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Technologies Review | May 20, 2019

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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Top Gaming Trends for 2013

March 19, 2013 |

Web-based online games have always been popular and they follow trends like most other industries. By now, we would’ve thought that web-based games would pale in comparison to the likes of console and PC games but that’s not the case.

Online Gambling

These games sites are becoming more and more popular. Recently there’s been a spike in online poker sites and many US states are beginning to legalize online gambling.

There are also sites such as the Grosvenor Casinos website that offer all sorts of gaming opportunities. These are becoming more and more popular with people opting to spend evenings in to save money. These sites give you the thrill of bingo without having to spend money on a night out.

Moving Away from Facebook Games

People who have found a new hobby in Facebook games such as Farmville are slowly beginning to discover that there’s more to life than annoying people with updates … Read More

Top 5 Tablets for the Kid in Your Life

March 18, 2013 |

Tablets help up stay connected to the people we love, provide us with hours of entertainment through videos and apps and can help us learn new things. Chances are, the kid in your life loves playing with your tablet. This may be great while you’re around, but a clumsy kid and a shiny tablet make a poor combination. Try one of these top five tablets for kids to provide your child, niece or nephew with a sturdy, kid-proof tablet of their own.

LeapPad 2: Marketed at three- to nine-year olds, the new LeapPad offers a sturdy interface that’s young-looking without appearing too babyish and will hold up to accidental drops better than your iPad. You’ll find improved battery life, better memory and a faster processor than the original LeapPad. The LeapPad 2 also features two 2-megapixel still and video cameras; one on the front of the Leap Pad and one on the back. One con: This device has an … Read More

How Natural is Dragon Naturally Speaking T2S Software?

March 18, 2013 |

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a commercial text-to-speech software that is used to convert regular speech into text. Dragon Naturally Speaking is most often found on computers, but mobile versions have also been released for Android and iPhone devices. The software can be used to aid the visually impaired, quickly jot down notes, write entire novels, and search the web. While not the only program of its breed, Dragon NaturallySpeaking is one of the best examples of speech-to-text software in the world.

What Is Speech-To-Text Software

The term speech-to-text software can be used to refer to any software that is capable of converting regular speech into text. Speech-to-text software contrasts with text-to-speech software, which is often used to create a virtual voice on a website or translate languages by typing in a word. Speech-to-text software, depending on the type of devices it is connected to, can be used to search the Internet, send text messages, and … Read More

0800 Numbers – Easy Marketing, More Customers, Enhanced Profit Level

March 15, 2013 |

Entrepreneurs have to be smart and stay aware of the resources they can utilize to minimize the cost and maximize the profit. Having a business is not enough in today’s competitive market. Unless you sell or offer completely different and unique products to the customers, you are not alone in the market, and many more like you are doing business of the same products at the same time. This is where, marketing is very important and 0800 numbers are tools that can be utilized for the marketing purposes.


For instance if you open a magazine to search for a pizza service and you have found two companies information, one has a toll free calling number and other has a chargeable calling number. Which company you will go with? Probably you will go with a toll free number to order your pizza. Similarly if you own a business can sell a product and routing … Read More

You are Crazy If you Haven’t Switched To LED TV Yet

March 15, 2013 |

If you pay attention to the latest market trends or simply bother to watch commercials, you may have noticed that LED televisions have received quite a bit of attention lately as far as televisions go. Whether you’re planning on purchasing a new television in the near future or are simply curious about what all the hype is about, you’ll first need to understand the basic differences between modern television technologies. Read on to discover how LED, plasma, and LCD televisions work and why you should or shouldn’t buy an LED TV.

Before we look at LED televisions, you need to understand that LED televisions are actually LCD televisions with a new type of lighting system. LCD televisions use channels to direct electricity to the monitor in varying amounts in order to produce different colors. LCD televisions have been on the market for decades, but recent advances in transistor technologies have allowed them to be made … Read More

Technological Tools to Help Kids Better Understand Space

March 15, 2013 |

It’s been said by many that the current generation’s interest in space isn’t anywhere near that of previous generations. There are a lot of factors that go into that reasoning, including a decline in NASA’s funding, and no one stepping foot on the moon in quite some time. Whatever the reason is, it’s important that the current generation is inspired by the stars.

Getting kids interested in the cosmos isn’t hard, in fact it’s rather easy. In most cases, it just requires some cool tools to make some killer demonstrations that will amp kids up and get them motivated about space, just like the previous generation was. Check out some of these tools, both educational and just for fun, that can be used to both inform and excite kids about space.

Backyard Rocket

There may not be a much better way to get kids interested in space than to set up a miniature … Read More

Technology in Vehicles: The Wave of the Future

March 14, 2013 |

Technology pervades every aspect of our lives.  From technology in our homes to technology in the classroom, we are working, studying and communicating differently thanks to technology.  We live in a world where it is not only completely possible but quite common for individuals to take classes from home as well as work from home.  Friends who live hundreds or thousands of miles away from one another can communicate quickly and easily through Facebook or email.

