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Technologies Review | August 25, 2019

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Monthly Archives: December 2012

POS, 3PL and Modern Warehousing Technology

December 31, 2012 |

Even though all branches of modern business tend to evolve and make the transfer and economy as effective and time-saving as possible, there are still a couple of bumps that they tend to stumble upon quite frequently. In order to avoid the ones that are about to be mentioned below, you should either invest in your own logistics service seriously or find a reputable 3PL service which will do this job for you better than you could possibly imagine.

The first common mistake of logistics is basing the purchase solely on hunches. Basically, if the IT part of your logistics is not working correctly, not paying attention to all the freight inventory and keeping adequate track of it at all times, you might easily send wrong products and have the ones sought-after left on the shelves forgotten and neglected.

The next issue is related to something that might easily be labeled as the “paperwork … Read More

Who Can Benefit from SAVE Training

December 30, 2012 |

SAVE Training is a certificate course which is directed towards vocational training and professional improvement. Basically, this certificate has been fully accredited on the territory of Australia, which means that all people who work in this country can enjoy its legal and legislative support. What is SAVE Training, some might ask. Well, the abbreviated title stands for Sustainable Australian Vocational Education Training. Therefore, it is an educational organization consisting of trained and experienced experts in teaching and assessment. This team does its best in order to help people learn or perfect their teaching and assessment skills, regardless of their profession. However, nothing says quality and reliability than the testimonials of satisfied clients. Fortunately, people who have got this certificate have nothing but words of praise to say.

Some individuals who took the TAE40110 Certificate test say that it was their turning point in their business. Some managed to do their presentations much better and more … Read More

Top 5 Betting Apps for your Mobile Phone

December 30, 2012 |

With the appearance of the Android operative system for mobile devices, a whole new specter of usability has emerged. This operative system transforms your cell phone into a powerful computer, giving it the power to edit and create any kind of documents, play movies and music, take high resolution photos and access the Internet without any constraints. Moreover, Android has its own software database where you can download and install the newest games and other applications on your mobile or your tablet device. So, regardless of your preferences, you are bound to find something cool enough to keep you in love with your phone.

However, if betting is you cup of tea, there are dozens of applications you can use for placing your bets wherever you are, by using your phone.

Favourit is an app which takes your mobile device to the official website of it, granting it access to one of the most … Read More

The Logic Behind Profitable Customer Segments

December 28, 2012 |

The way companies are targeting their customers is changing as advances in technology continue to emerge. Customers are no longer seen as an “individual” rather as potential profitable customer segments.


Customer segmentation breaks apart the client/customer base depending on specific traits such as gender; age, shopping routines, etc. This helps each company specifically target a specific demographic.


Value Segmentation


While customer segmentation helps target a specific customer or group of customers based on personal or collective trains, value segmentation looks at the customer as more of a cash register. Value segmentation is important to companies as it gives preliminary predictions as to how much a customer or group of customers are going to spend. Establishing a solid relationship is essential for companies, especially if they are depending on this relationship to help boost sales. This is exactly why department store personnel are so professional, while still trying to help build revenue for … Read More

7 Tips For Effective Maintenance Of Your PC

December 28, 2012 |

If you are responsible for maintaining the computer network of your company, or even just want to keep your own PC clean, you have to follow many steps. Some of them can be done manually more often, others might have some automated script, or perhaps there is some point of maintenance that you have escaped. Here are 7 important techniques which you must take care of, for a better experience with your PC.

1. Upgrade your operating system

This is Very important. Your operating system is the foundation on which all your applications are running. If it has problems, be sure that your applications will have the same. Incompatibility problems or virus infections can be avoided to a large extent by having an updated operating system. So always take care of your operating system, Update it whenever an official update is available. Also you should not practice getting operating system from unauthorised sources like pirated copies; It might have things which can blow … Read More

The Top 5 Mobile Gaming Graphics Cards

December 27, 2012 |

Nothing will make a bigger difference to playing games on your laptop than your graphics card. In this article, we’ll take a look at the five of the best, rated in reverse order, according to 3DMark06 and Max Payne 3 benchmark tests.

NVidia GeForce GTX 580M. This graphics card really belongs to a previous generation of NVidia’s offerings for mobile gaming; however, it’s still up there with the best of the newer models. There’s an incredible amount of power here.

3DMark06 score: 20,664

Max Payne 3: 30 FPS


AMD Radeon 7950M. Released in August, this card is sits at the upper end of the AMD graphics card range. It’s a serious option for consumers that currently have the older 6970M or 6990M sitting in their machines. Rumor has it that the 7950M is comparable to the 6970 desktop card.

3DMark06 score: Just over 21,000

Max Payne 3: 32 FPS at 1920×1080 and full graphics … Read More

You Too Can Easily Get the Best Video Games for Your Children !

