing test cases taking help from software, which otherwise needs to be performed manually. One of the biggest advantages of automation is that they can run repeatedly and quickly, thus saving time of test engineer or QA analyst. It is also the cost-effective approach for the product, which has long maintenance lifespan, as smaller bugs could break the working functionality over time.

Testing as a Profession

The software testing and quality assurance is the most demanding job, as everyone wants to give bug-free and quality product to the market and customer. It is quite time consuming and hard to write every test case and run the program manually and hence automated tools are used and are designed with professional software application and manual testers and business analyst in mind. These tools are easy to use, yet greatly powerful.

Black box Testing

The black box testing and GUI Test Automation … Read More

Penetrating The World Of Communication

May 20, 2013 |

The Rich Communication Services (RCS) is by far the most innovative way to communicate. The sophisticated suite is for peripatetic operators seeking a high- end, customized communication and messaging solution. This communication service is devised to produce an enhanced user experience across a wide range of devices, to include smartphones, desktops, and tablets. The network suite is flexible in that it delivers intelligent, valuable, and cost- effective features. Bottom line, RCS advances the operators’ competitive position within the communication’s industry.

Rich communication solution has an array of advantages for any thriving enterprise. The service can be used in support of a company’s need for service capability, privacy, and presence. This service is available using the GSMA mobile ecosystem to transform the manner of which people communicate. RCS-based apps penetrate the consumer interactive mobile interface in order to deliver an experience that transcends beyond voice or SMS. The rich communication service not … Read More

Tips for Optimizing Your Windows operating system

May 18, 2013 |

The following guide is dedicated to users of Windows 7 and contains some optimization tips for better functioning of the operating system. These tips will be useful for you especially if you are experiencing problems with the performance of your laptop or desktop PC running this operating system.

Set the boot order correctly

The first thing to recommend would be to set the boot order correctly. When loading the operating system, the computer loses quite a period of time when choosing the right device to boot from. Therefore, it is recommended to restart your computer and enter the BIOS menu. In here you will find an option called ‘boot sequence’. Make sure the hard drive in which the operating system is installed is selected as the first option.

Discard the Aero theme






If you really want Windows to run as fast as possible you have to give … Read More

What Is Hard Disk Defragmentation?

May 18, 2013 |

The word “defragmentation” is typically used to refer to a Microsoft Windows utility called Disk Defragmenter. It is designed to solve a problem that occurs because of the way hard disks store data.


An introduction to how hard drives work

If you want to have some knowledge about hard drives you should start by knowing these three things:


  • Hard disks store data in chunks called sectors. If you imagine the surface of the disk divided into rings (like the rings of a tree) and then imagine dividing each ring into slices, with a slice being a sector of a ring. Each sector contains a fixed amount of data, such as 512 bytes.
  • Hard disks have a small arm that can move from one ring to another on their surface. To get to a particular sector, the hard drive then moves the arm to the appropriate ring.
  • Hard disks are slow in computer … Read More

What makes dell laptops better than the other brands?

May 18, 2013 |

Among the number of companies trying to make a name in the computer and laptop industry, Dell has surely made a resounding hurrah as for being renowned for the quality and innovation incorporated into all their products. The combination of these two makes Dell laptops top of the line and unique. These laptops are fit and able to cope with the differences of household, school and office needs provided with their unique and all-around features. Dell also offers design-your-own laptop for a more personalized and customized laptop.

Dell exterior design

Dell laptops are designed with TN + Film matrixes monitors with low prices. Their exterior designs of laptops are, original and unique. Monitors are also designed to look sleek and elegant. Screens can be easily adjusted depending on specifications of the user. In addition, Dell religiously abides their social responsibility by incorporating their products recyclability and preservation of environment by using of non-harmful materials … Read More

Major Activities of an Operating System

May 18, 2013 |

Whether you use Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux, or even still manage to handle MS-DOS, you use an operating system and the core functions are the same. The only difference between these operating systems is the interface. However, from the perspective of computer science, operating systems are designed to perform some main tasks, all referring to supporting communication the programs and access to hardware control.


What is an operating system process?

Whenever you start a program, it creates at least one process. In terms of operating system, a process is an instance of a single program, although software can generate more than one process. Processes are generally running in two “spaces”. First of all, there is the user space, where processes can be switched on and off without affecting the stability or system performance and system space, where processes are protected. If you open Task Manager in Windows, you can click … Read More

Tricks For a Faster Computer

May 18, 2013 |

If you are a Windows user and are experiencing problems with the performance of your computer, then you could use some tips to improve this. The guide will present some steps which will make your computer faster, even without reinstalling the operating system.