One unexpected area where technology has several benefits is in our automobiles and even in semi trucks.

Insurance Discounts

Progressive auto insurance introduced the Snapshot program several years ago.  Customers can voluntarily agree to install the Snapshot device in their vehicle for a certain amount of time, and Progressive tracks what time of day they drive, how they drive and how hard they brake.  After that, the insurance company determines if the individual should receive a discount on his … Read More

The Technology Advances and Uses of Laser Cutting

March 14, 2013 |

When you ask the question ‘what can be done with a laser cutting system’ you open up a world of possibilities that, only a few short years ago, were only to be found in the realm of science fiction.  The simple fact is that most laser cutting machine being sold today are powerful enough and precise enough to cut a wide variety of substrates into an even wider variety of shapes and sizes that have tolerances that are off the charts. Garcross Limited a UK company have invested heavily in the industrial potential of laser cutting.

For example, if you’re a high school shop teacher and you have a laser cutting machine you can allow your students to create an incredible variety of objects that can actually be used.  Form instruments to paperweights and everything in between it’s like wood shop 30 years ago but with a magic cutting machine that has a finish so … Read More

Kicking the Wires: What Makes a Cloud Web Host Reliable?

March 13, 2013 |

By Jennifer Marsh

Jennifer Marsh is a software developer, programmer and technology writer and occasionally blogs for Rackspace Hosting.

Gone are the days of searching backups and digging up old tape drives. With the cloud’s reliability, webmasters and IT managers can back up, restore and serve thousands of customers without any worry. On top of that, it can save the company thousands of dollars in revenue if implemented correctly.

Here are some options to consider when choosing a cloud web host.

Bandwidth Allowance

First ask: How much bandwidth does my business need? Is bandwidth only used by customers or will internal employees use also consume bandwidth? These are all important requirements to consider.

Bandwidth is measured in gigabytes in most host contracts. 500 gigabytes of bandwidth usage is standard. Cloud hosts will offer a standard monthly allowance, and then additional bandwidth comes at a premium price, so be sure to check your contract for the allotment.

Cost and Storage … Read More

Why You Should Move Your Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

March 13, 2013 |

Disaster recovery is of major importance in giving peace of mind to businesses. Without their IT systems, modern day organisations would be unable to function. There’s a huge difference between today’s disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) and the original DR solutions of the 1970s. Then, though computer systems had some protection, there would also often be days of downtime.

Here’s seven reasons which underline the importance of DRaaS for businesses.

  1. Speedy recovery.

Downtime can prove to be costly for companies – even if it’s a few hours. Having a remote backup alone may not solve the problems, as the backup could take too long to become fully functional, because of inferior facilities and its location. What DRaaS allows a company to do is to make contingency plans regarding downtime, so that any downtime that does occur will not prove to be too damaging. Service level agreements (SLAs) also ensure that this … Read More

How Small Businesses Can Use Technology to Grow

March 13, 2013 |

Using the right technology in the right way can bring many benefits for small businesses looking to increase efficiency and flexibility, put themselves on a level footing with bigger rivals, and ultimately grow. Here’s a brief guide to how upgrading to different types of technology could help your organisation.

From PCs to laptops/tablets

PCs may be cheaper than their more portable counterparts, but the convenience of a laptop or tablet is tough to beat – especially if you need to do a lot of travelling as part of your job, or if you often have to take work home.

Laptops and tablets can also enhance the office environment if you have a few employees. They make meetings easier to run and more productive, as everyone will be able to access their own and shared files, and promote flexibility in general. A growing number of smartphones are almost as powerful as laptops, too, offering another … Read More

Check Out These Reviews of Three Different CMS Companies

March 12, 2013 |

In looking for a content management system, there are a lot of things to consider. From cost to features to reliability and security, having a content management system that offers all of the above and more is important to getting the most out of that content management system.

Depending on the size of your company and the industry that you’re in will determine what kind of content management system will work best for you. For example, a larger business will benefit from document management software that combines functionality and interface with integration. Check out some of these content management system companies and see which one might work best for you.


Considered one of the best in the industry, iDatix provides a content management system that streamlines just about everything in your business. For one, iDatix can scan documents and then easily transcribe them, making storage and searching much easier for businesses that use a … Read More

Cloud Practices Initiating Change

March 12, 2013 |

It’s no revelation that the cloud has changed the way businesses operate. Odds are you’ve heard the term “cloud computing” thrown around in blog posts, advertisements and even TV shows. Yet, when you sit around your office selling your small staff on this new technological advancement, definitions start to get a little cloudy. As more companies deliver their services over the Internet, it makes sense for small businesses to ditch their traditional business processes for more Web-oriented services.

Navigating the world of cloud services

Cloud services fall into one of three categories: infrastructure as a service, platform as a service or software as a service. The big idea, and real draw of cloud services is access. In the cloud you’re not paying for ownership, but rather the ability to access and use powerful computing services on a subscription basis. Here just a few of the most common types of cloud services that are changing the way … Read More