December 26, 2012 |

Like so many things in our modern technological driven era, there are a lot of new developments in the world of videogames. In many ways, this industry has mirrored the rapid advances in mobile phones and computers, providing new and exciting opportunities for both learning and entertainment. Many adults can easily convince themselves that they need one of the very latest smart phones or tablet computers. Their children are equally adept at convincing them that they should be playing with the latest game consoles, as well as the latest video games themselves.

This might provide a challenge for parents. What do they do with their old computers or mobile phones that they don’t want to use anymore? What can be done with older game consoles and their associated games that their children insist just won’t do anymore?

There is a quick and efficient method for disposing of all these old electronic items. In just a … Read More

5 Technical Functionalities in Project Management Software

December 24, 2012 |

It is no secret that it takes a lot of hard work and guts to match when it comes to running a business. You have to have excellent product knowledge, communication skills, and you need to have employees who have all of the respect in the world for you, so they stay motivated to work as diligently as possible. Then, when it comes to actually working on completing a project for a customer, who you obviously want to satisfy, you need to have a way to organize the project, so it gets done in the time frame you promised. Fortunately, there are several project management programs, and we have compiled a list of five technical functionalists you should look for before deciding which one is right for you.

Time Tracking

Since you likely promised to have the project completed by a certain date for you customer, you should look for a project management software … Read More

Estimated Internet Developments in 2013

December 22, 2012 |

If you are running a site, you want to remain updated of current developments in S.E.O industry. For those that don’t walk with the trends, are left in the dust in the SERPs. This is more crucial for the S.E.O service suppliers to be conscious of each change in the S.E.O mechanisms. People who have suffered a rank loss latterly due to Penguin and Panda updates can visualize the price of taking it all gently. These are some latest updates that may make everything easier in 2013 by aiding you in keeping your internet site up in the search list:

1. Process Updates – Google is steadily improving its routine which might have an effect on PR of your site as well, if you don’t improve it.While it isn’t likely to have an effect on the central idea of original and quality contents, it is going to work out Authorship part as well. The spotlight … Read More

The Future Of Mobile Gaming Technology

December 22, 2012 |

Apple were the ground breakers in mobile gaming technology, well, not so much the technology, but the way in which gamers can look for and purchase games. The App store revolutionised the smart phone industry and made way for other stores for Android devices.

The only problem with app games and the like, is that you can’t have the same multiplayer worlds that you can have on a desktop device over the internet. Now 4G may change this somewhat in by providing a somehwhat faster internet experience but can a smartphone ever have the level of capability for these multiplayer games. I would imagine that it might be a case that they have the potential to become functionary second devices like the new Wii U. As I don’t ever believe that a mobile device could provide the level of immersive game experiences that desktop players are used to in todays world.

However, the smart phone manufacturers will … Read More

5 Technologies That Have Changed Your Childs Bedroom

December 22, 2012 |

Over the last couple of years we have seen a incredible boom in technology that transcends the ages and it has now become common place that we might find several different pieces of technology in your childs bedroom not just yours! Anne from Room To Grow a childrens bedroom specialist comments: “we’ve found that we are getting an increasing number of questions relating to desk sizes and drawers in our bed combinations. Which it turns out are to be used to store laptops, ipads and even phones!”

Here are the top five pieces of technology that you might find on your child’s desk or under their bed.


I know its incredible right, the $600 machine can now be found not just in mummy and daddy’s bags but also in the child’s room! The increase in apps for children has grown this last 12 months, so on the back of this parents are buying a … Read More

Save Energy: Use Solar

December 22, 2012 |

Solar energy is basically energy that is harnessed from the sun. Whenever the sun comes out during the day it releases a certain type of energy that can actually do a lot of good for the environment. In order for this energy to be used for things like heat and electricity, it has to be converted. This is why solar panels have been made and are being installed on homes as well as businesses. Once the panels are installed they will be able to convert the energy from the sun into energy that can be used to power your home, heat your home and even cool your home. Why Should Solar Energy be Used? The biggest benefit of using solar energy is that it is renewable, which regular power isn’t. In addition to this, it’s also clean and good for the environment. Power plants run on fossil fuels and well as nuclear fuels, which release … Read More

Multitouch Gestures with the Logitech T650 Touchpad

December 22, 2012 |

Nowadays people are getting more inclined towards gadgets that are controlled via gestures, swipes or taps. Many of us have now grown accustomed to using touch gestures even on our laptops. Windows 8, the latest version of Microsoft’s ubiquitous operating system, is putting more emphasis on the use of different gestures as part of operating system commands.

In this article we will look at the Logitech Wireless Touchpad T650 and how good it is in terms of functionality. The good thing about T650 is that it makes it a simple task to integrate a touch pad with any Windows 8 desktop computer or tablet PC. It has a glass topped surface which allows multi touch gestures & can be added seamlessly to any devices supporting Windows 8 operating system.

Logitech Touchpad Design


The design includes matte black and glass topped square with dimensions of 5.25 X 5.1 inch, and it looks very similar … Read More