1. Keep enough free space on the system partition C: \

Depending on what programs you use with your Windows operating system, you may need a minimum of 5-10 GB free on the partition where this is installed. Usually the C:\ partition is where Windows stores all its temporary files while running, along with data of all the problems installed. If enough space is available on the drive where Windows is installed, you will surely see some improvements with respect to the performance of your machine.

2. Delete files you are not using

The issue of space is very subjective and there is no clear recipe. Always remember to delete … Read More

How to Update Drivers In Windows 8

May 18, 2013 |

From time to time, the manufacturers of some hardware in your system could release an updated version of the driver. This practice is common for video cards, in which case with every version manufacturers offer improvements when it comes to the performance in video games, for examples. In this tutorial you will learn how to correctly update the drivers for your devices if you are using Windows 8.

The steps for updating the drivers

  1. Locate and download the drivers provided by the manufacturers. There is a good chance to find them on the website of the manufacturer of your laptop or PC or, alternatively, on the website of the manufacturer of the device you are trying to update. If no drivers are available from these sources you may also wish to try the Windows Update database.
  2. Open Device Manager, which is available in the Windows 8 Control Panel. There are multiple ways … Read More

How to Fix a Defeated Hard Disk or Recover Data

May 18, 2013 |

Not just the IT professionals but even the usual computer users already know how important to backing up data on computer. Unable to do so could be potentially disturbing – no matter what kind of data it is, a business documents, personal or family pictures, or financial records, mislaying such kind of data could be devastating. As a matter of fact, in any business establishments if they encountered losing of such important documents and data they find it very hard to recover and most of the time it can affects business operations.

The following are some possible steps to recover dead hard disk and data:

1. Disk-to-Disk

As far as backup solution space is all about the disk-to-disk backup solutions have becoming more practical nowadays. Disk-to-Disk is the most secure, fastest and reliable kind of data backup. Moreover, the Disk-to-disk solutions are basically automated and have the capability to bring back data faster as … Read More

How to Start Windows 8 In Safe Mode

May 17, 2013 |

If you have not heard of the Safe Mode feature of Windows yet, the first thing to know about it is that starting the operating system under this mode will only make use of the services and processes that are absolutely necessary for making your machine usable. The main advantage of using Safe Mode is that you can detect the problems your computer may face when running multiple services.

Accessing Safe Mode

Advanced Startup options is the name of the feature you should use in order to open the menu that will give you access to the settings of Safe Mode. In order to access this feature the easiest way is to use the search button to the right of your desktop, or just start typing on your keyboard if you are using the Windows 8 modern start screen, just as shown below:

Once you manage to access this menu, all you need … Read More

How to Use Windows Sticky Notes

May 17, 2013 |

Often a simple program saves you when you least expect it. For example, if you are using your computer and are in the middle of the phone call and you have to take an important note, you may not always have a pen and paper near you. In this case all you need to do is open the Sticky Note application proposed by Microsoft, and write anything down immediately. However, Sticky Note has many more features than most users would think. Read on if you are interested to find out more.


How to open sticky notes

There are numerous ways of opening the Sticky Notes application. The most accessible one is by using the search feature integrated into the start menu. Type ‘Sticky Notes’ and click on the first result returned by the search. You will notice a virtual post-it on your desktop, similar to the one below:


Read More

Emails – What are POP and IMAP?

May 17, 2013 |

Emails are now everywhere on the PC, phones, tablets and other gadgets. Nowadays they are now one of the main forms of communication and one of the main activities for users of a PC. Who has not used Yahoo Mail, even once? Or Gmail, or Hotmail, or any other email account? In this article you will learn more about various email protocols.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol) POP, or Post Office Protocol, is one of the first ways of obtaining emails, being invented in the early days of the Internet. POP is suitable for computers with access to low bandwidth and was created as a way to download messages locally for reading them offline. POP3 is the current version of this email protocol, which is still used a lot nowadays.

One thing to remember about POP3 is that it makes local copies and deletes the original emails from the server, so the correspondence is … Read More

Passion vs. Profits: Which is More Important?

May 17, 2013 |

In the Top 3 Things that people want to do, you will always find travelling as one of the most important wishes of the modern man. However, the financial recession and other circumstances don’t allow us to travel as much as we want. Only a few people are able to travel and to make money at the same time. In fact, finding a job that brings you passion and money at the same time is a goal for many, but only a few are able to achieve it.

Alternative lifestyle

Chris Guillebeau is one of the best examples of people that were able to connect passion with money. He likes to call his way of living as “alternative lifestyle”, or how to live differently from others.

Chris travels tens of times a year. Each time, he is looking for a new adventure, for a new place to be, or for a new country, He … Read More